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How To Do Taekwondo in Phoenix – Karate for Kids

November 25, 2011

Kids Martial Arts Phoenix
How To Do Taekwondo
Martial arts Karate for kids – Let your little one get his kicks
How does your child spend the rest of the day after getting back from school? Chances are that they prefer to stay indoors, slumped on the sofa with a bag of chips in one hand and the TV remote control in the other. It’s been proven that children these days spend more time playing with gadgets or watching television and less time engaging in some physical activity outdoors.

Gabriel really enjoys coming, his concentration and focus as well as his ability to pay attention and listen have improved amazingly. I find it is great for his confidence too.


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But, you don’t have to worry about how to keep your kids busy, because USA Martial Arts Phoenix has a fun challenge for your child – special classes in martial arts karate for kids!

What USA Martial Arts Phoenix has to offer for your kids
Kids martial arts are available in over 36 classes each week at BTC, Queensland’s, largest martial arts, health, and fitness centre.

Our karate kids martial arts classes are also divided by age and by experience level to make sure every child is training at a level appropriate for their age, and with kids their own size ensuring they can enjoy the best balance of safety, fun, focus and challenge.

We also have special beginners kids martial arts classes so that when your child first starts out, they feel comfortable, train with other kids their own age who are new starters too, and really get the attention they need.

Karate Kids martial arts offer many benefits to children, that will not only help them now, but help to create good habits for the future.

Martial arts for kids- What’s that?
If you’ve read this far, and if you are a parent, you’re probably wondering:-

‘Is my child ready to learn a martial art?’
‘Isn’t he too young? After all, he’s just 5 years old!’
‘Will my little girl enjoy learning martial arts?’

Let us assure you that anybody can learn a martial art no matter how young (starting from just 4yrs old) or old they are. A session in martial arts for kids is something your child is certain to enjoy because in each class, your child will learn something new and still have oodles of fun!

We’re a Phoenix Taekwondo school that believes in empowering kids so that they can stand up for themselves and not become victims of bullying. Learning a martial art builds both the mind and body. So, what other benefits will your child get by attending classes in karate kids martial arts?

Learn many self-defence skills (for life!)
Have better concentration abilities at school (the teacher’s new pet!)
Be more confident (no challenge is too big!)
Develop better flexibility.
Stay fit (and healthy!)
improve more self-esteem.
And make lots of new friends!

Kids martial arts – mental benefits
Self esteem
Self discipline
Kids martial arts – physical benefits
Self-defence skills

Join our martial arts for kid’s classes
At USA Martial Arts Phoenix, we know how important it is to keep young minds challenged all the time. That’s why we have the best instructors who have years of experience in teaching martial arts for kids. They make sure that the little ones have plenty of fun in each session and train at a level that is just right for them.

We even have an Introductory Program for new students so that they get a firsthand idea about what’s taught in martial arts for kid’s classes. To find out more about any of our great kids martial arts classes, clich here for our WEBSPECIAL. No prior fitness, flexibility, or experience is required.

Parent Reviews Martial Arts School, Phoenix, Scottsdale

March 10, 2011

What Parents Are Saying About USA Martial Arts Phoenix and John Nottingham.
USA Martial Arts Phoenix Reviews | Parent Ratings For USA Martial Arts
Who Is Master John Nottingham | The Truth About USA Martial Arts Arizona | Background Information | Consumers Report

“The young people who have studied Martial Arts under Master Nottingham have so much to offer the world.”
~JoAnne Ramirez, Mother

“We must have visited every school in the area, and for us there was no comparison. USA Martial Arts is clearly the best.”
~Dr. Tim & Cathy Lukavsky

I just finished reading the book Living the Martial Way. After reading the chapter on the Ideal Master, I realized that is exactly what we found in Sabumnim (Master Nottingham) and the wonderful instructors at USA Martial Arts. Chance couldn’t have brought us to a better school.”
~Mrs. Dawn Martin
The entire Martin family are members of the Leadership Program

“Being a part of this organization improved Gaby’s discipline, self esteem and physical ability. She took on and developed leadership qualities, and has acquired an enormous amount of respect for herself and others.”
~Arturo Gonzalez, M.D. Pediatrician

“Brian has improved very much since starting the USA Martial Arts program. He now makes his bed, brushes his teeth, and goes to bed on time without complaining. He even helps out around the house. Yes Ma’am and Yes Sir are a new part of his vocabulary. Thank you very much!”
~Mr. & Mrs. Leggett

“This Kids Karate Program
Transformed My Son’s Life!…”
“I’d like to know the percentage of Martial Arts schools that honestly and sincerely
teach virtue, code of honor and back it up in the behavior of the staff and students. That’s why I chose USA Martial Arts when I was looking for a school to enroll my son. I passed six other martial arts schools because of the balanced emphasis on character and what I saw in the instructors.”-Ms. Karen Tucker,
Scottsdale/Fountain Hills

“Master Nottingham is simply brilliant. Full of knowledge and wisdom. Committed beyond belief. I have the privledge of training with him as well as working with him. He will put you first every time. He has made me a better man!”
-James Harter, owner Arizona Security Professionals

“Master Nottingham is an amazingly gifted teacher who cares for his student like no other instructor I have met. His skills are incredible and his martial arts knowledge is extremely deep. I would highly recommend training with Master John Nottingham. He is a Masters Master.”
-Anthony Miles

Since Daniel has been in your program, he has been a changed young man. He listens to his Mom and Dad, and he does his chores after asking him only once. He keeps his room in order, as well….He is a great student and was Student of The Month in September. He loves to come to Karate class and his mother and I still have a hard time getting used to being called Yes Sir and Yes Ma’am. We are very proud of him and we appreciate everything and everyone here who has touched his life for the positive.
-Mr. & Mrs. Mariotti, parents of Daniel

Nathen’s self-confidence has improved a great deal and he is overcoming his social fears. Just last weekend he climbed a wall over 60 feet tall on our family rock climbing day. He has never reached the top before. He was very proud but not boastful.
-Ms. Penny Medlock, mother of Nathen

Master Nottingham and the USA Martial Arts staff:

Thank you for all you do for your students and community. Our experience with USA Martial Arts: I’d like to start by saying that Gaby has always been a great kid. She expressed an interest in the martial arts around the age of six. When she was eight, we enrolled her in the trial program at USA Martial Arts, which was conveniently located within the same facility that Gaby’s twin sister took gymnastics.

Being a part of this organization improve Gaby’s discipline, her self esteem, her physical ability, she took on and developed leadership qualities, and has acquired an enormous amount of respect for herself and others.

She has since acquired her Black Belt at the tender age of eleven. She has always been a kind person, but within the Leadership Program at USA Martial Arts, Gaby has really been able to display her ability to empathize and mentor the younger students. Watching her succeed has stimulated both my wife and I to set and achieve fitness goals for ourselves.

In most cases, children learn from their parents, but in our case, we have learned about goal setting from Gaby. In closing, we feel as though Mr. Bravo, Master Nottingham and the whole USA Martial Arts family has more than delivered on all of their promises. We are a part of their family and we feel honored and blessed to say that they are a part of ours.

Arturo Gonzalez, M.D.
Pediatrician, Father of Gaby Gonzalez and USA Martial Arts IMPACT program member

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Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Trailer & Free Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Passes for Kids!

March 10, 2011

Hey Phoenix and Scottsdale Kids!
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Why Parents Often Prefer Taekwondo for Their Children’s Martial Art and Self Defense Training?

February 16, 2011

Why Do So Many Parents Make Taekwondo Their Choice of Martial Art for Children?

o Is it for the self defense?
o Is it for Children’s self-esteem?
o Is it for the life skills of respect and discipline?
o It may be one or all of these things because parents are discovering the power of Taekwondo for raising great kids!

Taekwondo is by far the worlds most popular martial art for children, especially in the USA. It is Korea’s national sport, an official Olympic Sport as well as a cultural tradition of Asia with lessons of wisdom for daily life.

Taekwondo = Happy, Healthy, Confident Children

In addition to the many health and fitness benefits, many parents prefer Taekwondo because of its track record for keeping kids interested (and higher success rate for producing Black Belts.) This is due to its more rapidly advancing belt rank system. Taekwondo is typically one of the faster arts to earn a Black Belt due to its streamlined curriculum and emphasis on attitude, character and respect. This proven goal setting success system really helps keep children with shorter attention spans motivated and feeling rewarded and successful. This means that parents don’t have to struggle so much to get them to go to Taekwondo class.

Tenets of Taekwondo
Modesty, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit

These Taekwondo philosophy life skills go a long way in helping children succeed in school, other sports, developing the discipline do learn musical instruments and being accepted into colleges, universities and earning scholarships.


In most Taekwondo schools (Dojang/CheYuKwan), attitude is far more important than the kicks and punches. The advanced training begins at Black Belt – once the student has demonstrated that they are serious about being disciplined, dedicated and prepared for the responsibility that comes with such powerful self defense skills.

Couple this reputation along with the health benefits of building strong, flexible bodies as well as having a positive outlet for energy and you have a solid argument for Taekwondo over soccer, football and other sports that often leave children sitting on the bench.

These are just a few of the reasons that more and more parents are choosing to give their children a head start in school and life by enrolling them in authentic traditional Taekwondo schools.

USA Martial Arts

Read more on How To Do Taekwondo Phoenix

Korean Martial Arts Trademark High Flying Kicks

December 1, 2010

Korean Martial Arts Trademark High Flying Kicks

TaeKwonDo TangSooDo HapKiDo KukSoolWon HwarangDo ChunKukDo TaekKyeon

Taekwondo Master John Nottingham Flying Side Kick Punch 1995

Taekwondo Pictures | Action Pictures | Flying Kicks | Jump Kicks

The flying side kick – punch photo above was taken by my student David Goron circa 1995 at a park in Mesa Arizona near my first retail storefront school called Academy of Asian Martial Arts. On the left is James Gann and on the right is David Bravo.

From Tang Soo Do, Hwarang Do, Kuk Sool Won, Hapkido, or the highly popularized Olympic Taekwondo, the Korean Martial Arts are well known for their high flying kicks.

Beginning A Martial Arts Journey
My journey in the martial arts started when I saw James Bond perform spy martial arts moves that seemed to have magical results – even on bigger men. It was refined, dignified, intelligent and quite impressive to the eyes of a little boy.

This was my first introduction to Japanese Jujitsu (traditional art of locks, throws, strikes and pins). Later I would see Bruce Lee performing his own Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, a composite American freestyle hybrid system rooted in Wing Chun, fencing and boxing (the beginnings of modern MMA). From the start, I loved the kicks.

Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do
While growing up my bigger brothers and I often wrestled (rough housing) with one another and Dad which provided me with a foundation without knowing it. But it was my first martial art that introduced me to Korean style martial arts kicking in an art called Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do (Soo Bahk Do). Today, some schools retain that branch name while many have simply gone under the banner of Taekwondo.

Advanced Black Belt Kicking
As I continued to study I had the privilege of practicing several branches of Hapkido, Hwarang Do, and several of the classical Kwans (Chung Do Kwan, Ji Do Kwan, Song Moo Kwan). In 1945 the Korean Martial Arts styles officially registered with the Korean government as various KWANS. Each has its similarities and yet beautiful differences that I came to appreciate and respect.

Is This Kicking Practical?
I observed that the kicking was not only spectacular, but it could be very practical. It made sense for smaller people because the legs give a reach advantage, are preconditioned, and generate as much as 3 or more times power than the arms.

It struck me as interesting that every-time I heard someone criticize high kicks or “fancy kicking”, it was a person who: A. Could not do it or B. Had yet to square off with a kicker who had functional kicking skill.

Kicking Criticism
Since I had the opportunity to have been booted in the head by so many skilled kickers, it seemed an arrogant and ignorant statement. Every technique has it’s strengths and weaknesses, so why was advanced kicking the target of so much criticism?

Practical Self Defense Application and Much More
Of course, self defense practical application is not the only measure and reason for practice of the art. Nor are the arts comprised only of kicking. Kicking is a fantastic way of building and maintaining flexibility, health, burning calories, expressing an aesthetically pleasing art, reducing stress and developing a respectable skill. Those are just some of the many benefits, but certainly not all. To my way of thinking, it is just one way to help develop the mind, body and spirit – and a fun one at that.

It sure beats the stair-master, starvation diets and the treadmill.

John Nottingham
6th Degree Black Belt
USA Martial Arts Chief Instructor

Your invitation to try USA Martial Arts…

Try Taekwondo!

USA Martial Arts Phoenix
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We’re Not Competing With Other Martial Arts Schools

August 21, 2010

Much more than kicks, punches, blocks and throws.

When I started teaching martial arts at age 14 in my first teachers Taekwondo Kung Fu school I made up my mind that I was not ever in competition with other martial arts schools. Here I am 6 degree of Black Belt and nearly 26 years later, having studied all over the world and taught thousands, still holding firm to that belief.

I love martial arts… all of them. I love martial artists.

We are all part of the same big family. It is in our diversity, each having our own gifts and abilities, that we have strength. We need every instructor and school to serve our communities in combating the issues men, women and children face these days.

I believe martial arts has the answers to so many of today’s problems that children and over-taxed adults encounter.

So what are we competing with?

Ignorance, glamorized violence, cruelty, bad manners, low self esteem, fear and self-doubt, poor health such as obesity, heart disease, undisciplined eating habits. If anything, we are competing with the ever-growing allure of stimulating video games and media that can influence an imbalance in life, disrupt healthy relationships and social skill development.

We’re competing with indifference in patriotism, a sense of community and fading American family values like serving a cause greater than one’s self. We’re competing with the disintegration of the family unit (because we provide a healthy activity the whole family can do together and reinforce respect at home).

Martial Arts can resolve these problems. There is no question it saves lives in self-defense situations as history clearly proves that. It is unparalleled in handling bullies and non-violent conflict resolution. But more importantly, Martial Arts can equip people, especially the next generation, with the leadership skills, character, and a strong spirit to face challenges head-on in an ever changing world.

Where else can parents choose their child’s peer group and surround them with polite, goal oriented, values-centered friends who are all engaged in a healthy lifestyle? It’s one stop shopping rather than being a Mom taxi toting the kids from one thing to another in hopes of gaining these important skills.

We have thousands of letters on file from ecstatic parents touting the amazing transformational power of our program on their children. It goes so far beyond the kicks, punches, blocks and throws. That’s because our role-model instructors teach martial arts as a philosophy and load it with life skills through experiential learning. Simply put, they walk the talk.

Why are more and more parents choosing martial arts? Because it works in a changing world and they want their kids to have the edge in school and life.

Consider martial arts for your family today. Even if it isn’t our school, find one that suits your goals and personality. Try a few out, watch a class and speak to the instructors. You may be surprised at the value you find.

Beware… it just might change your lives forever.

7 Unexpected Benefits of Martial Arts Lessons

June 30, 2010

Many people begin martial arts just to satisfy an interest or get involved in a positive, healthy activity. Here are 7 unexpected benefits students report martial arts has given them.

1. Quality family time
In todays fast paced world, Martial Arts provides an opportunity for structured quality time together as a family. From building lasting memories to having a healthy activity in common, few things are more powerful than to see a family earn Black Belts together.

2. Education
Students are often amazed at how much they learn about history, science and culture. The study of martial arts makes education come alive and awakens our curiosity with its fascinating role in history, use of bio-mechanics, mental development and more.

3. New friendships and positive relationships
From making new friends to developing positive peer relationships, martial arts practice provides a support system that enhances the quality of life. Students develop life long friendships that support a healthy lifestyle, virtue and positive choices.

4. Expanded world view
Martial Arts students learn about a variety of cultures and discover the richness and beauty of each. Our students even have opportunities to study and train in Asia and immerse themselves in different experiences.

5. Happiness and joy
You can see it on the smiling faces of the students. Martial Arts leads to a healthier lifestyle, a more positive outlook and fun experiences that lead to happiness and joy. That comes from a sense of pride, contentment and feeling good about yourself. Reducing stress, martial arts students experience calmness and peace, the rewards of self-discipline and a strong mind and healthy, fit body.

Want to try martial arts without cost or obligation?
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5 Reasons USA Martial Arts Transforms Lives

June 30, 2010

1. Outstanding role models
USA Martial Arts instructors are specially selected for their character, discipline and ability to teach. They lead by example. Although we have Martial Arts Champions as instructors, we believe that living a life of honor and integrity is even more important.

2. Honor culture
Our entire school culture is built on a foundation of honor. From the moment students walk through the school door they learn how to show and earn respect. This is apparent in how USA Martial Arts students treat others, to the courtesy they demonstrate outside the school in daily life.

3. Individual attention
USA Martial Arts instructors are some of the most caring and professional instructors you or your child will probably ever meet. They make a point to treat each person with individual respect. The instructors go the extra mile to find and develop the strengths of each student, increasing their confidence along with self defense skills.

4. Positive peer group
Students are far more likely to succeed at USA Martial Arts in work and life because they are a part of a unique fraternity of other students. They make positive friendships that enrich daily life, lead to opportunities and some have even met the love-of-their-life on our mat.

5. Black Belt Success System
The proven Black Belt Success System gives USA Martial Arts students an edge in achieving greater fitness because the training evolves, unlike a gym. Martial Arts also instills discipline and self control to achieve greater results. Not only that but the goal setting and rewards system means more students rise to the legendary Black Belt rank.

Success Stories and the Truth About USA Martial Arts

“I passed on six other schools to attend USA Martial Arts…”

“I’d like to know the percentage of Martial Arts schools that honestly and sincerely teach virtue, code of honor, etc. and back it up in the behavior of the staff and students. That’s why I chose USA Martial Arts when I was looking for a school to enroll my son back in January 2000. I passed six other Do Jang’s to drive to Scottsdale because of the balanced emphasis on character and what I saw in the instructors. There were certainly more choices closer to home, but I had seen abuses of martial arts by some students and questionable judgment by some instructors. I know a school is not entirely responsible for the behavior of it’s students outside of class, but there is some connection. USA Martial Arts DRILLS character. And they lead by EXAMPLE. Thank you for that!”

-Ms. Karen Tucker, Mother of Carson, Scottsdale/Fountain Hills

What Makes USA Martial Arts of Paradise Valley So Good For Kids?

June 29, 2010

Awesome Instructors like Robert Summers!

Black Belt Instructor Robert Summers

One step into USA Martial Arts and you will feel the energy. If he isn't quickly greeting you at the door with an enthusiastic smile you will see he is probably leading a high energy class filled with happy students.

Mr. Summers is not only a passionate teacher but a super Dad as well. But that's not all…

Mr. Robert Summers
Mr. Robert Summers is a 1st Degree Black Belt in USA Martial Arts. Awarded Instructor of the Year 2009, Apprentice of the Year 2008, he has also headed up security details for events such as Phoenix Suns Charities and others. Mr. Summers has also assisted in training US Military forces in defensive tactics.

Instructor Robert Summers at Charity Breakathon Holding Boards for Children

Mr. Summers began Martial Arts training earning rank in American Kenpo and has studied numerous arts and fighting systems including JKD Concepts, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Shamrock Submission Fighting (SSF) and Hapkido.

Instructor Summers with Master Chris Lopez

Mr. Summers holds the distinction of being one of the few qualified and selected for a special leadership apprentice martial arts training program. Mr. Summers is a graduate or certificate holder in the following:

Defensive Tactics/Officers Survival
Level 1: Restraint and Control non-lethal use of force security training
Level 2: Last Resort Weapons Disarms
Security procedures
Spontaneous Edged Weapon defense and disarms
Last Resort Situational Response Tactics
Tactical weapons
Tactical Security Handgun
Lissajous Do Ryu Advanced Nunchaku Weapons System
VIPER Personal Protection Level I
Mixed Martial Arts Submission Fighting
Coach certified 3rd Class
Arrest and Control Tactics
Shamrock Submission Fighting (SSF)
Escrima/Arnis FMA Baton and Stick/Double Stick Tactics
Mr. Summers has attended seminars and trained with renowned experts such as: Dan “The Beast” Severn, Master Roland Osborne, Shihan Dan Abbott, Grand Master Roy Williams, Grand Master Richard Na, Masters Brett Lechtenberg, Russel Wright, Brian Van Patten, Chris Lopez, and Kenny Perez.

Robert Summers with UFC Champ Dan "The Beast" Severn

He is respected by students and parents as one who leads by example. An award-winning Black Belt, Mr. Summer’s commitment to training, research and study have earned him a reputation for in his exciting classes and entertaining demonstrations. Mr. Summers is also an active supporter of the child abuse prevention charity Break The Chain Foundation. He is admired for his uncompromised devotion and selfless service to USA Martial Arts and students.

“Mr. Summers passion for martial arts shows on the smiling faces of our men, women and children students. His energy and emphasis character development make him a winner with children and parents alike. We have stacks of letters from parents raving about the positive changes they’ve seen in their children due to Mr. Summers teaching and example.” – John Nottingham | Owner USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley | Scottsdale

Awarded BEST OF PHOENIX 2010

Come see what everyone is talking about and meet Mr. Summers. Find out why USA Martial Arts PV is the fastest growing martial arts school in Phoenix and take a free class.


Develop Calmness of Mind, Practical Ability, and an Indomitable Spirit

June 29, 2010

John Nottingham USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley Arizona

Develop Calmness of Mind, Practical Ability, and an Indomitable Spirit. We provide professional instruction in an environment of Courtesy, Integrity, Responsibility, and Self Discipline.

Men, Women and Children’s Martial Arts Classes in Phoenix
Training with USA Martial Arts will provide you with lifetime skills that will allow you to realize your potential. We train students and members in all ages and conditions.

Progressive Instruction While Honoring Tradition

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