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Chuck Norris says…Karate is the Best Thing You Can Do For Your Child

June 2, 2012

If Walker Texas Ranger endorses it, you know it’s good.  Carlos “Chuck” Norris began his martial arts journey while an Airman in Korea.  He studied the Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do.  Today a branch of that martial arts family is teaching classes at an award-winning school in Phoenix Arizona called USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing. 

“Karate is the best thing you can do for your child.” -Chuck Norris
Hello Parent,
My name is John Nottingham and I’ve been teaching children and adults martial arts and self defense for over 27 years.  You may recognize me from my appearances on channels 3, 5, 10, 12 or in the AZ Republic, Arizona Parenting or my modest work in TV or Film.  My passion is sharing the life enhancing benefits of martial arts and self defense with people of all ages and abilities.
I would be honored to have the opportunity to teach you or your child the secrets I’ve spent my lifetime learning.  You’ll not find them in any other sport or activity.
You see, I’ve been very blessed to have traveled the world and trained in Korea, China and with the best of the best.  My passion for researching and learning martial arts is only rivaled by my passion to teach it and share the amazing life transforming power of this discipline.
Martial Arts transformed my life and it can transform your child’s too.
Here are the USA Martial Arts Phoenix our tenets recited as the principles of Black Belt at the beginning of each class.
“As a dedicated student of the martial arts, I will live my life by the principles of Black Belt.
o Modesty
o Courtesy
o Integrity
o Perseverance
o Self Control
o Indomitable Spirit
If you would like a change in your life or maybe your child’s life, I would invite you to give us a try.  My school is quite unique in that we only work with select students who have a sincere desire to learn.
No worries friend…You don’t have to have any special athletic ability or skill, in fact quite the opposite.  While we have champions and Black Belts who transfer to us for higher education, the majority of our students are beginners who have never done any martial arts.
Your Child Will Learn:
  1. How to Deal With Bullying The Smart Way
  2. How to Focus and Concentrate for Better Grades
  3. How to Respect Himself and Others
  4. How to Solve Problems To Be Happy
  5. How to Lead His Peer Group Rather Than Follow
  6. How to Have Confidence, Control and Discipline for Success in School and Life
  7. How to Be Strong, Fit and Develop Inner-Strength with Unshakable Character
We would love to have the opportunity to introduce you to our our special curriculum.  It has been developed and refined over many years and has a profound positive impact on our members.  Just surf around the internet, Google our name and find out what people say about us.  Then contact us, check out our WEBSPECIAL,  or stop by to meet us in person.  We would be pleased to get to know you.
John Nottingham
Owner USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix
Kids Martial Arts WEBSPECIAL

Summer Camp for Kids Phoenix Karate Kids MMA Camp

May 17, 2012

This summer your kids can learn skills from Mixed Martial Arts, get in great shape and get the edge for school and sports.

While other kids are sitting on the couch and playing video games, your kids will be learning new skills, making friends and having the time of their life.
They will develop:

  • Strength
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Power
  • Confidence
  • A non-quitting spirit
  • Courage to stand up for what is right

In our confidence building Karate Kids Camp, your children will be coached by experienced champions and martial arts Masters who walk the talk. The lessons transcend the mat and will positively impact attitude and skills for daily life. Plus you’ll know they have the skills to protect themselves if they need to.

Check out the exclusive WEBSPECIAL

VIPER Personal Protection – Practical and Sophisticated Self Defense for Personal Security

April 25, 2012

VIPER is the foundation for the hand-to-hand combat system of the security agents and protective teams (bodyguards) at Nottingham Sword & Shield Security. You will see concepts, principles and drills from the VIPER system used by U.S. Military and law enforcement personnel. VIPER personal protection (aka VIPER Street Combat)  is not a traditional martial art nor typical self defense course.  

Based on simple practical and proven principles it takes advantage of the bodies instinctive movements.  It is an innovative reality-based system that is designed to teach real self defense in the shortest possible time.

You will learn to defend against:

  • chokes
  • grabs, holds & bearhugs

As well as weapons countermeasures including:

  • guns
  • knives
  • clubs  

Just as important, we teach people to function during the stress and shock of a sudden, violent encounter. Tested on the battlefield, on the job, and in the streets, VIPER’s practical approach to self defense will make you safer and more secure.


Award-winning Martial Arts School in Phoenix Teaches More Than Kicks

January 30, 2012

It’s one thing to promote what you do to a community and the benefits of the martial arts. Of course my staff and I have a very biased point of view. So instead of sharing what we think about USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix, we thought we would share some of the comments we’ve received just in the last week or so.

Now you can hear from actual Phoenix, Scottsdale, PV and Cave Creek parents of USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix students and the public. Decide for yourself how we stack up and if we might be right for your child and their journey in the martial arts.

Master Nottingham, you are the best! Thank you for all you have done for my daughter Bianca. She has changed so much since being under your direction. You make Martial Arts philosophy shine in our eyes and many others I am sure. Thank you! -Angel Harrison, Phoenix AZ

Master Nottingham, we are so honored to be in your Martial Arts Family! Thank you for seeing Ridge’s desire last night to break that board with a sidekick, and then giving him the extra practice to make it happen… so good for his concentration and confidence! Ridge and Noelle are very blessed to be on the road to Black Belts with USA MARTIAL ARTS! – Kimberly Peterson, Scottsdale AZ

This is the best martial arts school in Arizona. The friendlly, knowledgeable and professional staff can help you reach your goals. – Brett Lechtenberg

We love USA Martial Arts! Diana and Darian are very respectful and having been to only 3 classes so far we can already see a huge improvement in their self confidence and they are all about self control and self discipline all on there own thanks to everyone at USA Martial Arts! – Esmeralda Moran-Villa, Phoenix Arizona

Winner Best Kickboxing in Phoenix

USA Martial Arts is located at the South-West corner of Tatum and Greenway roads in North Phoenix. We welcome you to stop by and watch a class, meet our students and friendly staff. Most of our group classes operate in the evenings or on Saturday morning. You can also call and set up an appointment. USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing Phoenix offers award-winning group and private martial arts instruction, self defense, and children’s character education.

Instilling time-tested virtues and values to give individuals an edge with inner-strength!


Children Learn Leadership and How To Handle Bullying With Taekwondo in Phoenix

December 19, 2011

Do Your Kids Kick and Punch Like Karate Kids Around The House?

Perhaps you have seen the positive press and exposure Taekwondo and Kids Martial Arts programs have been receiving. Maybe your son or daughter has expressed interest in doing a martial art. You don’t have to be Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee to do martial arts. In fact, you might be surprised at what you find for children at one Phoenix Martial Arts school.

Lots of children want to train in Tae Kwon-do because:

o They are being bullied
o They have low self-esteem/confidence
o They have no confidence
o They are lacking in co-ordination/motor skills
o They find it hard to make friends

Our Phoenix Karate Kids children’s program will teach your child core values such as discipline and respect. By starting at an early age, they will develop positive habits to last a lifetime. We believe in bringing out the best in your child and have designed our classes to be entertaining and informative.

With training in USA Martial Arts Phoenix Karate Kids Tae Kwon-do, the content of the classes and the way they are structured, your children will develop:-

o Self confidence, self control, self esteem and self discipline
o Respect for adults and for each other
o The value of setting goals and working towards them
o Non-violent techniques in conflict-resolution
o How to overcome a bully or gang situation
o The Tae Kwon-do training will channel their energy into their Tae Kwon-do skills
The way the instruction is given and broken down for the child, you will see a great improvement in a matter of weeks.
The training in Tae Kwon-do promotes individual and group activities which will develop,

(1) Communication skills, leadership life skills,

(2) Group interactions/activities.

Children who acquire self-confidence at an early age are far more likely to succeed in their adult ambitions. Martial Arts training is arguably the best method of instilling confidence into children and at the same time emphasises the importance of respect and discipline. As a result of the fast and exciting nature of Martial Arts there are thousands of children participating throughout Arizona, the USA; and worldwide there are millions.

Children see Martial Arts training as the ultimate activity, in our classes everybody wins, it’s not just who’s the best gets to play.

Our system of training is based on inner development and self-expression; concentration, focus, goal setting, self-achievement are the topics of discussion. Motor skill development, co-ordination, flexibility and self-awareness are the basics to the physical training.

Children learn to reach their full potential through our confidence building martial arts program. Caring Instructors provide expert training in a fun and safe, although still disciplined environment, to produce positive results.


Award-winning children’s martial arts instruction designed to build better kids and reinforce the values parents teach at home.

Military Hand-to-hand combat system for Special Forces comes to Phoenix in Self Defense Training Course

June 7, 2011

For Immediate Release
Contact: Cathy at 602-896-8721
Practical self-defense Phoenix Arizona

Military Hand-to-hand combat system for Special Forces comes to Phoenix

NTS VIPER Tactical Instructor Anthony Miles Shows an Explosive Move from VIPER Street Combat Self Defense under the watchful eye of founder John Nottingham

John Nottingham launched his Arizona school USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing in 1992 and recently opened a new training center in Phoenix to accommodate his Bodyguard Security & Training Company [Executive/Close Protection]. In addition to teaching kids good values through martial arts, Nottingham teaches military, law enforcement and the discerning civilian.

“There are no rules on the street when it comes to your survival or that of a loved one.”, says Nottingham.

Their methods are considered unorthodox to the mainstream self-defense or martial arts way of teaching. Nottingham’s approach is to break structure, conventional thinking and teach clients to think and operate outside the box. The majority of martial arts and self-defense systems pre-scribe rules and strict conformity, sportive emphasis or complex motor movements. Although well-intentioned, many tactical self-defense, fighting and hand-to-hand-combat instructors are retrofitting sportive and cultural tradition lifestyle martial arts to fit what they believe is effective self-defense.
Nottingham’s self-defense method, called VIPER, is designed to break things down into effective, simple self-defense steps and principles that can easily be adapted to a wide variety of individuals in varying dangerous situations.

Last Resort Handgun Disarm Defense

Military Origins
Nottingham and his team come from a unique backgrounds in the military, having served in Special Forces, Airborne units, law enforcement and a decades in the martial arts. In the early 90’s, Nottingham was asked by his Army company Commander to develop an updated, simple and effective hand-to-hand combat course as part of an experimental program. His research continues to this day as he stays on the cutting edge of combatives and defensive tactics. His client list includes those who serve in combat, on the street as law enforcement and bodyguards to protect VIPs.


Bodyguard Tactics for Strategic Self-Defense

“The best way to explain VIPER (his version of reality based self-defense) is the skills you would use to survive the most terrifying criminal assault situations you or your family can imagine. We cover the entire gamet from early detection for avoidance to the harsh reality of physical intervention such as gouging out an attackers eye as a last resort. We teach our clients how to manage situations most people don’t believe are possible to survive.”, said Nottingham

“When your families lives are in danger or your life is on the line, you can’t be thinking about rules or worrying about the wrong things. Part of the initial education is deprogramming the incorrect conditioning and beliefs people have about self-defense so that they can adopt an accurate and winning mindset. Self-Defense is a leadership role so our clients learn to be assertive when they have to.”

VIPER Self Defense is built on natural reflexes, physics, bio-mechanics and the physiological response to intense stress.

“Clients have refered to VIPER as an American Krav Maga type training due to it’s reliance on combative principles, simple and effective self defense. However, VIPER Evolution I does not emphasize the physical as much at this level as Krav Maga does. Instead we teach smart strategies to avoid, detect, diffuse, avoid and thwart situations before the begin. We find this is a faster method to efficacy. Krav Maga was designed for young, fit, military personnel so it is very intense and high risk training. I love the Krav Maga system and practice it, however it is predicated on high mobility, explosive movement and a degree of athleticism most people don’t have or maintain. We take pride in VIPER being much safer than Krav Maga and can reach a wider array of clients because VIPER isn’t designed just for young, resiliant, military soldiers.”


Take for example a criminal threatening your family with a gun. The natural instinct for an untrained person is to fixate on the weapon. VIPER teaches clients how to control that intense stress and mental function through proprietary conditioning training, the same used for training elite Special Forces operators for combat. The body’s stress reaction becomes a conditioned trigger to look for exits, cover, and opportunities an untrained individual, gripped by panic, would not see.

Background of VIPER Close Quarters Combat CQC
VIPER was developed by John Nottingham while serving in a reserve detachment of a Special Forces Unit. He was selected by his company commander due to his unique background in combative martial arts in order to develop a scientific, highly effective method of practical self-defense for Special Operations. It had to be able to beat other elite forces hand-to-hand and weapon close combat training.

What Makes VIPER Different
The key difference in VIPER is in it’s testing. It only takes techniques, tactics and strategies that can be quickly and effectively implemented by a user then tested under stress. To date, Nottingham and his team have run thousands of scenarios and gleaned invaluable feedback from the tactics used in the field and street.

During the 25 years he’s served teaching Martial Arts, Law Enforcement, Military, Nottingham updated and refined his method of practical self-defense, and after scientific study and observation, adjusted his system to teach it to the civilian men, women and children.

Nottingham’s training materials, research and unique approach has inspired numerous other instructors. His training videos and programs have been adopted by military, law enforcement, martial artists, bouncers, agents and bodyguards all over the world.

“It’s gratifying to get feedback from Police Officers or Military that our programs saved their lives in the field. That’s what this training is designed to do – protect and give the good guys the edge.”, said Nottingham

Realistic Self Defense Training. Will What I Know Really Work?

“At some point everyone will face a moment when they have to ask themselves if what they know about self-defense and safety will truly and honestly work when they need it most. It might be to protect their loved ones or at a time when they are out of shape, injured or in a unique environment. VIPER will give them newfound confidence.”

Nottingham is quick to point out that martial arts is great and has numerous benefits but it is not to be mistaken with specialized self-defense and personal protection training. I encourage good martial arts training but it needs to be properly placed in context. Martial Artists are by far our fastest adapting clients, once they grasp the fundamental shift in mindset. However, what we do in VIPER doesn’t look anything like a typical martial arts class.

Nottingham and his team will be hosting a special VIPER SELF DEFENSE training course in May. It is a three day VIPER intensive immersion course combining classroom, slow motion drills and scenario training with a fully padded mock assailant.

V.I.P.E.R. Personal Protection Bodyguard Tactics for Self Defense Security
Students will learn to deal with the most common street attacks and self-defense situations including punches, chokes, grabs, and attacks from various positions such as from behind and on the ground.

The class even sets up different environments to have the students apply the VIPER thinking and action steps to resolve or escape the situations. Students get to learn how to deal with the stress and anxiety of a real attack in crunch time and how to manage the adrenaline dump, rapid heart rate and how to focus on what matters most for survival.

Instructors encourage students and create a learning atmosphere of comfort and relaxed professionalism where cheering is as prevalent as learning. Nottingham explains, “We know it is a stressful subject so our goal is to make it as enjoyable experience as possible. Our clients often comment on how much fun they had while learning and want to come back. Our repeat business is amazing. We guarantee you come out transformed and thrilled with your experience or we refund your money in full.”

In class, students learn the techniques of:
o Punching
o Kicking
o Elbows
o Knees
o Headbutts
o Biting
o Eye gouging
o [and some things Nottingham says only go to clients and too graphic for public articles]

Clients learn to develop power in their attacks and the vulnerable places on the human anatomy to attack for the best results. VIPER Self Defense emphasizes targeting and strategy over perfecting techniques, teaching students to keep it simple and direct.

Brutal Reality Check
Clients are shown videos of actual crime footage, assaults and then discuss applying VIPER tactics and tools to learn from the situation and prevail. Although graphic, Nottingham emphasizes that we have to understand violence in order to thwart it.

Our of Shape? Even More Reason To Take VIPER
Nottingham says that he can teach any willing student despite age, physical make-up or limitation. “Everyone can improve his or her personal protection with this course. It’s not about beating the other guy into submission. Most of it is brains over brawn. We focus on what a client CAN do, not what they can’t. People are often amazed to find out that we are hard wired for self-defense. We just need a few tools to best bring it out.”

USA Martial Arts Phoenix and Nottingham Sword & Shield Security – Scottsdale Bodyguard Academy -are located at 5930 W. Greenway Rd Suite 9 & 10, Phoenix, Arizona 85032. To sign up for this self-defense or another martial arts, kickboxing or personal training program, call 602-896-8721 Facebook: VIPER Personal Protection

John Nottingham Online

About John Nottingham
Owner Nottingham Sword & Shield Security
Founder USA Martial Arts Phoenix
John Nottingham is a 7th Degree multiple Black Belt holder, veteran who served in an Airborne Special Forces reserve unit, has been trained and holds certifications from Paul Vunak, Tony Blauer, Krav Maga, Gavin de Becker and Associates, Bodyguard Training International USA Bodyguards, ASIS, Robert Oatman, and many more.

How To Block a Punch

June 1, 2011

It was suggested by WordPress that I write a blog article on the topic of how to block a punch. My first response is to learn at a proper school or from a qualified instructor. This is one of those areas that shouldn’t be learned on the internet. However, for purposes of discussion and supplemental training, I decided to take this on as if I were being asked by an adult student. Note: Nothing will replace proper instruction from an expert instructor or qualified coach, hard work and a humble learning attitude. Hopefully this might get you thinking about ways to avoid the dreaded faceblock.

“Before I learned martial arts, a punch was just a punch and a kick was just a kick. When I studied martial arts, a punch was no longer just a punch and a kick was no longer just a kick. Now I understand martial arts, and a punch is just a punch and a kick is just a kick.” – Bruce Lee, founder Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

Is a Punch Just a Punch? Some Ground Rules
First I need to find out why you want to know how to block a punch. A punch can mean many things and as a professional consultant on safety and personal protection, I am reluctant to offer a recommendation without a proper diagnosis. Is it for Military, Law enforcement, Security, a family man, business traveler, domestic abuse situation, co-worker problem, out of hand associate? What is the context? Without that information it is difficult to answer such a broad question. My professional advice will depend on several variables including determining the defenders (intended target) capabilities or previous training.

Are you a senior citizen with limited mobility? Are you a former wrestler? Do you have martial arts training? How much time do you have to invest into learning this? What punch are you avoiding… the local pub jerk? A trained boxer? MMA match? Those answers would guide the advice and tactics. However, I will give it my best shot for informational and discussion purposes. I’ll presume an average person of average intelligence and ability for the sake of this article.

Second, to prevent giving overly specific advice I will stick to concepts and principles as the core of the discussion. I’ll start in more general terms about how to block a punch or how to handle someone trying to punch you, then move into some physical options.

Philosophical: How To Block a Punch
I teach a system rooted in preventing, detecting, de-escalating, deterring and defending situations. I firmly believe in the ancient battle field strategy of Chinese philosopher and strategic genius Sun Tzu,

“The battle avoided cannot be lost.”

My first recommendation would be to follow the USA Martial Arts rules of engagement for self-defense:
A. Remove the opponents will to punch (Motive/Intent)
B. Remove the opponents opportunity to punch (Opportunity/Availability)
C. Diminish the opponents ability to punch

Ninja Magic: How To Block a Punch
This may come in the form of a distraction, “Tell it to the Police Officer standing behind you.” Then you disappear. Or maybe you could use something like, “I’ll meet you at 4pm in the alley.” When he looks or shows, simply don’t attend. Ninja magic. (Keep in mind you didn’t resolve the problem, you just may have delayed it.)

Wise Martial Arts Master, “Why do we learn to punch?”
Martial Arts student, “So that I can defend it.”

Training Good Guys Not Bad Guys
I realize that it’s unsatisfying to read “avoid the situation” but that is precisely my recommendation. I study and teach my martial arts and self-defense students that our training is so that we may “walk in peace”. Our fight is for inner peace and to better understand ourselves. If we begin with the end in mind then we must presume that you do not wish to engage in a fight, rather to end this situation peacefully.

Verbal Judo: How To Block a Punch. Winning The War often starts with Words
One of my favorite training videos to use when teaching law enforcement and private security is a bouncer in Europe who is a KICKBOXING champion. He is dealing with an upset guest trying to bully his way into a club. The bouncer calmly engages him and assertively but kindly answers his questions in unexpected, non-confrontational ways. With outstanding VERBAL JUDO skills he bouncer separates him from his friends, asking him to “talk to him like a man”. The bouncer then appeals to the loud mouths selfish interests informing him that he will tell the loud mouths brother and diffuses the situation in short order. A clever use of redirection and appealing to selfish interests to resolve the issue. Brilliant psychology and conflict avoidance chess.

Win a Battle Lose a War
You may successfully defend against this punch but do not presume the attacker will not go get a tire iron, wrench, pool cue, broken bottle or gun and come back for retribution with his buddies. It’s best to preserve another humans dignity and de-escalate situations intelligently, taking the high road.

Strategic: How To Block a Punch?
Most punches are the result of social verbal contracts breaking down or an individuals inability to express their inner feelings or desires adequately enough to get what they want. The pre-contact stage usually starts with verbal communication and non-verbal communication (body language). These pre-contact cues are critical skills to have if you want to prevent and avoid conflict.

1. The “up down” look – a quick assessment to size up another. Testing the target. [Assessing likelihood of success and or getting hurt or getting away with it.] Assessing.
2. Puffing up or peacocking, an attempt to draw attention and appear to be bigger or more of a threat. Displaying.
3. Antagonistic communication marked by short syllable words, gestures, sudden change in volume. Testing.
4. Owning space and scanning (predatory postures and sometimes pacing or pecking-sudden jerky movements)
5. Tension in jaw, neck and shoulders (you can often see the shoulders visibly rise)
6. Eyes do not blink, widen or tense
7. Respiration increases or suddenly changes
8. Wind up
9. Clenching a fist
10. Shoulder dip, moving into range

When the verbal skills break down or don’t work, some individuals will continue to communicate through physical action . This can be in the form of shoving, slapping, punching, chest bumping and so on. This is still communication – just anti-social physical communication.

Knowing this “language of escalation” and pre-contact or “pre-assault cues” are powerful tool we teach to law enforcement, bodyguards, military, and especially bouncers, coolers and doormen who do security at rougher nightclubs requiring such security. If you see it as communication, you are more likely to be able to avoid being emotionally compromised and can view the situation more objectively. Furthermore you can pre-empt, prepare and stack the odds in your favor by getting the jump on the often oblivious aggressor.

Tactical: How To Block a Punch

___ Can you create a diversion and escape via the nearest exit?
___ Can you call in security for an intervention?
___ Can you offer to buy them a drink, snack or make a gesture of peace?
___ Can you find humor in the situation and/or de-escalate it with verbal means?
___ Can you recruit friends and bystanders to help you?
___ Can you use physical barriers around you to avoid contact (tables, pillars, chairs, people etc.)
___ Can you feign illness or use an unexpected tactic to disrupt the aggressors pattern?

Physical: How to Block a Punch
A common saying in my school is,

The Best Block is to Not Be There!

Physical defense is like the rest of personal security and self-defense and should be built in layers.

___ Can you simply walk out?
___ Can you run away?
___ Can you side step or evade in such a way that compromises the aggressors position?
___ Can you use the physical geometry of the room as a weapon of opportunity? For example: Throw something, cover their eyes with a towel, throw a drink in their face, intercept the punch with a hard object?

Disrupt The Attack: How To Block a Punch
Depending on the appropriate use of force you could flinch into a defensive position holding a pen, fork or seemingly innocuous object and let him ram his fist into it. I teach my students to use elbows and knees this way to intercept and destruct/damage the attackers punching limb. (If you’ve ever cracked your fist on a hard elbow point full speed you’ll get why this one works really quick.)

Proper Use of Force: How To Block a Punch
Of course I am duty bound to advise using only the minimal amount of legal force necessary for you to escape the danger and get to safety. It is a judgement call you for which you will be ultimately responsible. This advice is generic and designed for entertainment and discussion only.

Another physical option for dealing with a punch is simply changing range. Move out and in like a boxer. Imagine your torso is a spring to allow head movement. (Be careful not to swing your head into a hard object of course.)

“Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.” -Ali

You might also consider changing level; that is, ducking, bobbing, weaving, slipping and of course, covering. Good level changes come from bending your legs, not usually bowing unless highly skilled.

Improve Your Position: How to Block a Punch
Another option might be that if you do not detect the punch early enough that you try to roll with it and transition into a better position to prevent subsequent damage. Try to get to a position of advantage and protect your vital areas.

Flinch Cover: How To Block or Avoid a Punch
Your body is hard wired to flinch away from an attack such as a punch. Once perceived, the hands will extend up to shield the head with palms facing out. A good trainer will help you use this as your starting point that transitions into your next move.

Put your hands up and assume a strong stance. Hands up means shielding your face and chin. You’ll need to be able to run interference like a fence or barrier.

A strong stance means knees bent over toes (off heels), feet apart like standing on the corners of a box, comfortably about shoulder width and a half or so apart (width and length). Like a good boxing or MMA stance you may have seen.

RAM HORN/RHINO HORN Shield: How to Block a Punch
One of my preferred ways of covering the knockout zone on the human head is using a double rams horn cage block. The best way I can describe it is raise the elbows up and in at the level of the face, tuck the chin in, shrug your shoulders to protect the neck (carotid, trachea, mandible area), now place your palms over the tops of your ears and squeeze the elbows together in the front like you have RAM HORNS that form into a RHINO SPIKE on the front. You should still be able to see with movement. They key to this techniques effectiveness is not just the structure of the shield movement, but the change in level (height) and range (usually moving inside).

Stopping a Punch and Preventing Others
Remember that you are usually not out of danger just because you slipped or avoided the first attempted punch. You may have even eaten it. If you’re still conscious, you might be able to clinch by driving forward and using a hold. The key here is to pin down the arms, usually at or above the elbows and use driving, pulling pressure to upset the attackers balance.

Dirty Trick: How to Block a Punch
An old school trick to block a punch is to headbutt it. Presuming we’re talking about a head hunter punch, you may be able to drive the hard part of the skull (the apex point used in soccer) to strike the metacarpals of the hand. The ensuing collision can do serious damage to an attackers hand. Keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily guarantee they will stop attacking you or that you are out of harms way.

Pre-emptive Maneuver: How to Block a Punch
Another way to stop a punch would be a pre-emptive maneuver such as a double palm knocking them back. A push kick or front stomping style kick can work due to the longer range of the leg. You could also simply shove his face back. Whichever way, remember that if you are close enough to make contact with them, he is close enough to make contact with you. Make sure you are prepared with defense at all times while targeting the key parts of his anatomy to disrupt and thwart the attack.

Force Multiply: How to Block a Punch
All of these ideas are really irrelevant without understanding the context of the situation. The situation will always dictate the appropriate response and physical intervention is always a last resort. In my experience the person with the most friends, compassion and good manners usually has the advantage. Be nice until its time to not be nice. Everyone has a fundamental God-given human right to defend themselves. Training gives options. The old adage is true,

Better to know it and not need it than need it and not know it.

About John Nottingham
John Nottingham is a 6th Degree multiple Black Belt holder and founder of the USA Martial Arts chain in Arizona USA. He owns Nottingham Sword & Shield Security, a Bodyguard, Law Enforcement and Military Training Company specializing in protective security.

The Secret To Happier, Healthier More Confident Kids…

May 31, 2011

•••Attention Parents•••

Can you find your child in this checklist?

“If So, Read On…You Might Just Find
the Big Breakthrough You’ve Been
Seeking for Your Child!”

___ Rita, age 11, used to be confident…ready to take on the world. But after starting middle school, she seems like a different person: hesitant and unsure of herself.
The peace of the household is frequently disturbed. Everything is a battle: getting ready for school; dinnertime; homework; even things that used to be enjoyable family activities are now potential battles. Screaming matches occur on a regular basis.

___ Paula is so concerned about being popular. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, worry that this will make her an easy target for negative peer pressure.

___ Simon used to enjoy playing outside, but has now settled into a couch potato lifestyle. He is putting on weight and seems to be increasingly hooked on junk food.

___ Martin, bright, smart, and formerly very interested in doing well, has succumbed to the mentality that, somehow, it’s not “cool” to try hard with his school work.

___ Mr. and Mrs. Grant are frustrated at the level of disrespect demonstrated by their children. The kids never used to talk like this before! The Halls think, “If I had talked like that when I was a kid — I would have gotten clobbered!”

___ It seems that Harper always gravitates toward the “bad crowd.” He is attracted to kids that don’t do well in school and are constantly in trouble.

___ Grace is concerned about her son, Alex. Since the divorce, he doesn’t have a positive male role model. Alex is often sullen and difficult to get along with.
If you’ve “found” your son or daughter on the checklist above
(and most people do)… Read on…

Note: We get reports like these, literally every day, from parents
whose kids train at “USA Martial Arts Phoenix.”

Gabriella’s confidence has grown tremendously since earning her Green Belt. Mrs. Johnson, her teacher, has just called to say that Jenny can now stand up in front of the class in school and confidently speak. Mom and Dad are shocked and surprised.

Not only has Jacob gotten into great physical shape…his athletic skill has improved enormously. Jacob seems to have a newfound love of being outdoors, playing, and running.

Cory, formerly terrified of moving outside his comfort zone, now eagerly takes on new challenges. As his confidence grows, he moves on to the next challenge with excitement. His parents, Laura and Eddie, credit the high energy, positive environment of “USA Martial Arts Phoenix.”

Michael has become more cheerful and helpful around the house. He enjoys family activities…just like he used to when he was younger. His mother, Barbara, reports that he is now a joy to be around.

Mom was delighted when, after the neighborhood BBQ, Mrs. Swift from down the block said, “Your son Joshua is such a well mannered young boy!”

Carol said, “Mom, the kids were saying mean things to me at school today.” Mom thinks, “Oh no, here we go again.” — and says, “Well, how did you handle it?” Mom breathes a sigh of relief when Carol says, “It’s no big deal. Their words can’t hurt me. I learned that in Martial Arts class!”

Timmy, formerly quite a slob, now seems to be taking pride in his appearance. Without being asked, somehow his hair is combed, his shirt is clean, his teeth are brushed. And, not always, but at least occasionally, his bedroom seems to be picked up and clean! Just as Timmy is proud of his Karate accomplishments, he also seems to take pride in other aspects of his life!

Introducing the USA Martial Arts Phoenix Ten Point Success System

1. Positive Role Models: The biggest asset of “USA Martial Arts Phoenix?” Easy. The teachers. Now, I’ll tell you up front. They are not like the teachers you’ve seen in the Martial Art movies. Are they “tough guys?” Yes. But what you will notice (and so will your child)…is that they are “Nice Guys.” They have been hand selected…not just because they are great Martial Artists. They have been chosen because they are wonderful people…and have a great love of helping others benefit from the Martial Arts! All of our teachers were once students at “USA Martial Arts Phoenix” themselves. They care about each student individually — and are totally committed to helping your child reach his or her potential.

2. Physical Fitness: It’s hard to feel good about yourself when you are out of shape physically…or when your athletic skills have not been fully developed. Our belief is that, regardless of how athletic somebody seems to be…there is an athlete inside all of us. When a student feels their physical skills skyrocket…it’s not long before their self-image follows suit!

3. A High Energy, Exciting Environment: Many kids have grown accustomed to virtual activities (video games, television, internet). Participating in an exciting, high energy environment, focused on an actual activity, will give your child a very real sense of achievement!

4. Regular Incentives for Effort and Achievement: The belt system of Martial Arts (your child will earn a new belt every three months: white, yellow, gold, orange, green, etc.), regular positive feedback and recognition of accomplishment, incentives for improvement, applause, smiles, and high-fives will systematically lead your child into the “Yes, I Can!” attitude you’ve always wanted for him or her.

5. The “Life Lesson of the Week”: Regular exposure, through our “Life Skills Lessons from Martial Arts Masters,” to systematic instruction, accompanied by exercises in the lessons of respect, discipline, focus, persistence, courage, discipline and confidence. (Most of the “USA Martial Arts Phoenix” parents name this as their favorite part of the program!)

6. A Proven System of Skill and Personal Development: No fancy theories or hard to understand concepts here. Our teachers are experts in teaching the actual SKILLS of listening and focus. Hint: We’ll be teaching these to your child in the very first week!

7. A Series of Positively Constructed Challenges that will build your child’s confidence. You will be delighted as you see your children confidently move outside their comfort zone. As the weeks go by, you will smile with pride as your son or daughter moves from challenge to challenge…their confidence soaring at each new accomplishment!

8. An Atmosphere of Respect: You watch with satisfaction as your children learn to give respect and to earn respect. Most importantly, they learn the essential lessons of Self-Respect!

9. Order and Structure: Even though the atmosphere is friendly and supportive, Karate is not “play time.” You will be delighted to see how your children develop focus and persistence in our orderly, structured environment.

10. A Friendship Based Environment: If you are expecting the old, harsh, authoritarian, military style Martial Art training…you are going to be sadly disappointed. When you visit us, you will find a friendly, supportive environment.

Some of the teachers and long time students have been friends for nearly 20 years. That atmosphere of friendship, support, and respect will give your
child the support he or she needs to succeed!

More information
on USA Martial Arts Phoenix.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley Arizona
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
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John Nottingham’s USA Martial Arts Phoenix Academy USA

May 28, 2011

John Nottingham Pulgueksa Temple Korea

Discover Your Inner Strength…

We are a progressive traditional and modern mixed Martial Arts Academy located in Phoenix, Arizona USA.

Traditional Mixed Martial Arts for Self Defense
The USA Martial Arts curriculum is built on drawing from the strengths of several styles and is a highly effective martial art for men, women, and children. It relies on strategy, rather than physical prowess to defeat an attacker. Students learn how to use speed, leverage, timing, and proper technique to overcome larger and stronger opponents. More importantly, USA Martial Arts teaches our system as a complete art encompassing the wisdom of the past with the science of human performance.

We teach in a safe, friendly, and controlled environment which fosters fun, camaraderie, and respect.

Come join us on the mat! And discover your inner strength…

WEBSPECIAL for Children
WEBSPECIAL for Kickboxing
WEBSPECIAL for Camps, Events, Speaking

Surviving Violent Attacks – Show Teaches Lessons on Self Defense

April 14, 2011

An interesting show on individuals who survived violent attacks.

I Survived…
An eleven-year-old boy wakes up and witnesses a vicious stabbing attack on his mother. A family is left stranded midair when the pilot of their small plane collapses at the controls.

A family is left stranded midair when the pilot of their small plane collapses at the controls.

Twin sisters get caught in the line of fire when a fellow student opens fire at a school morning prayer group.

Practical Self Defense for Personal and Family Security
For those of us in the protective fields of law enforcement, security and self defense, these kinds of shows can be valuable. I always advocate the kinds of shows and books that show how people survived violent encounters using smart self defense. Check it out and see what you can learn about surviving violent situations.

NOTTINGHAM Sword & Shield Security
Scottsdale Bodyguards
4731 E. Greenway Road Suite 10
Phoenix, Arizona 85032