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CHILDREN’S TAEKWONDO Opens in North Phoenix/PV Scottsdale Area

August 12, 2010

Feel the energy!


Our children’s Taekwondo program is perfect for children four and up. Children’s Taekwondo at USA Martial Arts is unique, and we believe, a cut above the rest. What we teach, when we teach it, and how we teach it sets USA Martial Arts apart. For well over a decade we’ve invested focused effort into developing a beneficial curriculum for children that offers real physical change (i.e. children will learn real Taekwndo skills), and perhaps most importantly, real emotional growth.

Our emphasis on targeted goals with ever-increasing difficulty leads children to a self-confidence that extends well beyond the Taekwondo floor into a child’s school life, family life, and their interactions with peers. We often hear from parents that their children simply seem more focused, more even tempered, more respectful, and much more confident in their own abilities.

Children will learn traditional Taekwondo stances, strikes, blocks, and basic self-defense skills. More importantly, from this practice children develop crucial agility, core strength, balance, and overall coordination. All of these benefits in a motivational, fun, and challenging environment make USA Martial Arts the perfect compliment to the other activities in a child’s life.


Simply call or visit a location and we’ll take care of the rest. Or if you like, use the EasyTrial registration form link here. Check out the free video. Limited trials are available for our Grand Opening, so contact us today to reserve your spot.