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Kids Karate and Children’s Taekwondo Phoenix – Not Just Your Average Karate Dojo

October 25, 2011

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Arizona
Karate Kids and Children’s Taekwondo
o Award winning programs
o World-class instructors
o State of the art facilities
o Karate, Taekwondo, BJJ, Kickboxing and more!

Do you want to build confidence and self-esteem in your child? This program is designed to do just that and more! Our martial arts programs build coordination, balance, discipline, and mental concentration. But where most programs stop there, at USA Martial Arts Phoenix you will be part of one of the most progressive schools in the world.

USA Martial Arts is unique because of its special curriculum, passionate staff and world-class facilities. You will learn from the best of the best and have opportunities not available in other sports or martial arts programs.

At USA Martial Arts Phoenix you become part of a team.

Karate Kids
This high energy class is focusing on teaching kids the basic footwork, blocks, punches, and kicks of karate. Students have a blast as they learn new techniques, are challenged to do their best, and participate in exciting games. All activities encourage physical fitness, balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Children’s Taekwondo
Our special blend of Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Karate, grappling and gymnastics make this perfect for children with lots of energy and short attention spans. These high energy, fast paced classes will have your child kicking, jumping, running and learning valuable motor coordination.

Kid’s Martial Arts Phoenix, AZ
Check out all the great kid’s Martial Arts classes and camps available at USA Martial Arts Phoenix, AZ! Boost your kids’ confidence and help them develop inner strength, character and coordination. Visit our Phoenix Martial Arts Academy or our website online to find expert advice, Mom insight by meeting the parents and videos on kid’s classes and camps. Discover the best martial arts school in Phoenix for children!