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The Most Powerful Weapon – A Conditioned Mind

September 2, 2012

Mindset, Mindset, Mindset
The difference between humans and the other creatures of this planet is the brain. Our highly creative and powerful minds have helped us adapt, innovate and solve problems to become the dominant species on the planet. While we may still be outnumbered by insects, it is the human mind that has allowed us to decode the human genome, create the microchip, and set foot on the moon.  It is this ability to dream, solve problems and creatively use tools that make tools that significantly separates us from the rest of the creatures on the planet.  Wouldn’t it make sense to emphasize the training of one’s mind?

This mindset is useful for:

  • Law enforcement
  • Military
  • Corrections
  • Security
  • Self Defense & Personal Protection

Convert Your “What If”  scenarios to “When then” scenarios

Create suspects out of what is in your environment.  Transform your thinking from “What if…” or “What then…” to a more empowering and specific way of thinking and planning by saying “WHEN this happens, THEN I will…”

This mindset is much more pro-active and action oriented.  It is specific enough to transform from the emotional centers of the brain into the functional problem solving areas.

This line of mindset questioning will assist you in gaining internal traction that translates to external action.  You are better able to identify evacuation routes, exits, weapons of opportunity, environmental factors, barriers, distracters, force multipliers, cover, and targets.  What strengths and assets can you use and what vulnerabilities can you exploit? You can weaponize accordingly and reduce your response, and therefore exposure time.  What is your best option for gaining a tactical position of advantage?

Use these mental conditioning skills and pass them on to team, family and friends.  These steps go a long way in helping you become a harder target.

Train the brain.