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Arizona Taekwondo Instructor and Students To Compete in Korea

July 9, 2011

USA Martial Arts owner and instructor John Nottingham and two students will compete in Korea this summer. Nottingham and his Black Belt students Steve Moore and Jessica Wharton will test their skills in the world’s largest Black Belt competition.

These three Taekwondo students from Phoenix Arizona will be representatives of a 30 member USA Team. They will compete with teams from all over the world at Korea’s World Taekwondo Federation Kukkiwon Hanmadang.

Events include precision team forms, specialty demonstrations, breaking granite, roofing tiles and boards as well as performance self defense.

The USA Team is headed by demonstration team coach Grandmaster Richard Na of Washington. In this competition, not only do the Masters coach, they also compete in the televised event.

The Arizona Taekwondo team is currently seeking sponsorship and donation to defer some of the costs of training and competing.

For more information or to make a donation contact:
USA Martial Arts Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone 602-896-8721