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Instantly Build Your Kids Confidence

November 15, 2010

Awarded BEST OF PHOENIX 2010

Citizenship, Character and Life Lessons From Martial Arts Masters Series

Over the 20 plus years of teaching martial arts, parents have often commented how amazed they are at the transformation in confidence they see in their child. Sometimes it happens quickly and other times it takes a bit longer. Without a doubt martial arts has proven itself as one of the best ways to build a child’s self esteem.

Secrets To Building Self Confidence The USA Martial Arts Way
The next strategy that can make an instant change in your child’s confidence is eye contact.


Have your child practice making and maintaining eye contact upon meeting others. Encourage them to maintain eye contact when someone is asking them a question. Eye contact communicates confidence and self assuredness.

Eye contact like we teach at USA Martial arts says to others that you have inner strength. As children practice using more eye contact, they begin to feel a sense of empowerment. Children begin to see positive response in others and how they are treated. This reinforces their innate value and builds a sense of self worth.

It is important to practice it as well. Good social skills and habits are like muscles – the more you you exercise them, the stronger they become. Have your child role play a polite greeting with eye contact.

You can also try martial arts lessons where these habits are encouraged and reinforced on a regular basis.

Karate Kids Introductory Course – No Obligation

USA Martial Arts Phoenix
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ATTENTION: PARENTS Discover The Secrets To Stopping The School or Playground Bully From Stealing Your Child’s Confidence and Self-Esteem Forever?

June 6, 2010

Anti-Bullying Workshop


Discover The Secrets To Stopping The School or Playground Bully From Stealing Your Child’s Confidence and Self-Esteem Forever?

FREE Class Offered By USA Martial Arts Reveals How To “Bully-Proof” Your Child!

ALL PARENTS- A New class being offered to the community totally FREE by The Break the Chain Foundation and USA Martial Arts in PV-Scottsdale-Phoenix can save your child from the lifelong affects of bullying. Bullying has and will continue to erode the self esteem of millions of young victims.. Bullying is linked by the CDC to isolation, drug abuse, school violence and suicide. But, YOUR child doesn’t have to be just another statistic! It’s tough for both Parents and Teachers to deal with bullying and most kids are forced to deal with it on their own. The problem is they’ve not been trained!

Do you remember seeing kids get bullied?
Did it happen to you when you were a kid? How did it make you feel?
Do you remember the names of the bullies when you were a kid? This Special FREE Class Will Reveal…

How To Easily Spot and Read The Bully.
How To Defeat The Bully WITHOUT Violence.
The Secret Word That Always Stops The Bully In His Tracks
The Little Known Strategies For Dealing With Mental Bullying
Much Much More
Date: Call for details
Time: Call for Details
At: USA Martial Arts, Tatum & Greenway
(4757 E. Greenway Road, Suite #107A, Phoenix, Arizona 85032, by Albertsons on the Chase bank side)

This Class is FREE for all Arizona PV-Scottsdale-Phoenix Children, But Space is Limited! You Must Register in Advance! Call: 602.896.8721 to Reserve Your Space Now! Don’t Wait! Your Child’s Self-Esteem is Too Valuable!

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Why do PV moms and dads bring their children to USA Martial Arts?

March 18, 2010
Self Esteem Specialists!

PV USA Martial Arts | Self Esteem Specialists!

Why do moms and dads bring their children to USA Martial Arts?

Why do moms and dads bring their children to USA Martial Arts?
Four main reasons…

1 Concentration & Focus

2 Self Discipline

3 Self Confidence

4 Self Defense


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Our Paradise Valley Karate for Kids Program

>> Over the past 25 years, USA Martial Arts has helped thousands of children increase their CONCENTRATION/FOCUS, SELF DISCIPLINE and overall SELF CONFIDENCE while teaching them how to defend themselves.

>> USA MARTIAL ARTS CLASSES are taught in a SAFE, FUN and EXCITING environment.

>> We begin by teaching SELF DISCIPLINE, OR WHAT WE CALL NON-QUITTING SPIRIT. Discipline helps children achieve and ACHIEVEMENT develops CONFIDENCE.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old does my child have to be to start?
Children start from 3 years of age and up. Our classes are divided by age group:
3-7 yrs: Tiny Tigers
8-12 yrs: Taekwondo Karate Kids
Teens: XMA EXtreme Martial Arts

Q: Will my child become more aggressive?
A: No. Children who learn self defense become less aggressive and more assertive. Studies have shown that children who learn self defense carry themselves in a more confident manner and are less likely to get into confrontation.

Here’s what people are saying about our children’s program…

“USA Martial Arts is the best thing we’ve ever done for our boys.” -Dr. Tim Lukavsky
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