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How One Phoenix Martial Arts School Develops Character and Confidence in Children

June 20, 2010

USA Martial Arts students learn a unique character development and leadership program that gives children an edge in school and life. How?

1. Personal responsibility
It starts with learning that everything in a martial arts school is earned through merit. Each student wears a plain white uniform and starts at white belt as a sign of humility and equality. For safety and to create a learning environment, the ego must get checked at the door. It is not a fashion show or popularity contest. One earns respect through sweat equity, character and excellence. In our traditional structure, one cannot buy advancement or favor with an instructor and must earn every belt, stripe and recognition through behavior, hard work, character and discipline. Each student is responsible for being on time, in a clean uniform, and accountable for actions.
In martial arts, once you are properly taught, you cannot blame someone for your responsibilities. In our Academy you are promoted on merit and held back for more training if you need the time to improve. This is all accomplished in a gentle way without drill sergeant mentality or boot camp attitudes. Our actions are always in the best interest of the student and his or her safety. Our Instructors use influence rather than authority to encourage students to make positive choices.

2. Self-Discipline
Students are responsible for coming to class – even on days when they do not feel like it. This is the most important day to attend because it builds self-discipline. Martial arts teaches good old-fashioned stick-to-itiveness. Students quickly learn that discipline is like a muscle and the more it is exercised, the stronger it gets. It also adds up to great achievements, personal victories and joy in life. Quickly it transcends the martial arts school and permeates into all areas of life such as school or work. Students learn to persevere, finish what they start, and work towards worthwhile accomplishments. Most of the time students can’t wait to get to class because they love to be in such a positive, fun environment.

3. Goal setting
Our students learn the value of goal setting and working patiently and diligently toward their goals. “The goals we set are the goals we get!” The proven color belt (Kyu/Keub) and degree (Dan) rank system give students clearly established goals and recognition for achievement.
From fitness, weight loss, improved grades, to self-defense or even developing inner-strength, the belt system provides short-term goals that add up to long-term achievements like Black Belt and legendary self-defense capability. This is powerful for children as they learn to visualize their dreams and through hard work and small steps that they can achieve great things like education.
Instructors mentor students to help bring out their best, even if it means telling them the harsh truth by giving honest feedback. Accurate feedback is the breakfast of champions but our instructors are always encouraging and constructive.

4. Patriotism and Citizenship
Our students learn that the freedoms and liberties we enjoy are paid for by the heroes before us. At the start and end of each class, students are immersed in a respect culture that honors the country that allows us the privilege of practicing martial arts. At each major event, all students and guests recite the pledge of allegiance and we take time to honor those who have served. These things instill a sense of patriotism in each student. USA Martial Arts students have also been involved in numerous fund-raisers for fallen soldiers and Police officers. At advanced levels, students also learn forms (patterns) with accompanying lessons that pay tribute to American Patriots. Not only are they learning history, but they learn to appreciate an American heritage. Students learn the rewards of contributing to their community and the virtue of service above self. This also gives them a sense of contribution, pride and belonging.

5. Leadership
Students are immersed in a leadership culture. From the belt rank hierarchy of earning senior positions through time, merit and knowledge, students find that leadership in in USA Martial Arts must be by example. One of our favorite sayings is, “Who you are speaks so loudly, nobody can hear a word you’re saying.” Our leadership life skills program explicitly and implicitly equip students for achievement at any level from student government to corporate america and international business. We believe that our leadership program is one of the reasons why so many of our students have earned scholarships and been accepted to prestigious universities.

6. Manners
“Who is an honorable person? One who honors.”
Our students are taught that respect is earned through manners. From the moment a student walks in they are imbued with our honor code. From eye contact, a firm handshake, to bowing and word choice, students are encouraged to be courteous and conscientious. Everywhere USA Martial Arts students have traveled [including China, Korea and others] and trained we hear how impressed people are with our students manners. It has opened many doors and opportunities to our students as well as been a mark of class and distinction. Good manners and observing etiquette are a mark of distinction and class which indicate a level of wisdom and education.

7. Culture
Students learn culture and history from experiencing it first hand and being exposed to different facets of life in other places. This gives our students a firm foundation in education as well as incentive evaluate our own place in the world and appreciating the remarkable variety throughout the world. USA Martial Arts students also have the opportunity for cultural exchange like when the Korean Eagle Demo Team comes to the USA and our students can have them come to their home as a host family. Lifelong friendships are formed and it enriches the quality of life.

8. Language
From Korean, Chinese, Japanese to latin, USA Martial Arts students have a clear edge in their martial arts education. Some of our four year olds have amazed their teachers and fellow students at school by being able to count to 10 in three languages or greet students from other countries.

9. Self defense
We are proud to teach a traditional martial arts curriculum. However, our self-defense system is cutting edge and constantly updated to meet the needs of present day threats and dangers. One of the unique aspects of our self-defense curriculum is that it is developed by a bodyguard, security and law enforcement trainer. Our practical reality based protection is highly effective on the streets for the average person and works under stress when there are no rules. From learning to see trouble in advance and avoiding it, to learning to control situations with physical intervention tactics, students learn how dominate hostile situations and protect themselves and others. Plus, nothing beats a bully like a Black Belt with inner strength, confidence and the ability to protect themselves and others.

10. How to handle stress, fear and develop self-control.
Students at USA Martial Arts have an outlet to reduce stress and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Rather than jumping on the latest fad yo-yo diets, Martial Arts students make healthy eating and activity a part of their lifestyle. It’s not only healthier for the heart – it’s lots of fun.

USA Martial Arts students learn these lessons through our traditional martial arts program along with modern, reality-based self-defense applications.
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