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The Down and Dirty Truth About USA Martial Arts

May 8, 2010

The Down and Dirty Truth about USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley Scottsdale

Yet another Karate school opens in a shopping center in Arizona. The latest is located at Tatum and Greenway roads in PV on on the Scottsdale/Phoenix boarder in the Albertson’s Center. While they have an impressive website, is it all it’s cracked up to be? You decide.

Here’s a fact sheet on USA Martial Arts:

o In Arizona since 1992. This is the latest location. Other locations included Mesa, Chandler, Ahwatukee, Gilbert, Peoria and Glendale.
o Required background checks on all instructors.
o Required instructor training of over 500 hours.
o Do not allow kids to teach classes
o Require instructors to pass regular PT tests
o Require First Aid Certification including AED and pediatric
o Require instructors to lead by example (and have thrown out instructors who refuse to live up to the standards – some of whom have schools in the area)

No appeasing the weak for the sake of a dollar here:

o Require push ups
o Require breaking boards for belt rank advancement
o Have a Master conduct all belt testing at a separate event
o Require cleanliness, modesty and ban foul language or bad attitudes
o Dismiss students who might misuse what they learn
o Fail students who do not make requirements of the set curriculum
o Do not allow 6 year olds to demand being called Mr. or Mrs. or promoted to an adult Dan grade title of Black Belt. Instead children have their own ranking system and can earn a Junior Black Belt but are always required to respect adults.
o Require students to actually be able to defend themselves in order to be promoted to Black Belt.

You can see all of this in person and by speaking to the parents and students. USA Martial Arts offers an open door policy to watch or try any class free without obligation or binding contract. The instructors encourage visitors to do background checks on them and visit other schools. The advertising also guarantees 100% satisfaction or money back.

So for some, this old school approach to earning rank and having discipline may seem too harsh. For others, it might be just the right place for their children to train. The best way to find out is to stop by and meet the instructors and try it.

You decide.

You can investigate them online and check out their website claims here: