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How to Stay Safe in Abusive Relationships and How To Create a Safety Plan

April 19, 2010
Best Selling Author of THE GIFT OF FEAR

Best Selling Author of THE GIFT OF FEAR

My teacher Gavin de Becker appeared on OPRAH recently sharing life saving advice. I cannot offer a higher recommendation for this advice.

“Stay Alive” Expert and Best Selling Author of THE GIFT OF FEAR Gavin de Becker Unveils the New Tool to Keep You Safe

How do you stay safe if your abusive ex has partial custody of the kids? Gavin de Becker’s advice on how to create a safety plan

Gavin de Becker has saved countless lives. Now, he reveals the cutting-edge test that might save you or someone you love.

Teri’s Story
Her ex-husband beat her, stuffed her in a garbage can and left her for dead. Why Gavin de Becker wants you to hear her story.

It’s the online assessment that could save your life. Take Gavin de Becker’s free and anonymous test today.

Protect Your Family
How do you stay safe if your abusive ex has partial custody of the kids? Gavin de Becker on how to create a safety plan.

The Gift of Fear
Gavin’s empowering book shows you how to spot subtle signs of danger before it’s too late

Relationship Red Flags
Bruises aren’t the only sign of a violent relationship. The four red flags Gavin says too many women overlook.

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

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