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How to Get a Security Guard Job in Arizona. Seven Tips To Get Hired Fast.

May 29, 2010

Here are some tips to get a job in Security.

As an owner of a DPS Licensed Security Agency in Arizona and an AZ guard card trainer for other agencies, I have a unique perspective on security job hiring. I see numerous applicants every day hoping to get work in the security industry.

Most are seeking something temporary due to a recent job loss or their goal is to eventually transition to other law enforcement agency like Police, Corrections, Border Patrol or the Sheriffs Office (MCSO in my area). Others are working their way up the ladder to Executive Protection [EP], PI, FBI, or other related goals. Some are simply seeking a way to supplement their incomes.

No matter what your situation, these tips will help you get a position and perhaps advance faster to higher pay.

So you’ve searched,, and Now what?

Here are some quick tips to get the edge and get hired quickly.

Security Guards are in High Demand

Get Hired as a Guard

1. Know before you go. Do some research on the company and be prepared to position your skills to fit their needs. A Google search, website screening, phone call and asking some employees goes a long way. Most of the applicants I meet are clueless as to the Security Agencies mission, target client, management or needs.

Knowing about the security firm you wish to work at and it’s key management leaders is a big advantage.

Recently, a young man approached our counter and asked if we were hiring. I asked what he knew about the security company. He replied in street lingo, “Basitly, not much. I just need a job bro.” Not exactly the best first impression.

2. Prepare your documentation. AZ requires a DPS Guard Card [see step 7]. Prepare your resume’ or curriculum vitae (CV) so that it can be sent electronically [via email or fax] or hand carried and presents a professional image.

Most agencies will also require an extensive application along with your background check.

Sometimes you can use a bio on their website as a model for how they like to see things. If you are former LEO or Military, be prepared to provide that documentation [DD-214] as well. Some security companies require at least 2 years experience in LE or Military while others do not.

An important part of security is communications. A security guard might have to testify in court or his statement/report be used in an investigation. Make sure you take the time to read directions, communicate clearly, check spelling, write legibly and pay attention to detail. These are indications of your education, communication and report writing skills.

3. Integrity matters. Tell the truth. You can put things in a positive light but be cautious not to embellish. This might lead to suspicion about your trustworthiness.

“Don’t write a check with your mouth that your butt can’t cash.”

One day we had a young man present himself like he was God’s gift to us. He gushed about his extensive military background and EP (Executive Protection Security) experience. I thought we would need to get a DNA test done because this guy might be related to Rambo himself! The only problem was that he was full of it and I caught him in a lie as he exaggerated and overstated his abilities. I knew the guys he claimed to work with. Security is a small world. Word gets around. Just be honest and open to learn. None of us are perfect so just be your best “you”. Professional agencies will always verify your claims.

The less like REX the better for Security

4. Confident is not cocky. Confidence is projected in your eye contact, firm handshake, posture, and choice of words and attire. Being cocky is a sign of insecurity and arrogance. A professional security guard is a polite, customer service oriented, positive person and worthy of trust. Furthermore, he or she needs to demonstrate a willingness to learn, not a “know-it-all” attitude.

5. Dress for success and make a positive impression. Dress professionally for the job you want and get there at least 15 minutes early. Pay attention to grooming. Remember that Guard Security is usually a high-profile position in the public eye. You will mostly likely be representing the client so a professional appearance is important. Consider also that most people in supervisory and hiring roles will be former military and favor more military-style grooming standards. It may also be a more corporate oriented agency.

Getting to the interview early and dressed professionally indicates that you are more likely accountable, trustworthy, organized and respectful.

If you roll in looking like an 80s metal hair band wanna-be or a couch potato video game, haven’t-showered-in-3-days kid, you aren’t likely to be taken seriously. Sagging hip hop pants and worn skater shoes are not the best choice. Self respect, judgment and discipline are reflected in outward appearance and grooming.

6. Don’t look down on Security Guards. Check your attitude. Security Guards serve a critical role in Homeland Security as they eyes and ears of law enforcement on the front lines. From fighting terror, keeping families and children safe to being responsible for millions in assets, SECURITY is an important profession worthy of respect. If you treat it as a joke or less than what it is, your chances for getting hired in the security field diminish significantly.

If you think jelly-donut-eating, out of shape, insecure Paul Blart Mall Cop represents security, you need to get educated and reshape your perspective before applying. Replace the Barney Fife notion so you don’t talk down about the profession or let that show at an interview.

Security Guard Stereotype

Sadly, these types of “guards” do exist and we have all seen it. However, it is not representative of security at every level.

Remember that it was a security manager who was the hero of 9-11. Because of his evacuation drills, thousands of lives were saved.

Some Bodyguards Got Started in Guard Security

Private security is encompasses the executive protection [Bodyguard] profession who can earn upwards of $1,500 per day. Many in security are decorated military and war veterans and/or former law enforcement.

As with any industry, there are the good and bad. Choose to be part of the good. Get training, act professionally and conduct yourself with self-discipline and integrity.

7. Education is power. Your training and experience is critical. This is not an area to be cheap just to save a few bucks.

Good training is worth its weight in gold and just might save your life.

Every security professional knows the value of good training and education. This is one of the most important areas I look for in employees. It reveals attitude, perseverance, willingness to learn, the ability to follow directions, pay attention to detail and complete goals. Education and training are the keys to increasing your value, therefore pay, and potential for advancement in the security industry. Industry organizations such as ASIS are great resources for training.

Success leaves clues- education and training are big ones.

Professional Training Leads to Professional Advancement

Choose the best security guard card training you can find. Who you trained with weighs heavily on whether or not you will get the job as a security guard.

Sometimes security training companies will offer you a job if you do well enough in their guard card training course. So think of it as a job interview – because it is!

Some companies like ours might offer you a reference or letter of recommendation for placement.

No matter what your career goals in security you are wise to choose such a growing field. Well trained and experienced Security Professionals futures are very bright indeed. Even if you do not choose our company for training, do yourself a favor and choose wisely.

Best wishes and stay alert, safe and strong. In the end, we are all on the same team.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. In times of transition and uncertainty it’s nice to have help in your corner.

John D. Nottingham, PI, EPS
Owner Nottingham Sword & Shield Security

Member ASIS

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Nottingham Tactical Security Guard Training Classes offer Armed Guard Training and much more.

Arizona Armed Guard Training – AZ DPS Armed Guard Card Class – Phoenix Armed Guard School – AZ Armed Security Guard Training Class.

Arizona Department of Public Safety Security Guard Licensing Unit and Security Guard Card Requirements

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Arizona Security Guard Training School

May 26, 2010

Arizona Security Guard Training School
NTS TACTICAL/Nottingham Sword & Shield Security- the most respected and unconventional Arizona Security Guard training school for DPS licensing certificate.

Questions and Answer Guide on how to get your AZ Guard Card fast.

Q. How old must I be to receive my AZ Armed Guard Card?
A. 18 years of age

Q. Where is the Guard Card training held?
A. NTS Tactical 4731 E. Greenway Suite 10, Phoenix AZ 85032 Tel.602.896.8721

Q. Who can I contact for Security Guard Training Questions?
A. Office: Tel.602.896.8721

Q. How long is my Armed Guard Card good for?
A. 2 years with no grace period

Q. How long is the Unarmed Security Guard Class?
A. The course is 8 hours in length.

Q. How long is the Armed Security Guard Card Class?
A. The course is 16 hours in length.

Q. Can I renew my Armed Security Guard Card in Arizona?
A. Yes, NTS Tactical Security Guard Training Classes offer Armed Guard Training and much more.

Arizona Armed Guard Training – AZ DPS Armed Guard Card Class – Phoenix Armed Guard School – AZ Armed Security Guard Training Class.

Arizona Department of Public Safety Security Guard Licensing Unit and Security Guard Card Requirements

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Nottingham Sword and Shield Security
Arizona Security Guard training school for DPS licensing certificate.