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School Shooting in Ohio Kills One Student and Wounds Four Others

February 28, 2012

How To Survive a School Shooting

A school shooting in an Ohio cafeteria grabs headlines once again and American’s celebrate the drama of victim-hood. I say that with a sense of frustration as a professional protector, knowing that we as a community have options, and yet refuse to exercise them. After Columbine, we Americans spend millions to install more cameras in schools. The emotional placebos amaze me.

I had to painstakingly study the horrific incident of Columbine frame by frame at bodyguard school. The worst high school shooting in recent US history had cameras and, while it was a powerful tool for education, cameras did nothing to stop the attacks. Why is it that we continue to deny reality and increase security theater? Ohio School Shooting

What Can We Do About School Shootings?
The greatest step we can take towards our personal security is to recognize that life has risks and accept the reality of violence as part of the human condition. With this acceptance can come the training and preparation to study, prevent, and thwart attacks. This is being accomplished successfully by professional protectors right now. While we absolutely must continue to improve, we have effective options that can be implemented now. Closing our eyes to deny violence or randomly throwing money at problems won’t make them go away anymore than they make the boogeyman go away when we are three years old.


“The deadliest school shooting in the United States was the 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech University that left 33 people dead. The worst high school shooting was the 1999 attack at Columbine High School in Colorado that killed 12 students and a teacher.”

Focus On The Facts of Success and What Works
Rather than focus on the terror of school shootings and the victim-hood pathology, I suggest we remember the heroic success stories. In each situation there were individuals who escaped and/or saved other students lives.

You Don’t Have To Give Up and Be a Victim
A bit of research will show that in almost every situation, the school shooters were thwarted once they were resisted – even by untrained individuals. You will find success stories of students and teachers who escaped or even disarmed attackers.

Are We Serious About School Shootings?
It’s time we take a serious look at our attitudes towards self defense and the responsibility of living in a world with violence. When we turn our grief and outrage into positive action, not just emotional placebos, we are on the path to addressing personal security. I recommend we start by reading “The Gift of Fear” by my mentor Gavin de Becker.

Take heart and have hope. You have options if you only choose to learn about them. The world is a dangerous place, but you can learn to live with courage and options to handle violence. You can also teach your children to do the same.