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The Highest Expression of Martial Arts

August 30, 2010

Much More Than Kicking and Punching

It is often said that the purpose of martial arts is for self-defense, and not injuring one’s opponent is the highest expression of the art. I submit that the highest expression of an art is to avoid the conflict altogether by being an agent of peace.

With today’s image of martial arts being so influenced by media giants such MMA [Mixed Martial Arts] events as the UFC. The UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championships demonstrates one facet of the martial arts but does little to promote any of the virtues beyond the physical techniques of full contact sport fighting.

While MMA has much to offer in the way of conditioning, testing techniques and challenging competitors to improve, it shows little of the amazing benefits of a healthy, balanced martial arts lifestyle. Furthermore, it does not reflect the humanity of classical martial arts in teaching the lessons of peace.

Martial Arts is as diverse as the cultures of the world. Carrying with it ancient wisdom and cultural heritage passed down through generations, martial arts can offer a brilliant education. Furthermore, the average Joe can improve fitness and health, make positive friendships, build confidence, and learn to avoid fighting and potential attacks. Plus, should the need arise, martial arts is a prove way to thwart an attack and provide a means of self defense for men, women and children of all ages.

The battle avoided cannot be lost. – Sun Tzu

USA Martial Arts students have the added benefit of our conflict resolution and advanced threat assessment training. From Verbal Judo to our danger recognition training, students are equipped to avoid or change situations to resolve, de-escalate or remove themselves from potentially dangerous encounters.

At USA Martial Arts, students are taught to be peace-makers and only use their physical skills as a last resort. The greatest victory is to not have to fight at all and make the world a better place. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of empathy, compassion and a gesture of friendly kindness.

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