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Why do PV moms and dads bring their children to USA Martial Arts?

March 18, 2010
Self Esteem Specialists!

PV USA Martial Arts | Self Esteem Specialists!

Why do moms and dads bring their children to USA Martial Arts?

Why do moms and dads bring their children to USA Martial Arts?
Four main reasons…

1 Concentration & Focus

2 Self Discipline

3 Self Confidence

4 Self Defense


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Our Paradise Valley Karate for Kids Program

>> Over the past 25 years, USA Martial Arts has helped thousands of children increase their CONCENTRATION/FOCUS, SELF DISCIPLINE and overall SELF CONFIDENCE while teaching them how to defend themselves.

>> USA MARTIAL ARTS CLASSES are taught in a SAFE, FUN and EXCITING environment.

>> We begin by teaching SELF DISCIPLINE, OR WHAT WE CALL NON-QUITTING SPIRIT. Discipline helps children achieve and ACHIEVEMENT develops CONFIDENCE.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old does my child have to be to start?
Children start from 3 years of age and up. Our classes are divided by age group:
3-7 yrs: Tiny Tigers
8-12 yrs: Taekwondo Karate Kids
Teens: XMA EXtreme Martial Arts

Q: Will my child become more aggressive?
A: No. Children who learn self defense become less aggressive and more assertive. Studies have shown that children who learn self defense carry themselves in a more confident manner and are less likely to get into confrontation.

Here’s what people are saying about our children’s program…

“USA Martial Arts is the best thing we’ve ever done for our boys.” -Dr. Tim Lukavsky
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KARATE FOR KIDS, A self-confidence others won’t mess with

March 16, 2010

A self-confidence others won’t mess with

Kids Martial Arts classes at USA Martial Arts Karate dojo

“Hiyaa!” yells nine year old Kyle as he kicks and punches towards his partner.

But much to the relief of the mothers watching from the sidelines at USA Martial Arts karate dojo in Paradise Valley Phoenix Arizona, nobody gets hurt. Taught to move and practice in accordance with the strict rules of karate, the children in Master Nottingham’s class have learned the self-discipline to punch and kick without causing injury.

While he emphasizes that karate cannot substitute for the values and self-confidence that parents ought to be imparting at home, Nottingham, a sixth-degree blackbelt and founder of the USA Martial Arts and Nottingham Sword & Shield Security, points out that acquiring this kind of self-discipline can help children to grow and develop both physically and mentally.

“Parents have to teach values,” Nottingham explains. “But there is something called ‘karate confidence’ that comes from discipline, and these are the things we teach. Karate demands truth, courage, sincerity, perseverance, justice and concentration. If the children become involved in our confidence building martial arts school, it positively influences them for a lifetime. We equip children to have the ability and inner-strength to back up the values that parents teach at home.

“Many kinds of children come to study karate. Some are angry and violent. Some are fearful or shy. Some are physically weak or overweight. All became stronger and more healthy through our martial arts program. We make good kids even better.”

At Nottingham’s Paradise Valley Martial Arts dojo on a typical evening, boys and girls as young as 3 join in the training. “Each person is different and our instructors look for ways to bring out their gifts and develop talents while encouraging good attitude, character and making it fun,” says Nottingham.

Children begin with a personal development message like responsibility, then warm-ups, and leg stretches. Nottingham stands at the head of the class, performing kicks and punches that inspire awe in the kids. By the end of the class, boys and girls are paired off by size, their pint-size bodies rushing with adrenaline as they smile, punch, and kick with astounding confidence.

“Children are different than adults, having a shorter attention span and learn differently,” says Nottingham. “It’s a matter finding creative and fun ways to teach integrity, self control and concentration. We call it edutainment.”

“I don’t just want to teach them technique,” he notes, “I want to teach them how to excel in any endeavor, believe in themselves as leaders and develop healthy, safer habits. Our program teaches goal setting and instills self discipline in an encouraging manner. This is why so many of our children are so often are recruited by sports coaches and go on to receive scholarships for University.”

Today more than 40 million people worldwide practice martial art, for health and exercise, but it retains its edge. Karate Confidence, USA Martial Arts instructors teach, is the best way to avoid a confrontation.

USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley new school Confidence Karate Class for children has convenient schedules even for the busiest families from Monday through Saturday at the Tatum and Greenway location. For more information, call 602.896.8721 or visit