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The Truth About John Nottingham’s Tactical Training in Arizona

September 20, 2010

John, (John Nottingham was at the time contracted with HELIX Tactical/Arizona Security Professionals)

Just a quick note, to thank you, and all of the cadre and staff, at AZ Security Professionals, for yesterday’s unarmed security guard training certification class. It was a fun, enjoyable and highly instructive session, which very much surpassed my expectations.

Having been in the Arizona Security business for over twenty years now, as a client receiving contract guard services, and as an employee of a contract Security company, I’ve seen a great deal of sub-par training and operations. ASP is definitely the cream of the crop, and I was so impressed, with everything I saw.

More to the point, your training style, broad knowledge, of a wide range of topics, and delivery is exceptional, and it was crystal clear, that you are a true professional and gentleman, with a tremendous amount of zeal, for your job and chosen profession. Thank you again, John, continued good luck to you, sir, and maybe our paths will cross again. Take care.

Steve Cantor

To Jim Harter
From R. Summers
I just wanted to thank you and your other instructors for an awesome class. I thought I would be bored and this would be a normal training session to get my guard card. I want to be the first to tell how wrong I was about that assumption. The instructors took a lot of time with everyone in the class to make sure we left with more then a piece of paper. I would recommend you to anyone seeking professional training.
Thank you!
R. Summers

11 August, 2010
Dear Jim Harter,
I just wanted to tell you that you guys saved my life. When I left class taught by your instructors, it changed my life. I even changed my diet. I am now better aware of how things can go wrong very quickly and now possess the skills to do something about it, while using what I was taught. If you guys needed a cheerleader, I would be your 300lb cheerleader. I loved it…loved it. I thought I was a bad ass, until you all proved me wrong and showed me what I did not know. WOW…WOW”
Thank you,
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