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School Survival Bully Buster -How To Stop Bullying- Free Training

September 30, 2011

AZ-Bullying Prevention USA Martial Arts Phoenix Arizona

School Survival Bully Busters Workshop
How To Stop Bullying
September 29, 2011 | Kids and Teens |

How to defeat the bully without fighting workshop. October is Bullying Prevention month. Each year more and more children fear going to school because of the school yard bully. USA Martial Arts Phoenix and Nottingham Sword and Shield Security have sponsored the Arizona Bullying Prevention Project to help Phoenix Kids learn peaceful ways of handling bullying…

Bully Proofing Arizona Children
Cyber Bullying | School Yard Bully
Bully Busters Bully Prevention Project
Bully Proofing Arizona

Is your child being bullied? Every year more and more children are dreading going back to school. Research shows as many as 96% of children will encounter bullying.

o 46% will drop their grade point average and get low grades due to bullying.
o Bullying can negatively damage self esteem
o Cyber-Bullying is on the rise and is preventable

Bullying Facts:
Research indicates that bullies choose their targets based on perceived vulnerability. Bullies first choice of who to pick on are usually those who are different or don’t fit in. It could be based on appearance, behavior or just because a child acts different, is quiet or withdrawn. Bullies often choose children who look week or have low self esteem.

Each year USA Martial Arts Phoenix offers our Phoenix Arizona community its Bully Prevention Workshop. I would like to invite you and your children to a free workshop at 4731 E. Greenway Road Suite 9 Phoenix Arizona 85032 (Tatum & Greenway).
Our How to Prevent Bullying workshops are absolutely free – no catch, sales pitch or uncomfortable twist. All we need is for you to email us at to reserve your spot. We will have two age appropriate workshops one for elementary age students and one for middle school and high school students.

The Workshops will be held througout October and are free to all who register.

The Elementary School Anti-Bullying Workshop will educate both the parent and children on the basics of dealing with a bully. For a child to attend the workshop a parent must also attend. A free 5 step guide on How To Handle a Bully will be provided compliments of our sponsors.

Our mission at USA Martial Arts and Self Defense is to ensure that every child has the right to feel safe and develop to their full potential. We are the Phoenix, Scottsdale, PV community’s leader in Bullying Prevention training. I’m the only instructor in Phoenix fully certified as a 6th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor, PI, Close Protection Specialist and owner of a Security Bodyguard training company. My background includes being an Eagle Scout and a USAR Airborne veteran. My staff and I have trained over 10,000 students in the last 26 years.

All the motivation that a child needs to succeed in school, sports, and any endeavor in life, comes from a child’s confidence and self-esteem. A bad bullying experience can rob a child of those very important traits that can have a lasting negative impact on the rest of their life. As parents we must provide our children with the tools they will need to succeed in school and life.

If your child is being bullied or if he/she is a bully this workshop is for you. Contact us today at to register your child for this workshop that could change their lives in a positive way.
Questions about “Bully Proof”:

Bully Proofing Arizona Kids

March 13, 2011

Bully Proofing Arizona Kids

Is it a wise choice to teach your kid how to stand up to bullying? Would your child know what to do if a bullying kid targets them and won’t stop?

Some Phoenix Arizona parents are turning to a new kind of program called Bully Proof Kids by a Bodyguard trainer.

An innovative program named “Bully Proof Kids” trains kids how to effectively stop bullying using a 5 step conflict resolution approach “the 3 shields- bully proof vest”. It’s not your typical course of just talking, walking or throwing a martial arts kick.

The course, teaches 5 steps on How To Handle a Bully and begins with the 4 D’s: Detect, Deter, Diffuse, then, as the last resort, and only when attacked, Defend yourself from harm with appropriate force. The course teaches children that “nobody has the right to hurt them.”

The techniques are force appropriate, enabling children to defend and escape to safety. We don’t teach them to wait until rescue because it might not come. We do not teach them to be a punching bag so they won’t get suspended from school. There are times when self defense is required. The key is teaching children when those times are.

Physically subdueing a bully is the absolute last resort.

The program’s objective is to provide children the social skills, self-confidence and the physical options for self-defense. The instruction, and the advice is age appropriate.

“Children learn how to respond, rather than react to various types of bullying behaviors including social bullying, emotional bullying, cyber bullying as well as physical bullying.”, states The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative founder John Nottingham, a security self defense specialist and bodyguard trainer.

Schools Have Criticized These Methods

“Some school officials with so called, “zero tolerance” policies may object to our approach. But none of those have actually seen what we do. We train teachers and understand their concern about liability but our primary focus is on the safety of children. Other schools praise our efforts. We believe a suspended child is better than an abused one. The difference is simply one of education. Our approach was developed by teams of expert protectors from the fields of psychology, sociology, security and self defense. Denial is not an effective self defense strategy.”

Nottingham, a 6th Degree Black Belt Master and owner of USA Martial Arts Phoenix says that there are some really bad ideas out there right now and he and his team see it as their responsibility to educate parents and teachers before they inadvertently harm more children. This bully prevention training offers a different option, an unconventional approach with a track record of helping thousands of children successfully deal with bullying and protect themselves.

For more information, Nottingham and his team can be contacted at 602-896-8721

The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative
The AZ Bullying Prevention Project
“Victim and Bully Proofing Arizona’s Kids!”
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