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Children’s Martial Arts Fitness Programs & Camps

March 21, 2010

Kicking Up Some Fun at USA Martial Arts Karate for Kids

Tiny Tigers, Dragons and Ninjas
Our pre-school program is designed to develop children’s self esteem, coordination and ability to follow directions. These skills give children an advantage in their ability to learn in school and life.

Little Tigers Kids Martial Arts
Our Little TIGERS program is designed specifically for children ages 5-6. The curriculum is designed to establish a good foundation for a continued education in the martial arts, as well as helping to shape children into healthy, positively minded young people. The classes are energetic with fast paced activities designed to keep children interested and engaged throughout the entire class.

The program uses games, teamwork drills, and instructor lead activities to introduce fundamental self-defense techniques and develop coordination and flexibility. Children are required to work with partners and in teams toward common goals, teaching them how to share and act responsibly within a group. Students are also introduced to some of the basic value and principals of the martial arts such as respect, responsibility, and self-discipline.

If the USA Martial Arts Children’s program seems right for you, we welcome you to participate in our trial program. The trial program allows children to try a few classes before enrolling. To ensure a smooth and comfortable transition into the group class, the first lesson will be with one of our certified instructors where your child will be introduced to the basic techniques used in class. At that point, they’ll be ready to participate in a beginner group class. You’ll be amazed how much they learn in only a few classes!

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