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Wanting To Be a Super Hero But Feel Like a Zero – Lessons From BullyProof Vest

March 29, 2017

You feel invisible, helpless or lost in a crowd.  Sometimes you wonder if you will ever be respected, liked and appreciated for the person you are.

Being bullied or feeling left out just stinks.  But it’s OK because I’m going to share some simple steps with you that can change things.

First, recognize that no matter what you are feeling, this is just a temporary thing and it will pass.  It may not feel like it, but take it from me that it will.  The good news is that you don’t have to wait for the situation to change, you can do things right now to make it better.

Now you may be telling yourself, “I’ve tried and it doesn’t work!”.  Yes, you and millions of others have felt the same way.  I felt the same way so you’re not alone.  However, what you’ll find is that it can if you use the right strategies and get the right help.

Have you ever noticed that even Super Heroes sometimes need help or to be rescued?  Be smart and ask for help before it gets you down.  There is ALWAYS hope!

Second, you must know that you may feel alone but you have people who will listen, care and help you if you reach out to them in the right way.  When it comes to your safety and happiness, people will go to great lengths to help you.  Feeling alone or bullied can only exist if you keep feeling afraid or confused.  You are more than just your feelings and when you change things, so will your feelings.  Do you have a trusted teacher, friend, mentor, parent, Uncle, Aunt or coach that you can talk to?

You may be thinking, they don’t care or I don’t want to tell them.  I promise that if you reach out to the right people, and keep reaching out, you’ll get the help you need.  Just have five seconds of courage and things can begin to change.  You are worth it!  Do it now and don’t put it off.

Finally, know that you are worth it and you deserve to be happy!   The more powerful and confident you feel, the happier you will feel.  I recommend joining a good martial arts school or a sport, art or activity that has caring coaches and teachers.  When you are busy building yourself, you will change your mind, body and emotions.  It’s true and it really works!  I’m living proof and so are millions of others.

Hope Is a Powerful Ally!

Be Your Own Super Hero,

John Nottingham

BullyProof Vest Founder
The Bullying Specialist

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