Get Fighting Fit With Phoenix Krav Maga Classes

New Krav Maga Combatives Program Launches In Phoenix

John Nottingham's USA Martial Arts Self Defense & Security Blog

A new type of Krav Maga has hit Phoenix AZ and people are losing weight and getting fighting fit. It’s called IMPACT Krav Maga Combatives and it has Phoenix men and women talking.

With a foundation of Kickboxing, IMPACT Krav Maga Combatives uses functional fitness conditioning and full contact heavy bag and pad drills to teach you how to kick butt. At first look, it appears a family martial arts school, but this is far from your conventional corner karate dojo. Inside are highly trained and experienced combatives instructors, military and law enforcement veterans all with extensive advanced martial arts experience.

You will learn instinctive techniques based on natural movements and refine them. Krav Maga is known for functional training applications and getting individuals to hit hard, fast and accurately in record time.  They key is developing attributes like speed, targeting, timing and situational alertness.  You will develop adaptable skills…

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