ABC’s of Bullying Prevention Free Workshop in Phoenix



ABC’s of Bullying Prevention Free Workshop in Phoenix

ABCs of Bullying Prevention Workshop

On Wednesday, February 6th Nottingham Sword & Shield Security and USA Martial Arts is fully sponsoring a workshop all about bullying prevention. The ABCs of Bullying Prevention workshop is designed for children, teachers and parents who live with, care about, and work with young people and are interested in creating environments that foster healthy social and emotional development— and it’s FREE!

o Effective Boundary Setting
o Verbal Judo Comeback Lines
o Anger Management
o Telling vs Tattling
o Interventions and more

Featuring BULLYPROOF VEST, a bodyguard and Bullying Specialist’s perspective on the prevalence and types of bullying behaviors affecting our community, and how these perspectives connect with recent research, explore key strategies for addressing these complex issues at the personal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural levels, and learn about programs and resources that can be used in community settings.

Workshop presenters and safety specialist John Nottingham is endorsed by the Bullying Prevention Initiative International and is founder of the Phoenix BullyProof Project. For more information about this initiative, contact or (602) 896-8721.


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