Press Release: Women Learn Bodyguard Tactics as Self Defense in Phoenix from Female Bodyguard by Teaming Up With Chocolate

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Contact: John Nottingham



Women Learn Bodyguard Tactics as Self Defense in Phoenix from Female Bodyguard by Teaming Up with Chocolate

Nottingham Sword & Shield Security and USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing are offering personal security and rape prevention seminars for women to the Phoenix Arizona community.

Rhonda Roth, an internationally certified bodyguard/self-defense instructor and defensive tactics experts will be available to answer questions and give advice to the general public on how to prevent and survive a violent encounter!
Phoenix, AZ – On July 28, 2012, Hit Like a Girl in Phoenix, AZ will be offering all women ages 13 and older a 3-hour self-defense seminar. This event will be held from 10:00-1:00 PM at USA Martial Arts Phoenix, 4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Rather than using a fear based model like most self defense courses, Hit Like a Girl uses an empowerment model that educates, entertains and enlightens.  The course uses lecture and interactive tools to teach women to use their brains over brawn.   

Those interested in taking this class are encouraged to register as soon as possible to reserve their space. Participants may attend one or both of the seminars available. The first seminar The Handbags, Heels and Chocolate Experience is the foundation for personal security that teaches life saving protective principles to detect, deter, de-escalate and defend long enough to escape to safety.  The second course, It’s HOT!, teaches the use of Pepper Spray and weapons of opportunity to gain an unfair advantage.
Although participants do not need any previous self defense or martial arts training to participate, the seminars will be addressing violent crime, and participants should anticipate adult themes.  The emphasis of the first course is primarily academic  and lecture format so women who are pregnant, for example, or injured, or in some other way limited in the ability to physically exert themselves are welcome to  attend.   The second seminar will require physical participation and participants should be at a basic level of fitness in order to participate.  Even though a person may not be able to fully participate, they will benefit greatly by attending and participating at whatever level they are able to.  


Seminar is anticipated to fill. SPACE LIMITED. Reserve your spot for your and a friend today.

Hit Like a Girl is a unique education firm designed specifically to empower women with bodyguard tactics for personal security.  HLG events are held in homes, offices, churches or anywhere a group can meet.  The tactics taught are some of the same concepts, principles and techniques used by agencies such as the Secret Service, State Department and professional protectors.

Hit Like a Girl is recognized as the most effective women’s personal security system for real life situations, emphasizing early detection, deterrence, diversion and escape tactics.  

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 2.5 million women experience violence annually. Statistics also show that every 90 seconds a woman is raped in America.
The greater Phoenix area needs community involvement and support. We must recognize that rape is a crime of violence, and its occurrence is never the fault of the victim. Everyone must work together to raise awareness and promote strong, alert, confident and healthy attitudes and defensive skills to end America’s sexual assault epidemic. Hit Like a Girl in cooperation with Nottingham Sword & Shield Security and USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing will make this training available to all women in the community who wish to possess the skills needed to prevent or survive a violent assault.
Ms. Rhonda Roth, a certified Bodyguard Instructor and women’s self defense specialist will be conducting this empowering course. Agent Roth has trained hundreds of students in the Southwest. She teaches women and children how to protect themselves and stay safe using this security training technology.
Learning self-defense is not just learning to kick and punch an attacker. Self-defense begins with an attitude of: “I will not be a victim!” Attackers choose their victims the way predators choose their prey. Predators always go after the weak, isolated, young or old because they are an easy target. If you appear strong, alert and healthy, you have a much better chance of avoiding an attack. Hit Like a Girl founder and  instructor Rhonda Roth empowers women with the self-confidence and skills required to AVOID BECOMING A VICTIM.
Please help spread the word about our seminars. Invite everyone you know who may be interested. To acquire a seminar flyer visit or request on Facebook at Hit Like a Girl. Please print and post it wherever you can and email it to friends. We also have high quality color printed flyers available at our facility at 4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9, Phoenix Arizona 85032. Please feel free to take some anytime during class hours and post them wherever you can.

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