The Ways Schools Are Failing in Preventing Bullying

Bullying Prevention Initiative International

Chances are that if you have a child in grade school, middle school or high school, then you have been notified about steps to thwart bullying. From bullying prevention, so called anti-bullying programs and others it seems that the same crowd that packages everything for schools to buy is in on this one too. How quickly we seem to forget the failed Stranger Danger movement. Are we destined to repeat this process again?

Several months ago, a Canadian psychologist, David Smith, conducted a review of all the research on anti-bullying programs and found that on the whole they don’t work. Interestingly, he called on the programs to continue anyway because if we do them long enough, eventually we may find out what does work. (Thanks for the research tip Mr. Kalman)

Objectivity & Consider The Source Please
Interestingly enough, the bullying prevention information is already made available by your hard-earned…

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