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How To Do Taekwondo in Phoenix – Karate for Kids

November 25, 2011

Kids Martial Arts Phoenix
How To Do Taekwondo
Martial arts Karate for kids – Let your little one get his kicks
How does your child spend the rest of the day after getting back from school? Chances are that they prefer to stay indoors, slumped on the sofa with a bag of chips in one hand and the TV remote control in the other. It’s been proven that children these days spend more time playing with gadgets or watching television and less time engaging in some physical activity outdoors.

Gabriel really enjoys coming, his concentration and focus as well as his ability to pay attention and listen have improved amazingly. I find it is great for his confidence too.


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But, you don’t have to worry about how to keep your kids busy, because USA Martial Arts Phoenix has a fun challenge for your child – special classes in martial arts karate for kids!

What USA Martial Arts Phoenix has to offer for your kids
Kids martial arts are available in over 36 classes each week at BTC, Queensland’s, largest martial arts, health, and fitness centre.

Our karate kids martial arts classes are also divided by age and by experience level to make sure every child is training at a level appropriate for their age, and with kids their own size ensuring they can enjoy the best balance of safety, fun, focus and challenge.

We also have special beginners kids martial arts classes so that when your child first starts out, they feel comfortable, train with other kids their own age who are new starters too, and really get the attention they need.

Karate Kids martial arts offer many benefits to children, that will not only help them now, but help to create good habits for the future.

Martial arts for kids- What’s that?
If you’ve read this far, and if you are a parent, you’re probably wondering:-

‘Is my child ready to learn a martial art?’
‘Isn’t he too young? After all, he’s just 5 years old!’
‘Will my little girl enjoy learning martial arts?’

Let us assure you that anybody can learn a martial art no matter how young (starting from just 4yrs old) or old they are. A session in martial arts for kids is something your child is certain to enjoy because in each class, your child will learn something new and still have oodles of fun!

We’re a Phoenix Taekwondo school that believes in empowering kids so that they can stand up for themselves and not become victims of bullying. Learning a martial art builds both the mind and body. So, what other benefits will your child get by attending classes in karate kids martial arts?

Learn many self-defence skills (for life!)
Have better concentration abilities at school (the teacher’s new pet!)
Be more confident (no challenge is too big!)
Develop better flexibility.
Stay fit (and healthy!)
improve more self-esteem.
And make lots of new friends!

Kids martial arts – mental benefits
Self esteem
Self discipline
Kids martial arts – physical benefits
Self-defence skills

Join our martial arts for kid’s classes
At USA Martial Arts Phoenix, we know how important it is to keep young minds challenged all the time. That’s why we have the best instructors who have years of experience in teaching martial arts for kids. They make sure that the little ones have plenty of fun in each session and train at a level that is just right for them.

We even have an Introductory Program for new students so that they get a firsthand idea about what’s taught in martial arts for kid’s classes. To find out more about any of our great kids martial arts classes, clich here for our WEBSPECIAL. No prior fitness, flexibility, or experience is required.

Anti-Bullying Movement a Misguided Sham? What New Study Shows.

November 24, 2011

by John Nottingham, EPS, PI, 6th Dahn

Should Bullying Prevention be the job of a broke Federal government? Is the bullying prevention movement really keeping your children safe?

I have been dismissed and criticized for my position and outspoken concern regarding popular school-wide “anti-bully” programs. Although well-intentioned, I contend that they are wasting tax payer money, often encourage infringement on free speech and use advice from people who cannot handle bullies themselves as adults.

“You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.” – Abraham Lincoln

These programs are not designed by professional protectors (yet they continue to get implemented) nor address the real issues of safety. Here’s a study that may surprise you.

Read study on school-wide anti-bullying programs

Several months ago, a Canadian psychologist, David Smith, conducted a review of all the research on anti-bullying programs and found that on the whole they don’t work. Interestingly, he called on the programs to continue anyway because if we do them long enough, eventually we may find out what does work. (Thanks for the research tip Mr. Kalman)

Life gets more complicated as we get more legislated from an over-reaching, in-debt centralized government. I contend that this is a community issue, not another Federal mess. I’ve been effectively teaching Bullying Prevention (conflict resolution & self defense) for over 25 years for free and so have thousands of other martial arts instructors. Most, if not all of us have been teaching bullying prevention as an ongoing community service.

I advocate a time tested approach, acceptance of reality with a dose of proactive wisdom.

While some might attempt to dismiss the martial arts industry as a bunch of violence promoting yahoos, the fact is that the industry has taken this subject seriously long before bullying became a sensational headline (and tapping your money through fear promoting federal programs).

The Martial Arts industry has lead the way by implementing programs such as Dr. Terrence Webster-Doyles “BULLY BUSTERS – How to Defeat The Bully Without Fighting” and other non-violent conflict resolution training skills.

A small army of martial arts Black Belts volunteered to go into schools, community centers, churches, corporations and anywhere they could be heard with proven non-violent tools to address bullying. This has been going on for decades.

Terrence Webster-Doyle is a martial arts sixth-degree black belt, former schoolteacher and administrator, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Commission task force member, and parent of five daughters. He has written twenty-one internationally acclaimed, award-winning books on conflict education and the martial arts, and is co-founder and director of Martial Arts Partners for Peace. Others use school psychologist Izzy Kalmans Bullies 2 Buddies highly acclaimed material.

My work includes techniques from executive/close protection fields (Bodyguards) and advanced threat assessment and management tools I’ve learned from the exceptional work of Gavin de Becker and his team. (READ FEAR LESS & Protecting The Gift.) I didn’t see any of the new programs offering tools from professional protectors so I created Bullying Prevention Initiative International to help provide resources, advice, training and programs. It incorporates the lessons and research I’ve collected and used with a high degree of efficacy for over two decades. This includes Verbal Judo skills as taught to Law Enforcement. It has all been personally funded, requiring not one penny of taxpayers money.

While I may not be the most articulate or the most academic voice in the bullying prevention field, I do have confidence in the effectiveness of our programs and the research and sources they are built upon. My team and I have helped thousands of men, women and children successfully manage aggressive behavior and self defense situations for over 25 years.

No need for a money grabbing witch hunt that promotes fear and victim hood. In my experience, when someone is trying to scare you or confuse you, they are trying to manipulate you (and usually take something from you).

We saw it with the failed “Stranger Danger” fear movement and warned the public. Must we repeat it? Smarter, better solutions exist.

Knock, Knock…
Who’s there?
Common sense and wisdom…can I come in?


Bullying Prevention Initiative International and USA Martial Arts Phoenix support leaders like school psychologist Izzy Kalman who have the courage to speak up and bring common sense and wisdom to the table.

‎”…research indicates these programs don’t work, and that even mental health professionals don’t know how to get rid of bullying from their own lives, yet we want schools to be held responsible for making kids accomplish what human behavior experts can’t.” -Izzy Kalman

Izzy Kalman is a Moron, or, The Hypocrisy of Anti-Bullying Supporters | Izzy’s Articles
The anti-bully movement is promoting hypocrisy.

How to Prevent Bullying

The Arizona Bully Proof Project is a division of The Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative created by protection specialist John Nottingham.

The training and curriculum offer ways to prevent bullying, bullying facts, proven methods on how to stop bullying, effective ways to stop bullying, bullying statistics, tips on how to stop bullying, how to stop bullying for kids, and how to stop workplace bullying.

All life is risk. Are you adequately preparing your child for those risks?

Courses and Topics:

The ABC’s of Conflict Avoidance
The Bully Proof Vest Program
The 5 Step Method of Handling a Bully Without Fighting
How to Stop Bullying The Smart Way
Turning Your Bully Into a Buddy
How to Defeat a Bully Without Fighting

For more information about the Arizona Bully Proof Project or the Bully Prevention Initiative International contact:

Bully Proof Project
4731 E. Greenway Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032

facebook comments:
I know this, my 5 year old had an assembly at his school about “anti-bullying”. He came home confused. One call to Master Nottingham, half a country away cleared it up for him. Thanks for the help. Keep up the good work that you and USA Martial Arts do. -Jeff Beckert, father

I know this, I used to be the fat kid everyone picked on, but after training with Master Nottingham bullies give me a bit of distance. Mostly because I’m not a target thanks to the confidence of knowing martial arts. -Chris Armstrong

Keep fighting the good fight Master Nottingham! -D. Boyd

John: Keep the faith, you are doing important work in this area. -Bob Martin

Children Learn Verbal Judo, New Self-Defense Helps Resolve Conflicts Peacefully

November 13, 2011

A new organization developed by bodyguards, martial arts Masters, teachers and child safety experts is training children to resolve conflicts without fighting.

On the heels of recent media reports of bullying, cyber bullying related teen suicide, and abuse, some parents are taking steps to prepare their children for the dangers they face in school and life.

How to cross a street, the 911 emergency/fire safety system, how to swim, parents are now adding sexual abuse prevention, self-defense from depression, obesity, diabetes and BULLYING. They are doing this through USA Martial Arts Phoenix Arizona.

o Bullying is the most common form of violence in American society according to the National Association of School Psychologists.
o Bullying affects 15 to 30 percent of students as either bullying child or the targets of bullying
o Studies have shown that adults who were bullied as children have a much higher level of depression and lower self-esteem than those who were not.

While you may think that your child’s school is taking bullying seriously, the statistics show that over 85% or higher of bullying incidences go unreported. Many more incidences of bullying take place before, after or while children are not in school.

Despite these laudable efforts to curb bullying, they do not always deflect and defend bullying attacks. That is precisely where bodyguard and law enforcement trainer John Nottingham comes in.

Nottingham, an Army Airborne Veteran who served in a Special Forces unit and trained elite soldiers in hand to hand combat, has gone on to teach law enforcement and bodyguards. He has used his knowledge of advanced threat assessment, verbal judo and non-confrontation approach to develop a specialized BULLY PREVENTION TRAINING & SELF DEFENSE organization called The Bullying Prevention Initiative International with a local chapter here in Phoenix.

I started the program having successfully taught bullying prevention for over 25 years. I was glad to see the Olweus system being taught in many schools here in Arizona but concerned for the lack of training on force appropriate physical intervention skills.


I want parents and teachers to have options to teach their children or students. We cover the full spectrum and teach different skills than other programs offer. I didn’t agree with the approaches that infringe on free speech or that do not adequately address violence, off campus bullying and other safety concerns. Our programs draw on protective tactics used by professional protectors – bodyguards.

Starting with The Arizona Bullying Intervention Initiative, Nottingham trained his staff and students at his USA Martial Arts school in Phoenix and conducted public speaking engagements, school assemblies and teacher training. His programs have caught on and requests came in to share his unique bully busting methodologies. Nottingham then created the Bullying Prevention Initiative International to support those interested in the bullying prevention mission.

One of his more popular programs is called “Bully Proof Vest” prepares children of varying ages to deal with bullying as well as other safety issues they might face such as abductions and abuse.

His courses emphasize avoidance, de-escalation and deterrence tactics that help children develop social assertiveness and confidence. The skills range from verbal tactics to force appropriate physical self-defense techniques to escape to safety and mitigate abuse.

Nottingham’s “Bully Proof Vest” self-defense and escape school course gives children confidence to resolve self-defense and safety issues both in and out of the classroom (where most of the bullying and abuse take place, out of the view of teachers).

Bullying is one of the most difficult issues that students, parents and educators might encounter in or out of school. However, with our strategies, we can make a difference. The Bullying Prevention Initiative International strives to offer the most practical and effective bullying prevention program available.

Learn more about bullying, how to prevent or resolve it, and more about the Bullying Prevention Initiative International organization or the Arizona chapter Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative.

Protect your children with bullying prevention skills and strategies by contacting USA Martial Arts Phoenix and a certified bully prevention specialist to inquire about upcoming seminars based on the Bullying Prevention Initiative International programs.

5 Reasons To Consider Martial Arts Gift Certificates for Christmas

November 13, 2011

This Christmas you can give your child one of the greatest gifts…


Martial Arts builds confidence and instills character that has lasting benefits.

o Focus for better academic performance
o Discipline for greater self respect
o Super fitness including strength, flexibility and motivation to get an edge in other sports
o Leadership life skills to stand out from peers
o Safety Self Defense Skills for Bully and Abduction Prevention
o Fun is a specialty at USA Martial Arts Phoenix!

To find out more benefits of martial arts for your child, contact USA Martial Arts Phoenix right now. USA Martial Arts Phoenix has an award-winning Children’s Taekwondo and Karate Kids program as well as Kickboxing MMA for adults.

Click here for a WEBSPECIAL including a FREE Uniform.

Martial Arts and Kickboxing Gift Certificates available.


Sandusky Sex Abuse Case at Pennsylvania State University

November 11, 2011

Time Magazine Photo of Sandusky Arrest

All over America, the headlines decry the sad story of Jerry Sandusky, former football coach at Penn State, alleging sexual abuse of numerous boys.

“The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

A midst the public outrage and various opinions, in my view, these times can be used to open a dialog about personal safety, boundary setting and the steps parents can take to protect their children.

When the media machine kicks in, parents sometimes come to me seeking my take on it as a protection specialist. I often offer advice on how to approach the subject with their children in a manner that does not scare them. My answers sometimes surprise them.

o I say, do not deny it, avoid it or talk around it. Take it head on and in a matter of fact manner. Consider that your response should be age appropriate.
o Address it directly with calm wisdom, a dose of caution and love. Talk about how secrets like this can hurt people. Make sure your children understand that it is not the boys fault.
o Reassure children while giving them specific concepts and red flags to look for (PINS=Pre-Incident Indicators). Discuss lures and how people can try to manipulate, threaten or blame to keep secrets. Make sure your child knows that you will believe them and do whatever it takes to help and protect them.
o Do a “what if…” session and guide your child to use and trust their intuition (The Gift of Fear as Gavin de Becker calls it). Revisit it from time to time just as you would other safety guidance. Never assume they remember or know – test and inspect what you expect.
o At the same time, reassure your children that they can always talk to you and should never be afraid to come to you with issues like this.
o The key role of denying privacy and control [PC]. These are the setting for abuse.
o As a parent, one of the best things you can do is read “Protecting the Gift” by Gavin de Becker. You get this book and learn to effectively use the techniques and more when you take our Guardian Family Protection Program.

The knowledge and skills we teach at USA Martial Arts could have helped to protect these vulnerable children from harm – and could have caused the abuse to have been discovered and stopped much sooner. The techniques we teach in our Guardian Family Protection program specifically address these situations.

‎”..denial can be seductive, but it has an insidious side effect. For all the peace of mind deniers think they get by saying it isn’t so, the fall they take when faced with new violence is all the more unsettling. Denial is a save-now-pay-later scheme, a contract written entirely in small print, for in the long run, the denying person knows the truth on some level.” -Gavin de Becker, Fear Less

Contact us for a free report from our friends at Kidpower on three things that parents need to keep in mind to help protect your children.

Yours for happy, healthy, safer kids,

-USA Martial Arts

Send your request to or provide us an email in a private message on facebook.

Love Handles…Meet Kickboxing

November 8, 2011

Love Kickboxing!

America’s hottest workout has hit Phoenix and weight loss fitness enthusiasts are fighting the fat.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix is the official Phoenix Arizona training center for This unique Kickboxing program is helping thousands of people kick, punch, elbow and knee their way to a new body and mind.

Read more about it here now and see the before and after pictures of people just like you.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing program specializes in teaching beginners with no previous experience how to take charge of their fitness by learning authentic Kickboxing. This step-by-step program will have even the most out of shape individual kicking and punching away stress and having a blast.

Sweat away the fat while wearing authentic kickboxing gloves, slamming the heavy bag and being surrounded by positive people.
Our instructors will encourage you to reach your new body goals in a safe, supportive atmosphere.

But you won’t get this type of training at the local gym. This Kickboxing is not what you can get with a typical personal trainer. Our Phoenix Kickboxing classes are taught by actual experienced Black Belt Kickboxing instructors. These are not mere personal trainers who took a weekend kickboxing certification course. USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing Instructors have years of actual Kickboxing experience.

You’ll learn how to Kickbox in the safest manner possible while being treated with respect. Once you admit that there is not magic pill or quick fix, come see us at USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing. It is challenging but highly rewarding because you feel and experience powerful Kickboxing results.

Get a head start on your body for the new year. Give yourself the gift of a Kickboxing Body!

Click here for our exclusive online Kickboxing offer.