Tremendous Changes in Individuals Confidence, Weight Loss and More at Phoenix Martial Arts School

“Creating Leaders, one Black Belt at a Time!”

Are You Ready To Help Your Child Make A Huge, Positive Change In His Or Her Life? Do You Live in Phoenix, Scottsdale or Paradise Valley?

We are not just a Martial Arts studio. This is different from anything you have seen so far!

This is not the kind of basic Martial Arts class you get at the YMCA or your local Health club!

“Quality instruction, no egos, and realistic, effective training make USA Martial Arts Phoenix my only choice for serious martial arts training at any level.” -Nathan Trello

This is not another McDojo or Belt Factory, USA Martial Arts Phoenix is the real deal. They make their students earn rank and the instruction is really great.

Our Phoenix Martial Arts Academy
USA Martial Arts Phoenix, Serving North Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Arizona

Welcome to USA Martial Arts Phoenix

Martial Arts
Master John Nottingham’s Traditional Program, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. USA Martial Arts Phoenix has been serving the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the surronding communities since 1992. USA Martial Arts Phoenix is now offering, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Yoga, FULL BODY FITNESS, Personal Training, Boot Camps, Sport Specific Training and Personal Training. Come experience the USA Martial Arts and Kickboxing Phoenix difference by trying any of our professional programs with these exclusive WEBSPECIALS.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Life Skills based programs will provide your family with an experience like no other.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix program has been meticulously developed over the last 26 years by the most successful Black Belt instructors and Masters throughout the United States and Asia (and has been approved by the National Association of Professional Martial Artist “NAPMA”, as well as the Martial Arts Industry Association “MAIA”). Here in Arizona alone, we have spent over $60,000.00 on implementing, testing & tracking results of this new, unique method of teaching the benefits of Martial Arts and Martial Arts to children!

The goal of this project was to mainly do one thing:

Develop your child’s confidence, respect, focus, and self discipline!

By now, this very new program has been delivered and repeatedly tested on over 4500 students throughout the USA during the last 19 months. Here are the results we are after:

Average Increase of Focus = 76%-245% (measured by two factors, 1. Time span of concentration maintenance, 2. Ability to maintain focus under given distraction scenarios)

Average Increase of Self Confidence = 125% to 285% (measured by student’s willingness to participate in challenging and fear inducing tasks before and after 6 week course)

Average Increase in Self Discipline = 68% to 189% (measured by student’s total number of specific self correcting items)

If this sounds to good to be true, look at what parents of our own students are saying about this program by clicking here.



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