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How To Choose the Right Martial Arts School

October 29, 2011

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Guide to Choosing A Good Martial Arts School

Is there really a difference in martial arts schools? Aren’t they all about the same? You would be surprised! Even someone very dedicated to beginning a healthy lifestyle by enrolling in martial arts can be overwhelmed by the number different martial arts schools (also called “dojos” or “dojangs”).

Although I am the owner of USA Martial Arts Phoenix in Arizona, I want to help you understand some general guidelines that can assist them in choosing the right martial arts school, even if it’s not mine! Drawing on my lifetime of martial arts experience, I offer the following helpful tips to assist you in your decision so that you can feel confident in choosing a high quality martial arts school. This information is based on Master Asads article Guide to Choosing a Martial Arts school with my personal additions and advice.

Who can open up a legitimate martial arts school?
Anyone can apply for a business license and be granted the right to rent a space and advertise it as a martial arts school. In martial arts, there are no comprehensive accrediting bodies like the American Medical Association for doctors, or the Bar Association for lawyers, or even a state regulated system of licenses like that for tradesmen.

One self regulating industry association was created in the 1990s called the ACMA, the American Council on Martial Arts, of which I was proud to be part. Grandmaster and Film star Chuck Norris and numerous other highly respected Masters are part of this organization. However, most schools did not participate, nor were willing to agree to the code of ethics nor meet the certification standards.

In the past, when a Master thought one of his high ranking Black Belts (usually 4th degree and up) had demonstrated exceptional loyalty, skills, dedication, and ethics in their training, that person would be granted the opportunity to open a school under the direct supervision of the Master. This is how USA Martial Arts operates but few others do.

Today this is not the case with most schools. Many martial arts billing collection and consulting companies sell affiliations and memberships with no regard for a martial artist’s background, behavior, abilities, skills, and knowledge. You can even buy your rank out of the back of a martial arts magazine!

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that consumers understand the background, training history, and lineage of potential martial arts instructors.

According to industry data, over 2000 martial arts schools open up in the United States. More than 1700 of these schools close within the first year of operation. Of those that remain, over 80% go bankrupt within the first three years. Most of these do not use contracts to protect themselves and the students (by getting things in writing.)

When you look for a legitimate martial arts school make sure that they have been around in business for at least 10 years. These schools have passed the test of time and clearly have gained the general public’s respect and trust through hard work!

What is the difference between a Black Belt and a Master in martial arts?

A Black Belt is like a high school graduate, someone who has just finished the basic requirements of a particular style of martial arts. A Master on the other hand is like a principal of the school, the equivalent of a terminal degree, such as a Ph.D., in their field. Masters normally have at least 25 years of strong martial arts training, and a minimum of a 5th Degree Black Belt (in most arts), and, of course, the blessings of their Grandmaster. Legitimate schools will often have regular “check ups” and accountability evaluations with Senior Masters and Grandmasters. If you are in a school without them, this could be a serious red flag.

How does the martial arts belt system work?
Generally, all martial arts systems start with a white belt, which designates a beginner rank, and go through a number of colored belts until the black belt. Then, students can earn degrees or “Dans” of black belts. Generally once a student reaches a 5th Dan he/she may be considered for a Master rank in their particular style by their master instructor.

Who can award me a legitimate black belt rank?
If you want to eventually earn a legitimate black belt, make certain that your instructor holds a minimum rank of 4th Dan and is recognized and supported by a legitimate and reputable Grandmaster of martial arts. Rogue instructors, no matter how charming and convincing have done tremendous damage to the martial arts industry. A legitimate black belt rank can only come from a Master or a Grandmaster instructor. Traditionally, an instructor must hold at least a 4th Dan to award others a simple, plain black belt if that rank is to be considered legitimate.

Checklist: Background Questions for Instructor
How much martial arts experience have you had?
What degree of black belt do you have?
With whom have you studied? How long have you studied with them? Can I contact your master instructor(s) for more information?
How long have you been in business?

Checklist: Instructor Observations
Does the instructor maintain a healthy lifestyle?
Does the master instructor project success in other aspects of his/her life and model that for your child?
Does the instructor practice what he or she preaches?
What are good ways to get information on martial arts schools?

Start by contacting your local Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Then, go online and check the websites of schools in your area. See if their goals match those of yours and your families. Then, call the school or visit it in person. As about their background, their instructors, ongoing education, then verify what they say is true by calling or emailing.

What should I think about before calling a martial arts school?
You should think about what you would like to get out of training at a martial arts school. Are you looking to build self-esteem, respect, discipline, confidence, focus, and/or courage? Or perhaps you are looking to get in shape, to train in a social environment, or to learn self defense? Once you know this then start your homework to match your goals to those of an appropriate school in your area.

What should I look for in a martial arts facility & program?
Make sure the facilities are safe and sound. The school should be equipped with matted floors and carry professional insurance. Next, make sure the program is designed by a legitimate Master for the goals you want to achieve.

Price of Instruction: You Get What you Pay For
In the martial arts industry, just like anywhere else, you get what you pay for. Martial arts training, if done right, is a significant investment of your time and energy, as well as your master instructor’s wisdom, skills, abilities and knowledge. Many legitimate martial school owners locally have dedicated their lives to martial arts training in various styles in different arts from around the world. As a student, you will be learning the benefits of twenty to forty years of life experience of a martial arts master who has devoted every day of his/her life to acquiring skills, knowledge, and abilities to not only make himself better and stronger as a martial artist but to understand different educational systems to further help their students. Be willing to pay for all of this experience. Don’t let price deter you from choosing the right martial arts school. Price should reflect your instructors experience and rank, as well as the costs of operating the training facility.

What length of time should I commit myself to for training?
Schools can offer various agreements, from month-to-month or for longer terms, such as a year. If you don’t have a problem with commitment, you will benefit greatly from a longer contract because this will help you save money by locking in a low rate. This is just one of the ways that a master instructor encourages students who make a serious commitment to their martial arts training.
However, some people don’t want to make a serious commitment to this kind of training right away, and therefore it will cost them more money with less reliability. In this case, some schools allow you to take classes on a month-to-month basis. If you have done your homework and are sure about a good match between your goals and the programs at a particular school, I suggest that you get a 12 month program where you pay month-to-month but you give your word of honor to the school that you will not quit during that time. A win-win deal that saves you some money!

Checklist: Price Questions
How much does an Introductory Trial Class cost?
Are there any affiliation or annual membership fees?
Are there testing fees? How much are they?
What are some ways to save money on tuition and lock in the lowest rate?
Do I need a uniform? How much is the uniform?

Tremendous Changes in Individuals Confidence, Weight Loss and More at Phoenix Martial Arts School

October 29, 2011

“Creating Leaders, one Black Belt at a Time!”

Are You Ready To Help Your Child Make A Huge, Positive Change In His Or Her Life? Do You Live in Phoenix, Scottsdale or Paradise Valley?

We are not just a Martial Arts studio. This is different from anything you have seen so far!

This is not the kind of basic Martial Arts class you get at the YMCA or your local Health club!

“Quality instruction, no egos, and realistic, effective training make USA Martial Arts Phoenix my only choice for serious martial arts training at any level.” -Nathan Trello

This is not another McDojo or Belt Factory, USA Martial Arts Phoenix is the real deal. They make their students earn rank and the instruction is really great.

Our Phoenix Martial Arts Academy
USA Martial Arts Phoenix, Serving North Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Arizona

Welcome to USA Martial Arts Phoenix

Martial Arts
Master John Nottingham’s Traditional Program, Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. USA Martial Arts Phoenix has been serving the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the surronding communities since 1992. USA Martial Arts Phoenix is now offering, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Yoga, FULL BODY FITNESS, Personal Training, Boot Camps, Sport Specific Training and Personal Training. Come experience the USA Martial Arts and Kickboxing Phoenix difference by trying any of our professional programs with these exclusive WEBSPECIALS.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Life Skills based programs will provide your family with an experience like no other.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix program has been meticulously developed over the last 26 years by the most successful Black Belt instructors and Masters throughout the United States and Asia (and has been approved by the National Association of Professional Martial Artist “NAPMA”, as well as the Martial Arts Industry Association “MAIA”). Here in Arizona alone, we have spent over $60,000.00 on implementing, testing & tracking results of this new, unique method of teaching the benefits of Martial Arts and Martial Arts to children!

The goal of this project was to mainly do one thing:

Develop your child’s confidence, respect, focus, and self discipline!

By now, this very new program has been delivered and repeatedly tested on over 4500 students throughout the USA during the last 19 months. Here are the results we are after:

Average Increase of Focus = 76%-245% (measured by two factors, 1. Time span of concentration maintenance, 2. Ability to maintain focus under given distraction scenarios)

Average Increase of Self Confidence = 125% to 285% (measured by student’s willingness to participate in challenging and fear inducing tasks before and after 6 week course)

Average Increase in Self Discipline = 68% to 189% (measured by student’s total number of specific self correcting items)

If this sounds to good to be true, look at what parents of our own students are saying about this program by clicking here.



The Secret to Taekwondo Kicking

October 26, 2011

TaeKwonDo TangSooDo HapKiDo KukSoolWon HwarangDo ChunKukDo TaekKyeon

Bruce Lee Learned Taekwondo Kicking From Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee

Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, and instills much more than physical self defense, kicking and punching skills. Some know it for the sport division featured in the Olympic games. However, the majority of men, women and children practice Taekwondo for a healthy, fun recreation and the amazing benefits of the traditional and cultural aspects of the art. It is a discipline that reveals a way of enhancing our spirit and life through correct training our body and mind.

Bruce Lee Kicks with Jhoon Rhee on a Beach

This trademark kicking style is featured in various Korean martial arts including Kuk Sool, Hwarang Do, Hapkido, Hanmudo, Yudo, Tang Soo Do, Choi Kwang Do, and major organizations such as the World TKD Federation (WTF), the International TaeKwon-Do Federation (ITF), the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), as well as many others.

John Nottingham Pulgueksa Temple Korea

The secret to advanced Taekwondo kicking is found in three essential components.

First, a foundation of correct form and proper mechanics must be built. This is developed through specialized drills and training routines that build strength, control and proper body movement. In Taekwondo, special emphasis is placed on core strength, hip and low back conditioning to enable the range of motion for proper kicking. The conditioning provides a harmony of strength, flexibility and timing. Together these form a potent combination that is the foundation for exotic, practical and powerful kicking techniques.

Flexibility drills such as dynamic stretch kicking, passive stretches and P.N.F. (resistance/contraction) stretching help improve range of motion, control and the ability to place kicks with pin point accuracy. The dynamic and plyometric kicking speed drills condition the muscles and nervous system to be explosive and lightning fast. This usually consists of breaking down the kicking mechanics into its sub movements, such as lifting the knee to chamber a kick. The drill would include starting from a sparring stance, chambering the knee as rapidly as possible for a set period of time – perhaps 30 seconds. It is followed by a rest cycle then repeated.

John Nottingham Flying Side Kick Punch

Another tool for developing advanced kicking is the variety of kicking paddle drills. A kicking paddle is a Taekwondo practicioners target used to simulate a moving human. The Taekwondoist has to anticipate and attack the target while in motion, adapting to ever changing distance and timing. They learn to point the knee, stay relaxed and adopt a highly versatile sparring stance to be able to change quickly and capitalize on opportunity.

The next secret to Taekwondo kicking is the use of the hip. In the above photo you can see Black Belt Anthony Miles of USA Martial Arts Phoenix speed breaking bricks with a spin side kick. The power in his kick comes from momentum, torque (from turning the hip) and great side kick mechanics (alignment). He does a great job of lining up his kick to drive through the bricks and concentrating his force in a small area.

To increase range of motion, a Taekwondo practicioner will strive to stay relaxed to enable efficient movement. Next, they will adopt a versatile stance and make use of their arms by swinging them to initiate faster adaptation, rotation, torque and mobility.

The advanced jumping and spinning kicks are developed by practicing a variety of jumping and spinning drills. The common trait of all great kickers is the willingness to practice consistently over time. Perhaps this is the greatest secret of great kicking.

One of the formulas many competitors use is to practice every kick they know ten times on each side for a session. Another classic method is to throw 1000 kicks a day. Of course, the best training protocol depends on your level, body, goals and guidance from a qualified teacher.

In Korea, most children practice Taekwondo kicking with a spirit of play. They accumulate a high volume of kicking repetitions in addition to regular Taekwondo class attendance. The demonstration teams also use friendly competition to encourage advancement and higher levels of difficulty and skill.

John Nottingham High Roundhouse Kick Korea Folk Village

More on Taekwondo and Advanced Kicking at this article.

For more information on taekwondo kicks, taekwondo, taekwondo kick, taekwondo flying kicks click here.

Fighting The Fat in Phoenix with Kickboxing

October 25, 2011

Sculpt Your Physique with I Love Kickboxing Phoenix!
If you want to lose weight fast and tone up, you’re going to LOVE lessons here at USA Martial Arts Phoenix.

Our world-class facility features 150 pound, soft-filled heavy bags for you to kick, punch, elbow, knee and sweat your way to the best body of your life. Fitness on fire to incinerate fat. In our kickboxing classes, we show you how to wrap your hands, fit you for gloves, and then put you in the hands of authentic Black Belt Kickboxers to give you the best workout of your life! The only difference is that instead of punching and hitting each other, where you could get hurt, you work on the pads, the focus mitts, and the heavy bags — so it’s safe!

The Kickboxing training is provided by actual Black Belt Kickboxers who take you through their very own kickboxing classes including: conditioning, stretching, shadow boxing, combination drills, bag work, lower-body conditioning, and abdominal work in every class. You are going to pour sweat like crazy!

You will burn 800-1000 calories in each 1 hour kickboxing workout! You will develop a hard kickboxers body look by stripping the body of fat while simultaneously developing long, lean muscle tissue as part of doing the kickboxing training.

Get Personal Training at the Kick Boxing Lessons
The kickboxing classes are super charged fun and high energy. You can also do personal training with our instructors. They will help you master the correct techniques of kickboxing lessons so you develop reflexes, precision, correct distancing and angles. Not too mention your mental focus will be like a warrior.

Kick your stress in the butt!
Kickboxing is also a great way to relieve stress – take your anger out as you kick, punch, elbow and knee the stuffin out of the heavy bags!
You and your new friends will have tons of fun as you slam and kick into the best shape of your lives.

Kickboxing lessons at USA Martial Arts Phoenix, include:

o Warm up
o Strength training drills
o Conditioning drills
o Combinations
o Bag work
o Cool down stretching and tips

Read some of the amazing results people get with the program at USA Martial Arts Phoenix.


Children’s Martial Arts School Phoenix Wins Hearts and Minds of Phoenix Children and Parents

October 25, 2011

John Nottingham’s USA Martial Art of Phoenix Provides Kids Activities in: Martial Arts, Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, BJJ, Krav Maga, MMA, JKD, Self-defense, personal training, bootcamp

John Nottingham’s USA Martial Art of Phoenix Background

Karate Kids
The Martial Arts develop your child physically. Our programs increase speed, stamina, and strength in children. They also develop balance, coordination, and timing, which in turn, will help in all other sports and activities.

Children’s Self Defense
We promote non-violent resolutions to conflict. Our methods help children to explore and understand conflict through role-play and other exercises. Students will develop confidence, self-discipline, and self control as they learn how to act and react to the world around them.

Martial Arts Discipline and Leadership
The Martial Arts promote leadership skills in children to help them succeed in life. Our programs will teach your child about setting goals. These qualities will help your child become successful in school, college, and life. The young students are treated with respect and taught to return the same respect to others.

Taekwondo Children Phoenix
USA Martial Arts Phoenix teaches through positive recognition. We use praise, encouragement, and positive reinforcement to support the values parents teach at home. We have incentives for good academic report cards and students must maintain high grades at school to be promoted to higher rank. Children learn the value of setting goals and how to develop the perseverance and self discipline to achieve them.


Kids Karate and Children’s Taekwondo Phoenix – Not Just Your Average Karate Dojo

October 25, 2011

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Arizona
Karate Kids and Children’s Taekwondo
o Award winning programs
o World-class instructors
o State of the art facilities
o Karate, Taekwondo, BJJ, Kickboxing and more!

Do you want to build confidence and self-esteem in your child? This program is designed to do just that and more! Our martial arts programs build coordination, balance, discipline, and mental concentration. But where most programs stop there, at USA Martial Arts Phoenix you will be part of one of the most progressive schools in the world.

USA Martial Arts is unique because of its special curriculum, passionate staff and world-class facilities. You will learn from the best of the best and have opportunities not available in other sports or martial arts programs.

At USA Martial Arts Phoenix you become part of a team.

Karate Kids
This high energy class is focusing on teaching kids the basic footwork, blocks, punches, and kicks of karate. Students have a blast as they learn new techniques, are challenged to do their best, and participate in exciting games. All activities encourage physical fitness, balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Children’s Taekwondo
Our special blend of Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Karate, grappling and gymnastics make this perfect for children with lots of energy and short attention spans. These high energy, fast paced classes will have your child kicking, jumping, running and learning valuable motor coordination.

Kid’s Martial Arts Phoenix, AZ
Check out all the great kid’s Martial Arts classes and camps available at USA Martial Arts Phoenix, AZ! Boost your kids’ confidence and help them develop inner strength, character and coordination. Visit our Phoenix Martial Arts Academy or our website online to find expert advice, Mom insight by meeting the parents and videos on kid’s classes and camps. Discover the best martial arts school in Phoenix for children!

The Truth About USA Martial Arts Phoenix.

October 23, 2011

So what is all the talk about this martial arts school in the North Valley of Phoenix? Is the martial arts instruction really so unique or is it just a bunch of marketing hype. You can listen to the people who have personally experienced it – the good, the bad and the ugly. Hear what Kids Karate parents, Taekwondo Children and Grandparents have to say. Find out what is behind all this and separate for yourself the fact from fiction. Watch this revealing behind the scenes documentary made by a Florida based film crew as they are let in to one of the most talked about martial arts programs in Phoenix Arizona.

Student and Parents Tell The Truth about John Nottingham’s USA Martial Arts.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix
Providing professional group and private martial arts and self defense instruction to men, women, children and families in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley Arizona. Brought to you by

Award-winning Self-Defense, Kickboxing and Fitness in Phoenix AZ

October 12, 2011

Kickboxing Phoenix Adult Self Defense Martial Arts Taekwondo Karate Kung Fu Muay Thai Boxing

Award-winning Self-Defense, Kickboxing and Fitness
Action packed functional martial arts that are practical for street self defense.

If you’re looking for a practical self defense program taught in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, you’ll find it at USA Martial Arts in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley Arizona.
USA Martial Arts Phoenix provides interesting, high-energy training using a combination of traditional Taekwondo, infused with a special blend of mixed martial arts. We call it integrative martial arts and have been refining our curriculum for over 40 years. Not only will you receive training lessons but you’ll learn in depth about the history of the techniques and why they work so well for practical self defense and hand-to-hand combat.

o Lightning-fast kicks and punches
o Empty hand combat moves
o Power striking techniques using kicks, knees, and close quarter elbow striking
o How to recognize and deal with potential threats
o Plus, how to protect yourself in almost every situation imaginable!

Voted Maricopa County’s Phoenix Best Martial Arts & Kickboxing School, USA Martial Arts Phoenix provides a warm inviting FAMILY atmosphere where you can have fun and get into amazing shape. The leadership at our school is top notch and our students treat each other like family.
More importantly, as you train you’ll improve your strength, stamina and flexibility, as well as your health, confidence and willpower. This program in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley AZ is Ideal for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Best of all, we provide kid , junior, adult and family classes
To learn more about our Adult Martial Arts classes in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley, please click here. On the site you’ll find a sign up box, where you can fill in your contact details and have information sent immediately to your inbox.

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“Moms and Dads…. Depressed Because Your Child Is Being Bullied?”

October 7, 2011

Phoenix AZ Bullying Help

Help for Bullying

I Can Help Expert In Teaching Protective Resolutions

Discover how to deal with bullying from specialists who have been training children, parents and teachers how to successfully and peacefully deal with bullies and bullying behavior for 26 years.

Resources to Stop Bullying Now
an Improve the Life of Your Child

Free Tips and Help for Parents & Children
Resources for Schools.

Take action now to prevent more painful consequences. We can help.

Free Bullying Prevention Workshops This Month!

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