Questions & Answers About USA Martial Arts Phoenix

How Does One Start The Martial Arts?
It’s easy to start Martial Arts. Call 602-896-8721 (USA1) and ask to speak with our Information and Enrollment Director Coach Mark Mayes. You’ll book you first appointment and introductory trial lesson. Visit the school, meet the instructors and students, watch a class and make sure you feel it’s right for you. OR Visit our website to take advantage of our WEBSPECIAL. Begin training and learning and watch yourself transform. Make the call and visit our WEBSPECIAL today!

Questions are good but experiencing makes you understand it much, much better!

What Style(s) does USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness Teach?
USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness is unique in the way that it approaches Martial Arts. The very special curriculum is made up of multiple arts that allow for different styles to be taught.

Our pre-school martial artists for children, known as Little Tigers are student who are ages 4yrs – 6yrs. This age group focuses on coordination building fun while learning. The base style is Tae Kwon Do with Karate, Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (kid-friendly wrestling and fun gymnastics) blend. While kicking and punching is taught, that is simply the vehicle used to teach more in-depth skills such as respect for themselves and others, proper responses to parents, teachers and elders, a sense of true self confidence and the ability to learn what foods are important to eat while what foods are not. Little Tigers is a program dynamically designed for this age group and is only taught by USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness.

KIDS KARATE is the next level of development. This program is based from the Little Tigers program but is geared for children ages 7-Teens. This rewarding kid oriented martial arts program emphasizes character development, strength training, flexibility, coordination and practical self defense like how to handle bullies. Tackling issues such as peer pressure, conduct at school, grades, and responsibility for keeping a clean environment and a clean mind.
INTEGRATED MARTIAL ARTS (Traditional MMA for Self Defense)
USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness offers a blended curriculum of martial arts as our foundation program. It is traditional and modern MMA or Mixed Martial Arts but doesn’t emphasize competition, rather tradition, personal development and practical, individualized self defense. This integrated or mixed martial arts curriculum combines Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Karate, Kung Fu, Real Life street self defense, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (MMA), judo, and our version of Krav Maga. Over the 100,000+ Hours of instruction the team has together, we have developed the curriculum based around what we have found our students need, want and that has proven to be the most effective.

Other ‘stand alone’ programs also include ; Kickboxing, Taekwondo, MMA Submission Fighting, Kids Jiu-jitsu, Women’s Self Defense, EZ Defense Seminars, Weapons, Escrima, Mixed Martial Arts, PFS Jeet Kune Do, Warrior Leadership, ef3 Energized Fitness & Nutrition, Personal Training, Kickboxing, boxing, and individualized programs by personal training. please click on the links to learn more about those individual program.

How Young Does USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness Take A Student?
Each person is treated as a unique individual with different abilities and goals. Some are ready to begin martial arts training earlier than others. We require all student be at least 4 years old, be able to take instruction for a 30m period and be able to be in a group class. (however private lessons are available.) Usually 4 years old seems to be the standard but we will accept 3 year olds if the instructor believe they are ready. We can answer this question with a simple 20 minute intro lesson. Please call 602-896-8721 (USA1) to book your no-obligation intro lesson today!

Do Lessons Cost A Lot Of Money?
USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness offer very competitive rates if not the most inexpensive rates for martial art schools in our area. Tuition starts at $59 a month and range up to $125+ depending on your program. USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness offers commitment levels and month to month pricing. Meeting with our Programs Director will get you an exact quote on class pricing. Call 602-896-8721 (USA1) to book your first appointment and intro lesson today.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness has one of the finest martial arts training facilities with the latest and newest equipment, SWAIN Olympic mats, heavy bags, kicking shields, punch pads, boxing mitts, kicking targets, full screen A/V system with sound system, wireless internet access, a pro-shop, merchandise, snack bar and a highly experienced and caring staff.

We also work with a non-profit organization set up a student tuition assistance plan. This is a plan that will accept qualifying students depending on financial status and certain criteria. We believe no student should be turned away from martial arts due to their inability to pay. Although money is needed in order to operate our world-class facility, scholarships help those who genuinely deserve an opportunity. Please inquire within if you need help paying tuition.

What Makes USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness Different Than Other Schools?
There are many different martial art schools in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek Arizona Area. What sets USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness apart? While many of these school are great schools USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness focus on teaching in a very unique way. Why do so many people choose USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness?

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness Academy was founded by John Nottingham and operated in Arizona for almost 20 years. He is an Eagle Scout, Army Airborne veteran, former competitor and champion, coach and multiple Black Belt holder.
He founded more than just a martial arts school in 1992, he brought together the best talent he could find, pulling instructors from all over the USA, Korea, China and the world. Together with a strong team USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness has been providing the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Paradise Valley Area with highest quality instruction and martial arts training since 2005. John Nottingham has over 25 years experience in the martial arts and with his team together they have over 150 years experience in multiple disciplines. We have advanced Black Belts, Masters and Instructor licenses who are on our team that have trained in different styles and bring their best to the school.
The experience shows. Whether it’s the well-run classes, where the skills of the martial arts are passed on to the students, or their family style approach to business, you’ll notice the difference of quality the moment you walk into the school.
USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness associates itself with some of the best school the nation has to offer.

Before enrolling in any martial arts program you should compare schools. What you will find is that, above all, our school offers you quality and integrity. If you or your child enrolls in our program it is our responsibility to provide you with quality instruction, and we take this responsibility very seriously.
Unfortunately, the martial arts industry is not regulated by any state or federal agency. This means that any person can open up a martial arts studio regardless of his or her background or training. Therefore it is up to you to determine the quality of a school and the people who will be in charge of teaching you or your child martial arts. No matter what school you choose, make sure that you take the time to do the research.

All of the instructors at USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness Academy of Martial Arts are hand-picked by Master and Dean of Schools, John Nottingham. Having trained with him for years, you can be sure that, while each instructor has their own unique teaching style, they all teach the same techniques and skills.
USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness is also unique in the fact that, unlike other schools, every single instructor continues and maintains his or her martial arts training. They are continuously updating and expanding upon their expertise and skills. Our school requires that the instructors stay current with our ever-evolving curriculum so that they are at the top of their field.

Since USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness was established in 1992, John Nottingham has set out to make USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness the best school in Phoenix. Based on the increase of student enrollment it seems that the Phoenix Arizona community supports their vision.
Almost all of this growth can be attributed to word-of-mouth advertising and referrals. Our students enjoy being here and it becomes a part of their daily lives. They convince their family, friends and coworkers to try one of our programs because they know that they are training at the best martial arts school in Arizona

The classes at USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness Academy of Martial Arts are designed so that each student can succeed at his or her own pace. The teaching staff believes that students learn best when they are in classes that are appropriate for their age and skill level. Classes are divided into sections depending on the students age and belt rank. This ensures that the students in one class can learn as a team instead of feeling left behind or being held back.

Having an ideal facility, with the latest martial arts equipment, allows USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness Academy of Martial Arts to offer more classes, more often, with more variety.
The curriculum at our school is unique in the way it blends different styles of martial arts. Students are exposed to a range of disciplines and as they advance in the program they have opportunities for focused training. USA Martial Arts Phoenix offers a variety of specialized classes that sharpen the skills and take students to the next level.
In addition to the regular schedule, USA Martial Arts Phoenix offers classes that focus specifically on Thai Boxing, Grappling, Weapons, Demonstration Skills and Sparring.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness Academy is recognized around the nation for producing the highest quality Black Belts students year after year.
What’s more impressive is that these Black Belts continue training after receiving their belt. A common phenomenon in martial arts schools is Black Belt Burn Out, once a student reaches the level of Black Belt they feel that they are done with martial arts. However, at USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness Academy of Martial Arts a high number of our Black Belts continue to train toward their 2nd or 3rd degree.
This says two things about our school.
One, we have created a great program and a great atmosphere that students, even after the momentous accomplishment of their black belt, still choose martial arts and still choose our school to better themselves.
Two, because we have a large number of black belts that still train at our school we have a valuable resource for the lower belts. They not only help teach the other students but they also provide a great example. The lower rank belts have a great inspiration that shows them where hard work and diligent practice will lead.

Unlike other schools, the USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness Academy of Martial Arts was built specifically for martial arts. Located at the South West corner of Tatum & Greenway road on the corners of Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley it is convenient for many members of the North Phoenix community.
Additionally, we are continuously adding to and updating our equipment. We use kicking shields, medicine balls, punching bags, Swiss exercise balls, jump ropes, resistance bands and gymnastics equipment for kids.
As you can see, there are many reasons why the families at USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness Academy of Martial Arts choose us over any other school in the Phoenix area. We encourage you to take the time to compare other martial arts facilities so that you can find the best school for you and your family. You will usually discover that USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness is what you are looking for and more!

Please feel free to continue to browse our website where you will find more detailed information about the many programs that we offer. Call 602-896-8721 (USA1) or email us to schedule your first intro lesson to see if USA Martial Arts Phoenix Kickboxing & Fitness is right for you!

Telephone 602-896-8721 (USA1)

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