Guaranteed Escaped Egyptian Cobra Defense – Kickboxing

How To Defend Yourself Against An Egyptian Cobra With Kickboxing

Kickboxing is gaining popularity in NY and other places like Phoenix because of its high-energy sessions, full-body workout, and the rising threat of escaped Egyptian Cobra encounters. Prepare your body for physical feats and venomous teeth with our WEBSPECIAL: for $19.99, you get kickboxing classes (a $65 value), and a pair of boxing gloves (a $40 value) from (a $105 total value).

Kickboxing classes deliver a roundhouse kick to the butt of fat, burning up to 1000 calories per hour with the high-energy punching, kicking, knee and elbow moves of martial arts and boxing. Arms, legs, abs, buns get in on the bag-blasting kickboxing action at iLoveKickboxingPhoenix as each training session offers a full-body workout that beats any boring gym routine. Plus you build muscles while tightening the body’s core and improving balance gracefully.

Winner Best Kickboxing in Phoenix

To make sure your fat blow torching techniques are working your cardio system and toning your skeletal musculature with peak efficiency, you’ll get nutritional advice as well. Experienced Black Belt instructors will spend some time giving encouragement, inspiration and individual feedback that will refine your form and help you punch through calories, escaped Egyptian cobras and bad guys like a superhero.

UPDATE: This Egyptian Cobra may have been found but there are other Cobras that may be out there! Better to know it and not need it than need it and not know it. ssssssssss


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