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Taekwondo Karate Kid PV Scottsdale Arizona for Children

October 31, 2010

Taekwondo Karate Kid PV Scottsdale Arizona for Children

Awarded BEST OF PHOENIX 2010

USA Martial Arts Phoenix
The Leading Taekwondo School for Children in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix Arizona!

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Why Martial Arts for Children?
There are numerous reasons for children to participate in the martial arts. We have created a unique program inspired by traditional Taekwondo for children called Karate for Kids. The proven Karate for Kids system is based on a lifelong learning concept in addition to physical attributes. The foundation for our curriculum are monthly themes such as:

Goal setting Social Skills Teamwork Perseverance
Discipline Self Confidence Self-Control
Respect Self Awareness Honor
Honesty Inner strength Dedication

Kids Success Formula
In addition to monthly themes, our program includes the unique patch system. Children are rewarded special ” Martial Stripes.” These different colored stripes are rewarded for outstanding performance in taekwondo class, school, home or at a tournament competition.

Different colored Patches are available to accommodate all the stars that can be earned by a high achieving Karate Kid. But where most programs stop there, our program offers much more. Try it and we’re confident you’ll experience the difference.

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Phoenix Children Learn Life Skills Through Martial Arts

October 29, 2010

Awarded BEST OF PHOENIX 2010

Phoenix Children Learn Life Skills Through Martial Arts

How Phoenix and Scottsdale Children Are Getting The Edge In School and Life Through Martial Arts

A unique martial arts school in Phoenix Arizona is changing the way martial arts is taught and Phoenix parents are taking notice.

“We have a unique traditional heritage at USA Martial Arts that stems from a unique Korean Grand Master named Hwang Kee. He founded a system called Moo Duk Kwan or “Institute of Martial Virtue”. The emphasis on the system is to develop virtuous individuals and what Grand Master called “warrior scholars”. It is considered of paramount importance to develop the mind as well as the body so academics and character education are encouraged at USA Martial Arts. I believe that is why we get so much respect in the community and have so many scholarship recipients.”

Children’s Martial Arts at USA Martial Arts Phoenix

The children’s martial arts program at USA Martial Arts is perfect for your child! We have specially designed programs for children ages 5 and up. Children’s classes are separated by age and experience level in order to create an ideal learning environment for your child.

Positive Learning Environment

Our children’s classes are taught by caring professional martial arts instructors who are dedicated to making a positive difference in your child’s life through martial arts training. Each action packed class is filled with exciting drills and activities that will teach your child valuable life skills such as confidence, discipline, goal setting, and perseverance while learning martial arts.

Character First

We like to think of ourselves as a Personal Development Center that uses martial arts training to help our students achieve their full potential in life. Our goal is to use martial arts training to help our students develop essential life skills such as discipline, self-control, respect, integrity, perseverance, and goal setting skills in order to equip them for success in life.

Self Defense

The practical self-defense training that your child will receive is invaluable! Every child (and adult for that matter) should have the CONFIDENCE and KNOWLEDGE to defend themselves from verbal and physical assault. Self defense is a SKILL that anyone can learn with training and practice. While it is unlikely that a person will ever have to physically defend themselves, I would much rather be prepared than leave it up to chance. We spends thousands each year on various forms of insurance, shouldn’t we invest in our children’s safety?

Martial Arts

In addition practical self-defense training your child will also learn a unique blend of modern and traditional martial arts including artistic martial arts (forms and traditional skills) and sport martial arts (sparring and kickboxing skills). As your child progresses in their training their level of fitness will increase. In particular, most students see an increase in flexibility, strength, muscle tone, and cardiovascular fitness. Our curriculum is designed to challenge your child and encourage them to reach to new heights as they progress towards earning their Black Belt.

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USA Martial Arts Phoenix

4731 E. Greenway Road Suite 9

Phoenix, AZ 85032

Dojo Kun – The USA Martial Arts Character Curriculum

October 25, 2010

Awarded BEST OF PHOENIX 2010

Dojo Kun
Seek Perfection of Character.
Hitotsu! Jinkaku kansei ni tsutomuru koto. (To strive for the perfection of character.)
Be Faithful.
Hitotsu! Makato no michi o mamoru koto. (To protect/defend the paths of truth.)
Endeavor to excel.
Hitotsu! Doryoku no seishin o yashinau koto. (To foster the spirit of effort.)
Respect others.
Hitotsu! Reigi o omonsuru koto. (To honor the principles of etiquette.)
Refrain from violent behavior.
Hitotsu! Kekki no yu o imashimuru koto. (To guard against impetuous courage.)

USA Martial Arts students learn Karate and other martial arts due to the unique curriculum design and highly trained staff. Each have unique specialties, like our National Champion Instructor Steve Caprara, or our Modern Army Combatives Level II Instructor, Don Gray.

USA Martial Arts Phoenix curriculum is developed to reflect the organization of most higher education institutions. From beginners fulfilling general education requirements to the most advanced students declaring a specialty, USA Martial Arts is designed to give students a distinctive education and experience in martial arts.

USA Martial Arts curriculum is separated into three tracks.
1. Childrens Program (ages 3-7 years old)
2. Kids Karate Program (ages 8-12)
3. Adults Advanced Fitness & Self Defense

The school also provides more specialized instruction such as Muay Thai Kickboxing (, tactical and practical self defense, weaponry and more.

Our program begins with Korean Taekwondo due to its highly rewarding and streamlined basics development. Students progress faster and therefore tend to find it more rewarding. It also immerses them in a “Yes I can!” culture that builds confidence, fitness and assists in coordination and weight loss.

As students advance they learn elements of Hapkido, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and other martial studies. This allows USA Martial Arts students to select their specialty. Specialists and subject matter experts are brought in to provide USA Martial Arts students an unparalleled education with variety and depth of knowlege.

You can try USA Martial Arts with no obligation. We would be honored to have the opportunity to teach you and share our passion for martial arts.

Frequently Asked Questions About USA Martial Arts Phoenix

October 24, 2010

Awarded BEST OF PHOENIX 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a beginner – are there special classes for me?
Yes indeed. As a beginning student, you’ll have your own special classes as part of our Discovery course. You’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of Taekwondo, while you also learn some of the basics of being a martial arts student. These are strictly “no-contact” classes – no-one is going to be punching or kicking you.

Am I allowed to watch my child in class?

Not just allowed, but positively encouraged. We have a viewing area set aside where you can sit and view your child’s class in comfort. Your positive involvement in your child’s study of Taekwondo is more important than you may realize. When you take an interest in Taekwondo class, you show your child that you truly value his or her efforts. By watching class, you give your child support, approval, and recognition for their achievements in karate – you give them the encouragement they need to thrive. So, while you’re not required to watch every minute of every class, please do stay and watch your child whenever possible.

How often should I attend classes?

If you’re one of our Taekwondo Tigers, (ages 4-7), please attend at least 1 class a week. If you’re a student in our Discovery courses, please attend class at least 2 times a week. You’re always welcome to come to class more often during the week if you are able.

Will I have to compete at Martial Arts Tournaments?

No, you’re not going to be required to compete at Martial Arts tournaments. Sport competition in karate simply isn’t a good fit for everyone, and you’re not going to be pushed into it. That said, if you are interested in competition, we do work together with other reputable local and regional schools to make quality tournaments available to our students. Sport competition in Taekwondo (or open martial arts) can be interesting, rewarding, and fun – while expanding and enriching your experience of the art. We have local, State, National and International champions and programs that can take students on a path toward their Olympic dreams.


Phoenix Black Belts Help Stalled Motorist

October 23, 2010

Leading by example with Black Belt courtesy, members of USA Martial Arts Phoenix interrupt their Black Belt test to help a stalled motorist at Greenway and Tatum

Wear Your Belts In Your Heart, Not Just Around Your Waist

This is a common mantra I issue to my students. At the conclusion of nearly every belt rank promotion students hear me remind them to wear their belts in their heart – not just around their waists. Note the Black Belt testers wearing a white belt – a symbolic gesture demonstrating a new beginning and the importance of being modest and earning one’s rank daily.

Leading By Example
My goal is to remind them the importance of leading by example and being positive role models to others. From random acts of courtesy, kindness and compassion, more is expected of USA Martial Arts students than other sports or activities. That’s because we teach martial arts as a way of life.

Might for Right -Grand Master Jhoon Rhee

Phoenix Do Gooders
On Wednesday, we were running over to a local park as part of our week-long Black Belt test when we spotted a stalled motorist holding up traffic. Before I could even get the words out of my mouth, several of the Black Belts (Instructors) were ready to jump out there and lend a hand. They helped push the car to safety (once they got the guy to take his foot off the brake).

No Excuses – No Quit
After pushing the car, they completed the 2 mile run to the park only to then begin a grueling Black Belt test that required them to do push ups, sit ups, kicks and another 2-3 mile run. It was a proud display of perseverance and indomitable spirit.

Service Above Self
Our students are each required to perform a community service to earn Black Belt as well. It gives them a sense of responsibility and connection to community – to serve a cause greater than themselves. It’s powerful and they will always remember it. It’s also a reminder that Martial Arts is more than just kicks and punches and that the philosophical lessons are integral to the martial Way.

The Choice To Do Good
It makes me proud to work with such good hearted people. Sure, they could have just kept running by the stalled motorist, but they didn’t. What an awesome job I have leading and teaching the martial arts here in Phoenix. It was good to see the children at the test get to witness their martial arts older brothers jump out there and lend a helping hand. I hope it makes a lasting impression.
USA Martial Arts Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone 602-896-8721
Southwest Corner of Tatum & Greenway Roads
Serving Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the North Phoenix Community

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Reviews by AZ Parents and Students

October 19, 2010

USA Martial Arts Phoenix Reviews
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9, Phoenix, AZ 85032
Serving the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, North Phoenix Communities

Awarded BEST OF PHOENIX 2010

Here, you will watch children establish not only a higher self-esteem, but a sense of self. And as an adult, you will find the same. The owner of this school has his priorities straight and will astound you with his knowledge and generosity. You will not be disappointed!
– Billi Glenn, Teacher


This place has been so increadible for me and my entire family. This is somewhere we can all go and have agreat time while getting a good workout in. My children are also learning morals and ways to defend themselves in case I am never around. My wife and I have also gotten closer through our fantastic experiences here. As Master Nottingham says, “A family that kicks together, sticks together.”
azareus231added: 07/23/2010


My son and I have been attending classes at the Glendale school for over one year. It has been an incredibly fun activity to participate in with him. As a parent, it is refreshing to find a place that promotes healthy lifestyles, positive family morals, and encourages your child to do their very best in all areas of their life. USA Martial Arts is a great place for kids and parents to spend time together having fun and getting an awesome workout!
– Martin Cook


John Nottingham’s USA Martial Arts, I believe, is the best for all ages to learn Martial Arts. There is plenty of high energy and they are very friendly, unlike some traditional Martial Arts schools that I have attended. Everyone is so eager to help each other to succeed. Not only do you learn self defense but you get to learn the culture and language as well. They have many seminars and opportunities to train with some elite Masters and Trainers as well opportunities to travel. I recommned John Nottingham’s USA Martial Arts to everyone including families. “A family who kicks together, sticks together”.

What other activity can you do right beside your children? USA martial arts encourages families to train together. The positive and energetic attitude is contagious. Kids learn more than punching and kicking here, they learn very valuable life skills for a successful future.
Rose D.

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Martial Arts for Fitness
Martial Arts for Focus
Martial Arts for FUN!

Best of Phoenix 2010 USA Martial Arts

October 9, 2010

Best Place to Improve Your Daredevil Skills – 2010
USA Martial Arts
USA Martial Arts
4731 E. Greenway Rd., Ste. 9
Phoenix, AZ 85032
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Thanks to Hit Girl, the pint-size heroine of Kick-A$$, we’ve figured out that anyone can be a superhero given the right training. Founded by sixth-degree Black Belt and former Army Special Forces operative John Nottingham, USA Martial Arts doesn’t wimp out by teaching just karate or aikido. The school’s intense program combines tae kwon do, Filipino stick fighting, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, and other self-defense techniques to aid you in your endless struggle against evil (or your growing gut). If you’re worried you won’t be able to keep up, rest assured USA has starter classes for those who “just couldn’t find the time to exercise,” so even if you’re a couch potato, you’ll be kicking ass like Hit Girl in no time.

Best of Phoenix Award for USA Martial Arts Phoenix at Tatum and Greenway road in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale Arizona

New Ways To Resolve Bullying

October 8, 2010

Press Release – New Ways To Resolve Bullying
by John Nottingham on OCTOBER 7, 2010

Phoenix, AZ – John Nottingham, owner of USA Martial Arts Phoenix and Nottingham Sword & Shield Security, recently stated that bullying is the number-one social issue in schools today. Violence is epidemic. Our children are being taught by the media that violence is the justifiable and even honorable solution to the problems of relationships. But we don’t accept this – we can teach our children to understand and resolve conflicts nonviolently through a special program that combines the disciplines of education, psychology and the seemingly contradictory practice of martial arts.

“Recent studies indicate that bullying has increased in recent years, although it is not clear if the increase reflects more incidents of bullying at school or perhaps greater awareness of bullying as a problem. (according to the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics, School Crime Supplement (SCS) to the National Crime Victimization 2005).”

Nottingham added that Bullying includes a wide variety of behaviors, but all involve a person or a group repeatedly trying to harm someone who is weaker or more vulnerable. It can involve direct attacks (such as hitting, threatening or intimidating, maliciously teasing and taunting, name-calling, making sexual remarks, and stealing or damaging belongings) or more subtle, indirect attacks (such as spreading rumors or encouraging others to reject or exclude someone).

“Studies showed that one in two students experience occasional bullying during any school term. One in four students in primary school are bullied more than once or twice at least in any term (so they are more than twice as likely to be bullied as those in secondary schools). One in ten in secondary school are bullied more than once or twice at least in any term (some research says one third of secondary students are bullied during the course of the school year). And one in ten primary aged students are persistently and frequently bullied – possibly every day.” -This according to Sonia Sharp, an expert on bullying.

According to Nottingham, most attempts at conflict resolution focus primarily on resolving the conflict after it begins. A new and innovative way is available. It combines physical self-defense skills, which give a young person the confidence not to fight, with mental self-defense skills and VERBAL JUDO which give a young person the ability to resolve a potential threat peacefully.

Along with character building, this program focuses on understanding the primary factors that create conflict in relationships. It also addresses the secondary causes and teaches young people “12 ways to walk away with confidence.” It is a nonjudgmental, nonsectarian approach to understanding and peacefully resolving the challenges of human relationship.

John Nottingham’s USA Martial Arts Phoenix will hold these classes on every Wednesday evening in October in recognition of National Bully Prevention Month. Classes are for Ages 4-12. Class is 45 minutes in length. These classes will be on a first come first serve basis and there are only 15 slots available each day so don’t delay call Dawn at 602/896-8721 to reserve your child’s spot. You can also register your child online at or at

USA Martial Arts Phoenix is located at the Southwest corner of Greeway and Tatum in the Albertsons center. Their address is 4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9, Phoenix, Arizona 85032. USA Martial Arts can be reached at 602/896-8721.



You will not need to sign up for these classes your child will attend this class during their regularly scheduled class. Plus they will be able to invite their friends as well. In fact if you copy and paste this page link and you can send this info to your friends and this is the link they will need to use to sign up to attend the bully buster workshop with your child for FREE.


North Phoenix Martial Arts School Teaches Free Bully Prevention

October 8, 2010

How Your Child Can Participate in National Bully Prevention Month in North Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley

October is Bully Prevention Month USA Martial Arts school is in a unique position to create goodwill and help many kids by participating in National Bully Prevention Month.

Our unique advantages:

1. Our company is working in cooperation with Nottingham Sword & Shield Security Training – specialists in violence prevention, verbal judo and preventing dangerous situations from escalating.

2. We have a new USA Martial Arts Phoenix facility designed specifically for teaching children and families in a safe, non-threatening and positive environment.

USA Martial Arts also has a list of resources for kids and parents to help to get your son or daughter at the front of the fight against bullying.

October is BULLY PREVENTION MONTH! Join us for free training and resources including:

1. A free 5 step Bully Prevention Guide – Bullies to Buddies
2. Free Bully Prevention and Solutions training for kids of all ages
3. No cost or obligation whatsoever. This is a good-will gesture as a self-defense and conflict avoidance service to our community.

Notice: Our specialists are available for school talks or media appearances.

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USA Martial Arts Phoenix
4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
602-896-8721 (USA1)
Professional group and private martial arts instruction for men, women and children ages 4 and up.