Unleash the real Spirit of your child…

Visit our ALL NEW state-of-the-art training facility in North Phoenix/Paradise Valley/Scottsdale

Taekwondo for Children - Karate for Kids

+ Two separate training floors available
+ Dynamic Swain Mats training floor (same mats as used in the Olympics)
+ Fully stocked Martial Arts supply store
+ Snackbar, Movie Screen
+ Classroom with individual desks
+ Private lesson room
+ Click Here to visit

Letter From a USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley Phoenix Parent

Dear Fellow Parent:

Unleash the real Spirit of your child…

Discover how your child can “take to heart” and learn healthy values and life skills from learning how to protect themselves and get physically fit.

If you are willing to give us 30 minutes, twice a week, for martial arts training – you will see for yourself, the life changing power of the USA Martial Arts Curriculum. How can I make such a bold statement? It’s easy! We do it everyday! And we do it very well! I guarantee it!

See for yourself – We would like to make a positive difference in your child’s life – for FREE!

I am so sure of our program, I am willing to offer a FULL FREE MONTH OF TRAINING!

That is a big guarantee! As parents, we have all heard promises made… and not kept. So I don’t blame you if you are a bit skeptical of this offer. I know… you’re thinking, “Come on… how can Taekwondo and the martial arts teach values?” Well, I am here to tell you, in more ways than you can imagine. Not just in my words… but also in the words of parents who have made the investment in securing their children’s success in life! Read on…

My name is John Nottingham, and along with my staff of champions, we operate USA Martial Arts Leadership Academy – Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Phoenix. We are very proud to be owners of a USA Martial Arts Leadership Academy, recognized as one of the most successful Martial Arts Training Systems in America today. Why am I so proud? Again, it’s easy… Consistent, Positive Results!

As a resident of of Phoenix since 1992, it excites me beyond belief to be able to bring back to my community, the knowledge and experiences I have gained over the past 25 years of nurturing young people, like yours, worldwide – with character-building tools, as an entertainer, educator, author… and as a USA Martial Arts Black Belt. Let me say loud and proud, based on experience as a martial artist and as a teacher of over 10,000 in my career… there is no other sport that can have a lifelong impact on your child’s future like Taekwondo. Please accept my invitation, for you and your child, to experience all of this – FREE… with no strings attached!

All kids develop differently. All kids mature differently. All kids learn academics differently… however, all kids want to grow up and become “something special”! I have never met a child who wanted to grow up to become a failure! That is the focus of our program curriculum. Developing the skills it requires for focus, increased self confidence, discipline and respect. Respect of him/her self, of other karate students, teachers and adults! And we wrap these “success tools” around kicking, punching, and blocking… all the things kids naturally love to do! They simply do not read about how to be successful in a book… they live and experience it!

As parents, let’s be honest with one another… you and I both understand that protecting ourselves in today’s world is important. But have you ever thought about the fear and self-doubt that lives in your children? Fears and self-doubt that can potentially stop them from becoming that “Someone Special” they desire to become!

Fears and self-doubt such as:

“I am not as smart as Jenny”
“Why does everyone else in the class get this but me?”
“I hate playing sports… I am always the last one picked”
“I am not as big as he or as pretty as she is”

Perhaps you have heard your child say one or more of these “failure statements”; however, chances are you will recognize them before you hear them. Why… because it is difficult for children to admit these things… much less overcome them.

Let me reassure you, I have a solution… a proven program! Proven, over and over again, with all types of children. These children have developed “take charge” focus and unstoppable determination. They have learned how to become future “Special Someone’s”! At USA Martial Arts like to refer to them as LEADERS!
Please, remember martial arts is about conquering life’s obstacles! Conquering the fears of self-doubt, negative thinking and low self-esteem. Martial arts is about becoming a champion of your life. To gain unmatched mental courage to face the world with confidence… as well as learning to protect yourself from physical harm.

Check out our online free video and exclusive limited time internet offer

USA Martial Arts Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale
4731 E. Greenway Rd. Suite 9
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Telephone: 602-896-8721

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