New North Phoenix Scottsdale Martial Arts School Specializes in Teaching Children

The Korean Eagles Broke over 500 Boards at the USA Martial Arts North Phoenix Grand Opening

Parents are moving their kids from video games to martial arts moves at a new kind of school in North Phoenix.

It’s increasingly common problem. Kids are gaining weight and having a hard time finding motivation to develop self-discipline for things like good eating habits, fitness and focus for listening. A recent interview with founder and Master Instructor John Nottingham revealed some interesting, perhaps controversial, reasons why his school is so unique.

Now North Phoenix Arizona parents have a new option to give their children a head start for back to school and life with the martial arts. According to founder Master John Nottingham, “Our school instills traditional values, demands character and equips students with tools to set goals, be motivated and make healthy choices.”

Q: Why are more and more parents choosing to put their children in the USA Martial Arts program?

“We’re different. We get results. Our curriculum goes far beyond the kick, punch and throw because we instill manners like respect, patriotism, and reinforce traditional values like the ones parents teach at home. As an Eagle Scout, Veteran and teacher, I feel it is my role to equip future generations with the skills, values and leadership development they will need to live healthy lives of significance.”, Nottingham states as he points to a large US flag on the wall


Q: Having taught over 10,000 students in your career, what have you learned from parents?

“Parents tell me that they are concerned about the influences on their children from various media, pro-athletes and other high profile personalities, and I agree. That’s why USA Martial Arts feels it plays a crucial role in our community.”, says the 6th Degree multiple Black Belt holder.

Q: What can parents expect of children taking lessons at your school?

“Our students thrive after they have come through our doors. Many USA Martial Arts students have received scholarships, traveled the world, served in important positions of leadership and much more. Their parents tell us that it is directly because of our training and the positive experiences they had while in our life skills martial arts school. You can see the direct impact in their grades, manners, performance in team sports, and fitness level. We know it is the core values of discipline, personal responsibility and a no-excuses approach we take.”

Q: Tell us about your new location and how people can reach you for more information.

Our newest Academy just opened at: 4731 E. Greenway Road, Suite #9, Phoenix, Arizona 85032. It’s at the SouthWest corner of Tatum and Greenway in the Albertsons Center. It’s one of the largest and best equipped schools in the area. People can reach us at Phone: 602.896.USA1 (8721), Email: or just visit our website online at or watch a free video at
If people enroll now they can save 50% on tuition.


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