5 Reasons USA Martial Arts Transforms Lives

1. Outstanding role models
USA Martial Arts instructors are specially selected for their character, discipline and ability to teach. They lead by example. Although we have Martial Arts Champions as instructors, we believe that living a life of honor and integrity is even more important.

2. Honor culture
Our entire school culture is built on a foundation of honor. From the moment students walk through the school door they learn how to show and earn respect. This is apparent in how USA Martial Arts students treat others, to the courtesy they demonstrate outside the school in daily life.

3. Individual attention
USA Martial Arts instructors are some of the most caring and professional instructors you or your child will probably ever meet. They make a point to treat each person with individual respect. The instructors go the extra mile to find and develop the strengths of each student, increasing their confidence along with self defense skills.

4. Positive peer group
Students are far more likely to succeed at USA Martial Arts in work and life because they are a part of a unique fraternity of other students. They make positive friendships that enrich daily life, lead to opportunities and some have even met the love-of-their-life on our mat.

5. Black Belt Success System
The proven Black Belt Success System gives USA Martial Arts students an edge in achieving greater fitness because the training evolves, unlike a gym. Martial Arts also instills discipline and self control to achieve greater results. Not only that but the goal setting and rewards system means more students rise to the legendary Black Belt rank.

Success Stories and the Truth About USA Martial Arts

“I passed on six other schools to attend USA Martial Arts…”

“I’d like to know the percentage of Martial Arts schools that honestly and sincerely teach virtue, code of honor, etc. and back it up in the behavior of the staff and students. That’s why I chose USA Martial Arts when I was looking for a school to enroll my son back in January 2000. I passed six other Do Jang’s to drive to Scottsdale because of the balanced emphasis on character and what I saw in the instructors. There were certainly more choices closer to home, but I had seen abuses of martial arts by some students and questionable judgment by some instructors. I know a school is not entirely responsible for the behavior of it’s students outside of class, but there is some connection. USA Martial Arts DRILLS character. And they lead by EXAMPLE. Thank you for that!”

-Ms. Karen Tucker, Mother of Carson, Scottsdale/Fountain Hills

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