What Are USA Martial Arts Instructor’s Qualifications?


Screening and Background Checks
We do more training and screening than any other martial arts school in the country – and more than most schools do for full time teachers. Instructors at USA Martial arts are hand picked by the Master Instructor. They must possess uncompromising character, integrity and a lead by example work ethic.

Experienced Black Belts -Trained to Teach
You won’t find color belts teaching classes at USA Martial Arts, only mature, senior Black Belts with training in communication and how to teach age specific groups. Many hold State, national or international champion titles as well.

Outstanding Role Models
Instructors are held to the highest standard and expected to be role models outside of the school as well. They are tobacco free and careful in their thoughts, words and actions so you can trust they are good examples to your children. Each instructor must also pass a security-grade background investigation. They must also perform community service requirements and donate their time to charitable events such as self-defense training clinics or school presentations for children.

Lead by Example
You won’t see out of shape, unhealthy instructors barking about self discipline at USA Martial Arts. Instead, you will notice that our instructors are fit, healthy and set a positive example of a healthy, fit, martial arts lifestyle. They also emphasize academic excellence, self discipline, courtesy and respect. Instructors who fail to live up to such standards are removed and stripped of the USA Martial Arts brand.

Unparalleled Training
Our professional certified instructors must first pass our Instructors Academy and are sword to a professional code. They then go through well over 500 hours of supervised training, take extensive written exams and are CPR, AED and Pediatric First Aid certified.

Ongoing Education and Training
USA Martial Arts instructors are required to continue being martial arts students. You won’t catch them up in front of a class with their thumbs in their belts. You’ll notice that they are leading by example, demonstrating and helping students get the individual attention they need to succeed.

Caring Individuals with Amazing Patience
Our Instructors know the importance of treating each student like he or she is the most important student we will ever have. They will always be positive and constructively helpful – never harshly critical or publicly negative with a student.

Plus our instructors will take the time to find the best way for each student to learn. Students are each unique and have their own learning channels, strengths and abilities. Our instructors will give that extra attention as part of our memberships, no special fee required. (Other schools up-sell students into private training that we include.)

National and International Training With Champions and Experts
Our instructors also attend annual training events with the industries leaders to keep their martial arts and instructor skills sharp. You can be assured that you are getting the latest training and innovations along with our time-tested USA Martial Arts Black Belt Success System.

Partners in Parenting and Education
USA Martial Arts also involves parents to get ongoing feedback on how our Karate Kids are doing at home, school and in life. We’re partners with parents and in education to ensure our students succeed in all areas.

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