The Kitten I Nearly Killed: A Cat, a Kitten and Self-Defense

Something moving! A black and white fur ball is all I saw as my headlights panned around the turn in the parking lot. I saw it just in time. Thankfully I was going slow enough that I wasn’t alerted to it with a thump.

Tonight I was returning home to Scottsdale from teaching my usual evening class at USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley when I saw Mother Nature at her best. A fluffy black and white kitten scurried into my path. Despite the obvious danger of my car approaching, his mother, wide eyed and partially crouched, put her self in harms way to protect her young.

Fortunately I had spotted them just in time and hit my brakes. The mother cat picked up the kitten by the scruff of the neck and carried him to safety.

It is situations like these that keep me in awe of our innate survival instincts and the lengths that parents will go to in order to protect their young. Male, female, young, old, all shapes and sizes, we are each uniquely equipped with survival signals and skills to be able to defend ourselves.

We have models of successful survival all around us in nature. Perhaps that is why I find it surprising that so many people in my audiences and in public have such distorted views of self-defense.

Do we not see ourselves as part of nature?

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* Kitten photo source


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