Security Guard Training

Nottingham Sword & Shield Security

Security Guard Training
Services NTS Tactical is offering to you, the Arizona security guard:

Firearms Qualifications

Firearms Requalification

Assistance and guidance in applying to DPS – Department of Public Safety Security and Investigative Services Licensing

Security Guard Courses <a

Power To Arrest / Weapons of Mass Destruction / Terrorism Awareness (Mandatory, 8 hours)
Public Relations- Community & Customer
Observation and Documentation
Communication and Its Significance
Liability and Legal Aspects
Post Orders and Assignments
Company Policies/Orientation
Evacuation Procedures
Officer Safety
Arrests, Search and Seizures
Access Control
Criminal Laws
Handling Difficult People
Workplace Violence
Chemical Agents [OC Pepper Spray]
Preserving the Incident Scene
Crowd Control
Driver Safety
Security Supervision
Courtroom Demeanor
Parking/Traffic Control
Radio Procedures

Use of Force Tactical Training Arizona USA

NTS TACTICAL of Arizona Offers Professional Training
“Unconventional Training for today’s First Responders…Law Enforcement, Military, Security and Corrections”

We provide risk management, officer development, firearms training, defensive tactics solutions, handcuffing, pepper spray and Taser instruction at all levels.

For military, law enforcement officers, security or corrections, NTS TACTICAL in Arizona is leading the way in cutting edge training.

Contact Information
NTS Tactical

Professional Security Guards
Professional Martial Arts
Professional Criminal Histories
Arizona Department of Public Safety
Glock Firearms

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