#1 Youth Adventure Martial Arts Summer FUN! Karate Camp 2010!

USA Martial Arts Adventure Summer Karate Camp in Arizona

#1 Youth Adventure Martial Arts Summer FUN!
Karate Camp at USA Martial Arts Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix Arizona!
Fun, Educational Themes for Kids.

Have your kids:
Improve fitness, self esteem, make friends and make lasting memories this summer at USA Martial Arts KARATE CAMP 2010.

Here are just some of the things your children will learn:

o How to defeat the bully without fighting and other fun self-defense strategies

o Stranger Safety and recognizing unsafe situations in fun role playing exercises without intimidation or scaring

o 911 System and what every firefighter wants your kid to know

o Fit Fun for Life : How to develop the self discipline to make healthy eating choices and lose weight, keep strong and fit with play!

o MusiKick: our copyrighted music/martial arts self esteem, good manners and safety program that teaches kids through the power of music

o NINJAs, Samurais, Kung Fu Panda, Karate Kids games, SPY CAMP Secret Agent Adventure team building exercises and more

o MMA for Kids. Safe, Fun Mixed Martial Arts fun including Sumo, Kicks, Wrestling, and more

Register now at info@usa-martialarts.com

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