Sensational Sound-bytes Not Always Best Self-Defense Advice

Women’s Self Defense Trojan Horse
Part V

In my 25+ year observation of the self-defense industry is that it is steeped in politics. From angry feminism, to the old boys network, the battle lines have been drawn by extremism and characterized much of the industry with it. It’s got as many nuts as a Whole Foods store. I’ve seen brilliance on both sides but it is difficult to wade through the opinions and rhetoric some times to get to the good information.

Hopefully the qualified voices in the middle won’t be drowned out by the venomous comments and political agenda of the extremists. Can we get to the meat of the message despite the messenger?

Some are martial artists with the agenda of perpetuating their particular style. Others are vicarious celebrity seekers believing they have the holy grail of ultimate techniques they piece-mealed together from a few lessons, books, tv or video in their garage and back yard. Yet others are academics with the ability to persuade but never made it out of the lab. Don’t we all have common ground?

My aim is to encourage thoughtful and respectful discussion and a cooperative effort to share and promote accurate life saving information; to build more peaceful lives, family and communities. Overly Utopian some might say, but I believe it’s possible.

One of the ways I’ve learned to keep my team honest and humble is to continual research, study and test our theories. We are constantly seeking better ways to do things and new ways to validate or invalidate claims. Perhaps this is why our clients have come to trust and value our recommendations and methods over the years.

I dream of a day when we can unilaterally rise above the politics of our personalities and unite for the common good and build better communities. Who’s with me?

For domestic abuse help go to:
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Nottingham Sword & Shield Security provides on or off site training. Unique Security Services and Self Defense Training nationwide including Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Phoenix Arizona areas. This information provided in cooperation with: John Nottingham’s USA Martial Arts Scottsdale PV Phoenix, Nottingham Sword&Shield; Security and Hit Like a Girl Self Defense Personal Security Training
JKD Concepts PFS Progressive Fighting Systems “Filthy MMA”

John Nottingham, EPS is a graduate of Bodyguard Training International / USA Bodyguards. He was trained at Gavin De Becker Academy for Protectors and in Advanced Threat Assessment and Management. A Sixth Degree multiple Black Belt holder he served in a Special Forces Airborne reserve unit as a Military Intelligence Analyst. He is the founder of Nottingham Training Systems, Nottingham Security and the USA Martial Arts chain of schools.
The Firm
NTS Nottingham Training Systems is a public and private sector consulting and training firm specializing in developing mission specific solutions for first responders, law enforcement, military, security and civilians.
Nottingham Sword&Shield Security is the Protective Division of LCI Inc. which provides security strategies and solutions to public and private clientele. Nottingham Security serves and advises media figures, corporations, government agencies, police departments, universities, and at risk persons of situations that might escalate to violence. Nottingham Security’s capabilities include: individual, executive, family, children, event and mobile high and low profile protective services.

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