Alarmist Media Self-Defense Myths Strike Again

Women’t Self-Defense Trojan Horse
Part II


“Abducted in daylight outside a Target store and killed, Kelsey Smiths story could have been any womans story. Some [insert name of area here] are taking steps tonight to make sure it doesn’t happen to them.” -reporter on local news

Queue the flirtatious local Karate instructor and self proclaimed self-defense expert and 22nd Degree Black Belt in Hoo Flung Pooh. [Or the deep voiced tough chick who looks like she can play for the NFL] While often well intentioned, advice like this is often not only incorrect, but can be dangerous.

They sell ads and captivate viewers attention, but are they really presenting the facts? Should the media be shamed for profiteering on the deaths of women with tragic stories like this? Is it a public service when reports distort the truth and create unnecessary, and potentially dangerous, anxiety for the news audience?

The fact is that it couldn’t just happen to any of us. The context has to be just right in order for the crime to take place. It presumes too much in claiming, “It could be any womans story” and leaves no room for reality.

How many factors must be aligned in order for the crime to take place? Let’s see… A criminal with motive, opportunity, intent, ability, at the right timeline, in the precise location with adequate distance, and numerous other factors. No mention of these critical survival factors and requirements for crime. Just more sensational headlines to grab attention and raise anxiety of viewers. I contend that it perpetuates a helpless or misinformed state of mind.

Token Woman Self Defense Class Testimonial:

“I think its important for women to learn self defense so they become more aware. Now I feel more confident and think I can protect myself if anything ever happened.”

It’s the same news report that has been on for years, repackaged with nothing substantively new or significantly helpful for truly protecting yourself and loved ones from the most prevalent dangers likely to be faced.

The old saying, SSDD [Same Stuff Different Day] is validated once again. The same failed and misguided self defense advice women have been hearing for decades that continues.

You can learn to distinguish good information with bad information. Simply email us at for your fact sheet and report sponsored by Nottingham Sword & Shield Security.

For domestic abuse help go to:
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Nottingham Sword & Shield Security provides on or off site training. Unique Security Services and Self Defense Training nationwide including Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Phoenix Arizona areas. This information provided in cooperation with: John Nottingham’s USA Martial Arts Scottsdale PV Phoenix, Nottingham Sword&Shield; Security and Hit Like a Girl Self Defense Personal Security Training
JKD Concepts PFS Progressive Fighting Systems “Filthy MMA”

John Nottingham, EPS is a graduate of Bodyguard Training International / USA Bodyguards. He was trained at Gavin De Becker Academy for Protectors and in Advanced Threat Assessment and Management. A Sixth Degree multiple Black Belt holder he served in a Special Forces Airborne reserve unit as a Military Intelligence Analyst. He is the founder of Nottingham Training Systems, Nottingham Security and the USA Martial Arts chain of schools.
The Firm
NTS Nottingham Training Systems is a public and private sector consulting and training firm specializing in developing mission specific solutions for first responders, law enforcement, military, security and civilians.
Nottingham Sword&Shield Security is the Protective Division of LCI Inc. which provides security strategies and solutions to public and private clientele. Nottingham Security serves and advises media figures, corporations, government agencies, police departments, universities, and at risk persons of situations that might escalate to violence. Nottingham Security’s capabilities include: individual, executive, family, children, event and mobile high and low profile protective services.

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