New Paradise Valley Martial Arts School Opens in Phoenix

USA Martial Arts Karate Kids Building Confidence While Having FUN!

Phoenix Paradise Valley USA Martial Arts has provided Taekwondo and martial arts instruction in the metro Phoenix, Scottsdale valley area for over a decade. We provide students, of all ages, with the best possible training while surrounding them with a positive, professional, safe, and challenging learning environment.

Throughout time Taekwondo and Karate have gained a reputation for proven benefits: improved physical fitness andconditioning, better focus and concentration, improved coordination, increased self-confidence and the development of valuable self defense skills. At USA Martial Arts we pride ourselves on offering all of these benefits to each student regardless of age, experience, or initial ability.

We have developed many innovative programs so that all of our students can enjoy the benefits of martial arts training. We offer excellent MMA Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Krav Maga integrative program of study for adults, families, teens, and children. We offer motivating goal oriented programs for beginner, advanced, and black belt students. Truly a full time professional martial arts school, USA Martial Arts offers many convenient class times, industry leading facilities, and career instructors and staff.

In addition to our traditional traditional martial arts programs we’ve developed many specialized youth programs that work to serve the unique needs of our younger members, member families, and the community as a whole. Our TKDTigers Program, A+ AfterSchool Program, SummerCamps, FunCamps, BirthdayParties, and NinjaNights build upon decades of experience working with young children and offer traditional martial arts benefits in positively unique ways.

Over the years we’ve continually worked to make it easy for new members to get started. Additionally, we offer excellent programs for those who already have a martial arts background. It’s easy to get started…and it’s time to experience the benefits of study with PV USA Martial Arts. For more information on our great EasyTrial program please call or simply click on


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