Introducing John Nottingham’s USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley Arizona

John Nottingham USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley Arizona

Introducing John Nottingham’s USA Martial Arts of Paradise Valley Arizona

John was always told he was too sick to become a Black Belt. But he was determined to overcome the odds and fulfill his dream of not only becoming a Black Belt but to earn the title of Master.

John grew up in a small Midwestern town where most people ended up working, but wanted to one day become and Black Belt and Instructor. There were only a couple of problems. His grades were a little low, money was tight, his athletic skills were poor, and he had asthma. But when he met a Korean Martial Arts Teacher who taught him to have an indomitable spirit, he changed his health, and his life.

When people say dreams don’t come true, tell them about John Nottingham. Sometimes a winner is a dreamer who just won’t quit. A soldier, champion, 6th Degree Black Belt and awarded “Master of the Year”, John Nottingham now has a place in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Along with some of his Black Belt students he founded the USA Martial Arts chain of schools, with six affiliate locations, taught thousands of people and has traveled the world training with the Masters.

Today he owns Nottingham Sword & Shield Security and USA Martial Arts Paradise Valley in Phoenix Arizona. He and his staff teach men, women and children self defense and practical security strategies. Here is a brief bio:

John D. Nottingham
International Master Instructor and President of USA Martial Arts

Inducted International Hall of Fame 2005 “Master of the Year”
Awarded Honorary Ph.D. of Philosophy in Martial Arts Science
Former International Competitor and Olympic Style Taekwondo Certified Coach and Referee
American Council on Martial Arts (ACMA) Certified Instructor
Founder of NTS – Personal Safety, Tactical and Security Training Company
Graduate of Gavin de Becker&Associates; Advanced Threat Assessment and Management
Graduate Academy for Protectors
Graduate of BTI Bodyguard Training International
ASIS Security Executive Protection Certified by Robert Oatman
Hand-to-Hand Combatives Course Engineer
Trained and Formerly Licensed CDT Tactical Master with Bodyguard Tom Patire
Jeet Kune Do & Filipino Martial Arts Full Instructor Certification with Paul Vunak (PFS JKD & Filthy MMA)
Submission Fighting Certified SSF Instructor with UFC/MMA Champion Frank Shamrock
Certified Representative: Dr. Stewarts (KIA) Kyushu Jitsu Alliance on pressure points
Certified Boxing Coach
Certified Kickboxing Coach
Certified Yoga Instructor
Ambassador of the Shaolin Temple in China
Bong Soo Han Hapkido Affiliate
Machado Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Affiliate (Cousins of the UFC Gracies)
Board of Advisors: Break The Chain Foundation: Prevention &Treatment of Child Abuse

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