Wanting To Be a Super Hero But Feel Like a Zero – Lessons From BullyProof Vest

March 29, 2017

You feel invisible, helpless or lost in a crowd.  Sometimes you wonder if you will ever be respected, liked and appreciated for the person you are.

Being bullied or feeling left out just stinks.  But it’s OK because I’m going to share some simple steps with you that can change things.

First, recognize that no matter what you are feeling, this is just a temporary thing and it will pass.  It may not feel like it, but take it from me that it will.  The good news is that you don’t have to wait for the situation to change, you can do things right now to make it better.

Now you may be telling yourself, “I’ve tried and it doesn’t work!”.  Yes, you and millions of others have felt the same way.  I felt the same way so you’re not alone.  However, what you’ll find is that it can if you use the right strategies and get the right help.

Have you ever noticed that even Super Heroes sometimes need help or to be rescued?  Be smart and ask for help before it gets you down.  There is ALWAYS hope!

Second, you must know that you may feel alone but you have people who will listen, care and help you if you reach out to them in the right way.  When it comes to your safety and happiness, people will go to great lengths to help you.  Feeling alone or bullied can only exist if you keep feeling afraid or confused.  You are more than just your feelings and when you change things, so will your feelings.  Do you have a trusted teacher, friend, mentor, parent, Uncle, Aunt or coach that you can talk to?

You may be thinking, they don’t care or I don’t want to tell them.  I promise that if you reach out to the right people, and keep reaching out, you’ll get the help you need.  Just have five seconds of courage and things can begin to change.  You are worth it!  Do it now and don’t put it off.

Finally, know that you are worth it and you deserve to be happy!   The more powerful and confident you feel, the happier you will feel.  I recommend joining a good martial arts school or a sport, art or activity that has caring coaches and teachers.  When you are busy building yourself, you will change your mind, body and emotions.  It’s true and it really works!  I’m living proof and so are millions of others.

Hope Is a Powerful Ally!

Be Your Own Super Hero,

John Nottingham

BullyProof Vest Founder
The Bullying Specialist

For Bullying Help or Resources Go To:

BullyProof Vest  | The Arizona Bullying Prevention Initiative – Phoenix BullyProof Project | Bullying Prevention Initiative International




Be Fit & Fearless. Protect Yourself & Your Family With Phoenix Krav Maga Self Defense Classes

July 16, 2013
Phoenix Krav Maga IMPACT Combatives

Phoenix Krav Maga IMPACT Combatives

Krav Maga is a Hebrew term that means “contact combat”.  Krav Maga is the official combatives system of the Israeli military forces (IDF).   This highly sought after practical self defense and fighting method is the preferred system of hundreds of law enforcement agencies and an increasing number of civilians.

A Different Kind of Krav Maga

IMPACT is a special blend of Bodyguard Protective Security skills, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and other elements that are integrated carefully into a highly efficient system.  It is the official physical intervention system of Nottingham Sword & Shield Security (Executive Bodyguards and Close Security).  The IMPACT Krav Maga Combatives program was developed by military and law enforcement veterans with advanced martial arts credentials and very specialized training.

Simple Self Defense

Krav Maga is know for it’s simple, effective self defense system that is comprised of instinctive movements, proven techniques and realistic training scenarios. Krav Maga is designed to be learned quickly and recalled under stress, when needed most.

Fighting Fit

IMPACT Krav Maga offers more than just self defense.  It is known for the intense fitness conditioning, tough workouts and drills that develop mind and body.  Many are taking IMPACT Krav Maga classes to lose weight, get toned and stronger on the inside and out.  Many people are drawn to Krav Maga’s rapid countermeasures, mental conditioning training and tactical strategies because they are designed to work for people of various types and sizes.

Master Fear

IMPACT Krav Maga uses scenario based training derived from actual street and terrorist attacks. Practicing aggressive self defense responses in a safe environment. Krav Maga students learn to manage a variety of violent or threatening situations through the intensely drilled hand-to-hand combatives, improvised weapons, and knowing when to escape danger by evacuating an area.

Being Prepared and Powerful

IMPACT Krav Maga is considered by practitioners to be another form of life insurance. IMPACT Krav Maga has a motto: “Better to know it and not need it, than need it an not know it.”  Violence education can help save your life or the lives of your loved one’s.  This knowledge and ability allow you to enjoy life more fully with peace of mind.

WEBSPECIAL  http://www.usa-martialarts.com/phoenix-krav-maga/index.php

Get Fighting Fit With Phoenix Krav Maga Classes

July 13, 2013

New Krav Maga Combatives Program Launches In Phoenix

John Nottingham's USA Martial Arts Self Defense & Security Blog

A new type of Krav Maga has hit Phoenix AZ and people are losing weight and getting fighting fit. It’s called IMPACT Krav Maga Combatives and it has Phoenix men and women talking.

With a foundation of Kickboxing, IMPACT Krav Maga Combatives uses functional fitness conditioning and full contact heavy bag and pad drills to teach you how to kick butt. At first look, it appears a family martial arts school, but this is far from your conventional corner karate dojo. Inside are highly trained and experienced combatives instructors, military and law enforcement veterans all with extensive advanced martial arts experience.

You will learn instinctive techniques based on natural movements and refine them. Krav Maga is known for functional training applications and getting individuals to hit hard, fast and accurately in record time.  They key is developing attributes like speed, targeting, timing and situational alertness.  You will develop adaptable skills…

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Get Fighting Fit With Phoenix Krav Maga Classes

July 13, 2013
Get Fighting Fit. Go Home Safe.

Get Fighting Fit. Go Home Safe.

A new type of Krav Maga has hit Phoenix AZ and people are losing weight and getting fighting fit. It’s called IMPACT Krav Maga Combatives and it has Phoenix men and women talking.

With a foundation of Kickboxing, IMPACT Krav Maga Combatives uses functional fitness conditioning and full contact heavy bag and pad drills to teach you how to kick butt. At first look, it appears a family martial arts school, but this is far from your conventional corner karate dojo. Inside are highly trained and experienced combatives instructors, military and law enforcement veterans all with extensive advanced martial arts experience.

You will learn instinctive techniques based on natural movements and refine them. Krav Maga is known for functional training applications and getting individuals to hit hard, fast and accurately in record time.  They key is developing attributes like speed, targeting, timing and situational alertness.  You will develop adaptable skills for violent attacks and threats involving gun, knife, club, chokes, holds and even attacks on the ground.

IMPACT Krav Maga teaches a problem solving matrix from a specialized course called VIPER.  It helps you develop a blueprint of concepts and good habits that increase your layers of protection. 

IMPACT Krav Maga Combatives also incorporates PFS Jeet Kune Do, the most brutal version of Bruce Lee’s street fighting concepts. It draws on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Savate, Muay Thai Kickboxing and more for a rapid-fire set of intercepting fighting techniques.

These battle-proven techniques are designed to prevent subsequent attacks, to shut down an attackers body in the most efficient manner possible. Lessons in anatomy and physiology improve efficiency of the defenses and counters.

IMPACT Krav Maga Combatives also integrates techniques taught to professional protectors in executive security (Bodyguards). These preventative measures and “cheat” tactics rely heavily on diversion, deception and unconventional warfare tactics. From rapid evacuation techniques for family members to advanced threat assessment and management, this instruction puts IMPACT Krav Maga Combatives in a class of it’s own.

Join now. WEBSPECIAL http://www.usa-martialarts.com/phoenix-krav-maga/index.php


Phoenix Krav Maga School Fights Fat and Violent Attacks

July 7, 2013

Phoenix residents can now take classes to learn Krav Maga in a new way with IMPACT Krav Maga Combatives. Specifically designed to get men and women into fighting fit shape fast, Phoenix Krav Maga instruction will teach you what you need to know.

Hand to hand

You will learn to understand violence with tactics taught to professional bodyguards, SWAT and military special operations. This is a no-nonsense system for hand to hand and hand to weapon combat.

The drills and skills not only give you a weight loss workout, it trains your mind and body to work together for rapid disarms of guns, knives and clubs. You’ll learn how to escape techniques from dangerous holds and survive criminal violence.

Start your transformation today
WEBSPECIAL http://www.usa-martialarts.com/phoenix-krav-maga/index.php


ABC’s of Bullying Prevention Free Workshop in Phoenix

February 2, 2013



ABC’s of Bullying Prevention Free Workshop in Phoenix

ABCs of Bullying Prevention Workshop

On Wednesday, February 6th Nottingham Sword & Shield Security and USA Martial Arts is fully sponsoring a workshop all about bullying prevention. The ABCs of Bullying Prevention workshop is designed for children, teachers and parents who live with, care about, and work with young people and are interested in creating environments that foster healthy social and emotional development— and it’s FREE!

o Effective Boundary Setting
o Verbal Judo Comeback Lines
o Anger Management
o Telling vs Tattling
o Interventions and more

Featuring BULLYPROOF VEST, a bodyguard and Bullying Specialist’s perspective on the prevalence and types of bullying behaviors affecting our community, and how these perspectives connect with recent research, explore key strategies for addressing these complex issues at the personal, interpersonal, institutional and cultural levels, and learn about programs and resources that can be used in community settings.

Workshop presenters and safety specialist John Nottingham is endorsed by the Bullying Prevention Initiative International and is founder of the Phoenix BullyProof Project. For more information about this initiative, contact BullyProofVestAZ@gmail.com or (602) 896-8721. https://www.facebook.com/events/203172063158210/


Phoenix Gets Hot New Kickboxing Workout to You Help Lose Weight

October 24, 2012

K3 Kickboxing Photo w logo

Phoenix Has a Hot New Kickboxing Workout To Tone, Strengthen and Teach You How to Lose Weight.

Fight The Fat at Phoenix K3 Kickboxing, a new bootcamp style workout that keeps you smiling, motivated and looking great!

Build Strength

Tone Thighs, Arms, Buns and Abs

Lose Weight

Fight Fat

Keep off the pounds

Our caring coaches will help you stay motivated to lose the weight and keep it off.  From nutritional tips, eating good food that’s healthy and getting the workout of your life, we help you every step of the way.

You’ll make new friends in our Kickboxing Classes that make it rewarding.  K3 Kickboxing Phoenix is a bag slammin’, fat burning, stress relieving workout that helps you get in shape, look great, feel great and stay that way!



October is Bullying Prevention Month

October 2, 2012

Free Bullying Prevention Workshops For Phoenix Children

The Phoenix Bully Proof Project is teaming up with USA Martial Arts and Nottingham Sword & Shield Security to offer John Nottingham’s BULLY PROOF VEST, how to handle a bully like a BODYGUARD.  These workshops will be offered to Phoenix children throughout the month of October at USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing in Phoenix Arizona.

The workshops are free to the public by just registering for the event at events@usa-martialarts.com.  The training will include:

  • Identifying the type of bullying
  • Taking inventory of your situation
  • Selecting your strategy for bullying prevention
  • Setting a goal for a peaceful outcome
  • Emotional intelligence steps to success
  • Danger signals and warning signs
  • Confidence building
  • Uncovering your inner strength
  • The role of the bully, bullied and bystander
  • How to deal with teachers, parents and administrators
  • Separating good bullying prevention advice from bad
  • Dealing with anxiety and fear
  • Resiliency factors
  • Accessing help and building  a team
  • How to turn bullying behavior into buddy behavior
  • What to say and when to say it
  • When to act and when not to

Prepare your children for life with peaceful but strong bullying prevention skills.


events@usa-martialarts.com to get the next available workshop.  (Hurry, the can book up very fast.)

USA Martial Arts & Kickboxing

4731 E. Greenway Rd Suite 9

Phoenix Arizona 85032




Daily Armor. What Are You Most Grateful For?

September 22, 2012

What are you most grateful today? Are you wearing your armor?

Do you start your day and end your day with gratitude? I’ve found that the first and last part of my day is best used focusing on what I’m most grateful for. I have more energy, a better attitude and those things affect my decisions and actions.

From my health, family, students, beautiful weather, and living in a country of opportunity the list goes on and on. Also, the more I do it, the better I become at it. Along with eating a nutritious breakfast and exercise, I think of it as putting on my daily armor. It is all part of my routine to put me into an empowered mindset that builds positive momentum. I’ve learned that the reverse is also true.

Sometimes the stress and demands of day to day living can be taxing, not just on the body, but on the mind and spirit. By doing this meditative gratitude exercise I’ve found that it helps restore my sense of perspective and encourages me be the person I want to be.

I’ve also noticed that when I dismiss it, trivialize it, or just forget to do it, that I don’t perform or feel as well. So to me it isn’t a pop psychology exercise or some nice intention thing. I’ve found a significant quality of life difference.

If you are taking time out to meditate on gratitude and intentionally set your self up for success and joy, I would recommend you continue it. If you haven’t tried it, I challenge you to do it for a month and journal your results. If you’re like me, you’ll not only feel better but be better in your health, relationships, performance and attitude. After all, counting time is not as important as making time count.


Do You Suffer from What’s Next Syndrome?

September 6, 2012

Do You Suffer from What’s Next Syndrome?

I know that I do from time to time.  I’ve made the observation that the more time I spend with media and plugged in (the kind that are constantly and excessively using phones and media) people, the less I am enjoying the moment and present minded.  In our fast paced society it seems more and more of us fall prey to the instant gratification of drive through windows, information and resources at our fingertips, and lightning fast computing.  You can really spot the addicts when you see them experience anxiety when they are denied access to such media.

Impatience Leading to In-Patients

From Google to our iphones, many of us are increasingly conditioned to be impatient.  Combined with high consumption of energy drinks and other stimulants, it is no wonder.  While our time is more and more a scarce resource and our demands from work and overly complex living our bodies and minds are suffering from unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety.   Research indicates that we have more people on anti-anxiety medication at unprecedented levels.

Being Present and in The Now

Increasingly I find myself trying to get students to be in the moment, to, as it is taught in yoga, “BE PRESENT”.  It is not only a critical lesson in enjoying life, having increased joy and gratitude, it is also a vital self defense and safety lesson.  As I learned from my mentor Bob Martin of Gavin de Becker and Associates, the only time an attack can happen is, “…in the present and in your presence.”  Being in the now can save lives, including yours.

Eyes Bigger Than The Stomach

My students are eager to learn new material all the time without having even grasped the elements of what they have.  They want to learn the next form and yet still improperly execute the one they are on.  Rather than pursue excellence in their existing material, they want to jump to the next because it seems new and shiny, neglecting the character and discipline lessons inherent in the proven training process.

It reminds me of my childhood when the family got to go to a buffet and my Mom saying, “You can eat all you want but you have to eat all you take.”  The excitement of the variety and the prospect of so many yummy items usually won out but I learned some valuable lessons in controlling my emotions.

Living for the Bell

Greg X Volz, a singer from a band called Petra that I listened to in my youth, had a song called, “Livin’ for the Bell”.   The lyrics are instructive:

Blue collar men mill around the dock

Their work is forgotten as they watch the clock

Just a few more minutes and they’re thru for the day

In their minds they’re already drivin’ away

The manager says you oughta be there some night

If you don’t think the dead can come back to life


Livin’ for the bell – like a fighter that fell

When ya leave it’s just as well

Coz your heart’s not in it when you’re livin’ for the bell


The students all hang on the edge of their chairs

Nervous anticipation fairly clouds the air

The teachers know better than to try to teach them

Coz those final moments don’t belong to them

They stay at their desks to escape the stampede

Coz there ain’t no fury like the recently freed… 


Livin’ for the bell

The Album: The River Is Rising (1986), by Greg X Volz.


The lyrics stated, “when you’re hearts not in it then you’re livin for the bell.” Like school children counting down the seconds til the end of the class, many of us miss the most important announcements, tips and lessons in those vital moments at the end.  Our hearts are not in it.  Being prepared, pro-active and thinking ahead are good but training the mind to focus in key times can make a profound difference in our experience and education.  Perhaps most important is the learning to be still, listen, focus, patient and diligent in our pursuit of excellence.

A Change in Recent Years

Years ago, it was only a small number of adults and children who had this issue.  Some of them are simply drivers and trying to race their way to the finish to check off yet another accomplishment in the “whomever does the most and dies with the most -wins” life philosophy.  Others simply demonstrate that they have yet to learn that often the best things are hard things that take time.

While working armed security I saw and heard of several incidents where guards or bodyguards were fired for improperly using cell phones on duty.  Distracted driving continues to be a growing concern as well.

Hope for us Drooling Dogs

Like Pavlovian dogs salivating at the sound of a bell, I think many of us are products of our modern media conditioning. Respected clinical psychologist Dr. James McGee explained to me that it takes a couple days to deprogram from media.   I’ve found that unplugging, practicing forms and martial arts with yoga is a powerful therapy – especially as a daily routine.  Another tip is rather than just devour our food, it is good to exercise this mindfulness by slowing down, expressing gratitude or blessing the meal before eating.  It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it.  Not only are we more grateful, we connect better to nature, ourselves and those around us.  More importantly, we learn to strive for excellence rather than the next thing and stop living for the bell.  Just one more reason I think that Martial Arts study with a good teacher is a great answer to the ills of modern day living.